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General discussion / Final Fantasy XI
« on: 2004-10-06 15:18:09 »
No offline mode. You can't even start the game without an online connection

General discussion / Tetra Master
« on: 2004-10-04 23:09:20 »
Triple Triad would have been the better game IMHO

well making a custom cord itself would be simple, its been done for every other game system and their controlers, its the drivers and the data being sent that would be the harder thing to do

I know this isn't FF related but i have this idea that keeps haunting me

2 wireless adapters needed
one on your GBA playing pokemon
one connected to your computer thru a custom made USB port
you have a program that is catching the wireless info then transmitting it over a high speed connection to another person who has a similar setup bridging the distance gap and having you play pokemon online!

Granted this is only the theory and I have NO programming skills...
But i know how logs could be made...
Someone with programming knowledge (maybe the guys from warp pipe?)
writes a program that just snoops and reads all the info between linked games
2 people play pokemon for forever while the third reciever connected to the PC just dumps logs. From there we kinda emulate a game server and then get that connected directly to IPs.
Why was i born with such a stupid brain that i can't get this working myself!

Archive / Cosmo Canyon Crash
« on: 2004-07-27 03:21:58 »

General discussion / FF5 Soundtrack
« on: 2004-07-16 03:17:27 » also has SPCs of all the SNES FF games among a great many other games and soundtracks!

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / Kingdom Hearts viewer
« on: 2004-05-25 23:34:34 »
I still say that's the best screenshot ever

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / Kingdom Hearts viewer
« on: 2004-05-24 21:53:06 »
Yea i did forget about that. afterall Dizney did try to have a daycare shut down cuz they had a handpainted mural of some characters on the wall

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / Kingdom Hearts viewer
« on: 2004-05-24 05:09:26 »
Maybe i'm not getting it..but what would be so bad about people being able to view models?

General discussion / Questria (TTG Clone)
« on: 2004-05-17 16:59:59 »
Just a little heads up
Questria isn't being supported by the creator anymore.
His new TT game is at

General discussion / Final Fantasy Midis
« on: 2004-03-16 21:38:05 »
Wouldn't a MIDI be ok though since most of them are re-done by people playing by ear?
Its not the same song technically (i'm not counting the PC game rips of course)

I hate to revive an oldish topic but i got new info
That track is from the CD FINAL FANTASY SONG BOOK mahoroba

I have all the songs on normal rotation on Smurgendorf Radio.

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / PSO for PC ports
« on: 2004-02-15 20:14:02 »
Does anyone know what port PSO for PC operates on?
I'm running a private server and i'd like to be able to log activity so i can ban people if need be

This isn't the first time i've heard of FFX-2 not working. From what i heard they used a slightly different way of pressing that DVD so some PS2s are not able to read the data correctly.

General discussion / A new version of TTG please :'(
« on: 2004-01-20 18:45:37 »
I too would love to see a new version with online play! I am a TT freak ^_^

But I also know that good things come to those who wait so i'll sit here and wait like a good little Smurgen

General discussion / Final Fantasy Midis
« on: 2004-01-17 01:55:33 »
Good thing MIDIs arent illegal..i would be scared if they ever did make them illegal

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / Old DOS sound format
« on: 2004-01-04 11:08:59 »
I just can't for the life of me figure this out.... I got the music file from a song from The 11th hour
i have it here

Now i can almost get something out of it if i set goldwave to import it 8 bit stereo signed at 22050. you can hear it at the right speed at least..its still VERY messed up...
Anyone know how i can get something listenable outta this? I'd like to convert the soundtrack to MP3 or something...i own the game and can hear it ingame just fine.

The only way any real work would be done to that game is if we....

Come on! its not like its all heavily guarded! Who's with me!

*gets taken off by the feds*

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / That Old Skool sound!
« on: 2004-01-01 21:08:13 »
I hate to revive an old topic...but i found something quite interesting

It supposedly plays music in the old OPL2 style (Dos Midi!)

It sounds GREAT but i can't get it to play standard midi files. Anyone can figure out this one for me?

Well a friend of mine has a SMB1 case with a Contra cart inside so i guess it is possible ^_^

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / Spyware?
« on: 2003-12-30 