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In case you still wondering: The anim, is the animation performed by the battle model of the specific enemy your editing.  To have the enemy use another magic/attack you have to mess with the AI as gnd stated. I'll take a look in that thread as well. 😎

FF9 Tools / Re: [FF9] Save editor - Memoria (
« on: 2018-04-18 06:47:35 »
Yes, all non-editable fields do not work for the steam version. Perhaps I can get some work done this weekend.

If we are going to talk about languages that can cause ptsd, I may as well throw PHP into the mix

ASP classic... Generally any language that are too dynamic is annoying imo. You accidentally made a variable that was supposed to be an integer into a string? And spend half an hour figuring out whats wrong?  Yeah, silly mistakes like that makes code that needs to be compiled superior. But I must admit I like javascript, probably because I'm so used to it.

Most important is that you can work efficiently.

Is Qhimm reachable? Maybe I'm too dramatic here, but maybe it's time discussing moving the forum? No disrespect towards the creators, of course, but perhaps having a server open to several selected admins would be preferable?

So I was grinding for diamond weapon, and seeing how hard the fight looked i decided to see if i could handle any materia caves... I tried the desert materia cave for hp<->mp and the boss was incredibly impossible to beat at that point in the game for me, but then i realized when i tried to run no message came up, but i could never run away. I then flew to rocket town, bought exit materia, tried it in the battle, and it worked. I got the mega-all and hp<->mp materia, without even needing to fight the boss. Is this a glich?

Yes, it is not intentional, aka bug, but I left it in just for the lols after I found out. But the boss should be beatable. All the materia cave bosses are beatable before Diamond. They require some planning and strategy is all, but there are ways of defeating them very early if you find the right strat.

This mod is close to the original FF7 when it comes to drops and steals. Any enemy editor should work fine as drop/steal documentation. For example Hojo v 1.1 or Proud Clod. However, this wont work if you use 7heaven as the editors reads file from disc while 7H is memoru injection.
All the "big secrets" are on New bosses.

Completely unrelated / Re: Wow, is this place still here!
« on: 2018-03-27 15:40:38 »
Ye,  I remember you. Even got a higher post-count than me lol.

It sounds like you haven't done anything that could screw up Clouds limits when starting a new game (by "starting a new save" I assume you mean new game?).

Only ways I can think of atm that can make this happen are:

1) You patched the game with the application (the one you download from 1st post in this thread), and loaded a savefile instead of starting a new game.
2) You started a new game, then patched kernel.bin before achieving any new limit levels with Cloud.

In any case, if you use Black Chocobo set Cloud's kills to about 1080. That should make you close to 3rd level. Or just simply give yourself the limits.

Another sign that Cloud has too few kills as you start a New Game is that he does very littly damage with his Buster Sword (assuming you patched kernel.bin, but if that is the case non od this should have happened on New Game).

But don't feel bad about using Black Chocobo at this point, as something apparently went wrong.  8)

So then i guess i should just mod in the limits, sense i'm over half the way to limit level 3, but haven't gotten level 2

Not sure what you mean here. You should have enough kills for level 3 but haven't got level 2 yet?
Since another person on Youtube reported the same thing (ish) I got a bit worried. What I did now was applying the patch to a vanilla steam install and the limits progress normally. In other words, I can't reproduce that bug (if it is a bug).

How did you patch the game? Was it with my patch application or another way? Did you patch the game and started from a save game? If you start from a save game Cloud's limit progression will be screwed. :P

Hi, i've been playing the mod and i checked on black chocobo and cloud currently has 270 kills, yet is stuck with his level one limit breaks. Have you changed the amount of kills it takes for cloud to get a limit level up, or have i broken cloud?

If you start a new game with this mod, Cloud should have 760 kills from the start.

The buster sword has it's power increased the more kills Cloud has (same as death penalty). In order to get the damage to a decent level in the beginning I increased the kill count. But you achieve limits normally.

It's not intentional pr se. more due to lazyness. To be honest I cant recall exactly what I was thinking. But those should be the only ones.

It depends if on what version you use.
In the original PC version that would work, but on the new steam version the saves are located in:
C:\Users\<user>\Documents\Square Enix\FINAL FANTASY VII Steam\user_<id>

But having backup of the entire ff7 folder is nice if you quickly want to switch between mods and are unsure how (and don't use any mod managers).

It's just one huuuge file. Since I would love to mod this game I'll probably take a look at some point.

...Still, there another 2 more mobs that you didn't plan ahead for battle square.  Cheetah and Griever.  Them two can knock you out the fight =/

The cheetah type enemy only does that as a counter. It should be easy enough to 1hit KO, so avoid hitting it unless it's for the kill.
The other enemy, iirc, uses it randomly early in the fight. Hmmm, I cant remember that one being in the battle square to be honest :P.

If I'm not mistaken, the endgame should be somewhat tougher. Still I think it's fair to say the experience is pretty much the same.

That enemy kinda sucks, it's actually mistake that it is in the battle square.
Avoid having max HP as it will shamelessly 1 hit you at random. To make it worse, if your HP is not full, it will randomly fully heal you. Best option is to use the ? ? ? ? mark ability to swiftly deal 2000 damage (or was it 4000, can't remeber). Then you kill it in 1 hit.

And the battle square is probably the worst part of this mod. I didn't plan ahead when adjusting the enemies. That wouldn't be a problem if it wasn't' for the fact that all the stats for the enemies are boosted further in the battle square. Iirc all enemies gets HP doubled; STR and magic +50%.

...I'd tried again to double check before I report but I haven't come across this again (Weapon broke and the same monster again) for last hours or so.

Oh and I use this mod, The Reunion, for this "Beacause" and this mod of yours.  Nothing else.

Just to confirm: it happened only once? I'll take a look at the AI of those monsters. The "Beacause" mod shouldn't interfere with this at all.

Gameplay Modding / Re: Idea for FF7 mod - low stats lvl1
« on: 2017-12-03 08:20:42 »
It's not a hard mod pr se. (although it will be hard), more of a mod that makes you play around with all game mechanics pretty much from the get-go.

About regen, one simple solution would be to remove it. But there will be similar "problems", for example w-item is massively OP throughout the game. I'm not planning on doing something advanced, and not sure if it's worth release if there are too many similar mods around.

I've played until junon so far with only minor roadblocks. The elevator battle got pretty interesting on 21hp max due to multi hitting, non-elemental attacks.

EDIT: Actually, regen's heal potential is scaled to max HP, so that won't be a problem.

Gameplay Modding / Re: Idea for FF7 mod - low stats lvl1
« on: 2017-12-02 15:59:39 »
Ok, since there already is a lvl1 mod, it'll be option 2. That is, stats are static at 1; HP and MP grows very slowly. MP will cap at 40 on lvl 32 while HP caps at 240(ish) at lvl 52. Level goes by normally.

It'll probably be hardest in the beginning though, but I found it fun to try different strategies on early bosses. Surviving the end of midgard on 21 HP was interesting.

Gameplay Modding / Re: Idea for FF7 mod - low stats lvl1
« on: 2017-12-01 02:25:34 »
Yay, thanks, found it and it works! It was at the same locations as you listed. But it's a bit disappointing that it's in the .exe. it would be nice to only use the kernel and scene.

About the level 1 thing, all I did was set exp to 0 on all enemies (super easy with hojo 1.1). That, set the level mod byte to 0 and all starting levels to 1 should do the trick no?

Gameplay Modding / Idea for FF7 mod - low stats lvl1
« on: 2017-11-30 04:35:26 »
Ok, basically 2 ideas of low lvl mod:

1) Static. Level and stats set to 1. HP to 100 and MP to 10.**
2) Dynamic stats that increase very slowly. You'd level normally, but start at lvl 1, all stats at 1, HP at 10, MP at 5.***

You start with 1 of every armor, accessory and materia.
Excluded are armors you'd normally buy as the game progress. That is, iron bangle - crystal bangle (and a few others), as they would be rendered useless, and would net you some extra gil in the beginning.
Master materia excluded.
Enemy skill materia starts with all but damage skills learned. All independent materias with stat boosts will be buffed.

**   with 1): If levels are static, when you recruit certain characters they will get a higher level by normal means. Cait Sith and Vincent's stats will be higher than anyone else.
*** with 2): Same as 1, but you could edit the stat curves of each character to flatten out at a certain point to make everyone equal.

I'd personally prefer option 1. But as I'm a bit rusty at moding, and I want every character to basically have the same low stats. I can't recall if you can manipulate how the stats are adjusted once you recruit a character. Is it decided by field script? Looking at key places where you'd suspect the values to be adjusted, I can't find anything. One could just make a note that you'd want to avoid using Vincent and Cait Sith lol (same thing with exploiting W-item).

Are there similar mods out there?

FF9 Tools / Re: [FF9] Save editor - Memoria (
« on: 2017-11-30 00:19:36 »
It's been a while since I looked up any workaround, but they require a lot of extra work, software and/or hardware:

I copied an answer from one of my emails, it's not for vita but it may give you some clues:


Unfortunately there is no easy way of converting into .PSV format. The way the header is generated is not known (unless you're a sony developer).

The maker of Black Chocobo wrote a guide on how to do it here:

This requires some stuff you might not have, but you don't need black chocobo. Thus step 1 in the "The HomeBrew Enabled Ps2" Method will be different.

Step 1 in Memoria: Open the file and right click the block you want to convert. See Block Info and note Product code and Game ID. Now right click the same block and select Export -> Single Save Format. Filetype to export must be RAW Save. Name it as Region Code + Product Code + Game ID (US Region Code is "BA"). If product code is "SLUS-01251" and ID is "00000-00" then export the block as "BASLUS-0125100000-00" (without quotes of course).

The CFW PSP Method:

I may be wrong, but all you seemingly need to do is to change the extension from .mcr to .VM1 then do the rest of the stuff.

Good luck!

This mod is awsome.

Is this mod compatible with the psx version ?? Maybe using CDMage in order to replace Kernel.bin and Scene.bin or this can cause crashes in the game ??

Not without some work, no. The problem is the new enemies with new battle models. As far as I know the models are not compatible. I suspect if you, for instance, only use the kernel and scene (saw your PM), whenever the game encounters a new battle model, it will crash.

It seems that the ultimate weapons for the various characters have been modified somewhat? I'm using this mod alongside ro5, conformer has like 14 damage, and vincents death penalty is at 42 damage despite him having around 5000 kills?

And what's the deal with heals missing more and more often?

Something is wrong if that damage is consistently low. Was it against an enemy with high defense? What is ro5? I'm guessing it's the re-translate mod. if you use the installer then install the re-translation first, then use my patch after. Else things may get messed up. Also, if you apply the patches, then load a save that was used without the mods, things will be a bit messy.

Healing spells has a 120% hit rate. If your magic evasion is high, they will eventually miss. If equipped with a mystile, don't rely on healing magic.

As far as aita goes any encounter that has a HIGH RNG component of an unblockable i-win button is just bad, sorry joe. This fight is trashy and annoying  >:( >:(  >:(  >:(  >:(

Yes, well, I admit there is a bit too much rng things i this mod. If you get frustrated about that just wait lol, some fight are much harder. In hindsight I would have done things differently. That particular attack has a < 16% chance of happening. When I fight him he maybe use it once a fight, if at all. He has never spammed it against me. But I've seen vids on youtube where he spams it over and over again. That is unlucky; the rngods aren't kind. If that happens try getting in an encounter, do 1 attack, escape, save, then do the fight again. It'll hopefully scramble the rng in your favor.

People really don't like getting their characters expulsed from battle. Apparently it's a grave sin haha! I understand, and agree from a game-design perspective. To my defense: It's called "hardcore" for a reason. It's not an attempt to "fix" the difficulty, as I've heard several people explain it as.

Is this mod balanced around the idea that people are going to use the w-item dublication glitch or does that make any difference anyway?

No, you should be able to beat the game without, but I don't consider it cheating if you replace grinding items by exploiting the glitch. If you can grind items in an efficient way, just use w-item to save time.
The only boss that assumes you have maxed everything is the super-cheap mega boss of this mod. See screencap in 1st post.

I can't even get your patcher to find my steam install version of the game that has been treated with 7nth heaven. It also can't locate my raw, clean steam install.

See answer above. Select the original (1997/8) option.

Why you want to run this patch with 7H? It's already included in 7H.

FF9 Tools / Re: [FF9] Save editor - Memoria (
« on: 2017-11-16 16:15:02 »
How did you do that? Did you copy character and item data? Or do you know how to hex-edit progress in-game? If so I would like to know :)

FF9 Tools / Re: [FF9] Save editor - Memoria (
« on: 2017-10-27 11:30:53 »

Do you think a save editor could do this ?

What is editable depends on the data that is stored in the save-file. Afaik this wouldn't be possible with Memoria, but I could be wrong (should probably check some time lol). There would typically be a section in the character data that tells the game what skin to use. But, as I said, I don't think FF9 does it this way. Each character has a fixed position within the file, and when the data loads it doesn't check what skin to use for each character. However, Eiko and Blank (also, Marcus + Amarant and Quina + Cinna) shares the same data (kinda) so there could be a byte in her character data, which decides what model to use. Or it's decided by a flag elsewhere.

I swear, someday I'll get more work done with this editor :P. I know It's been long since last update.

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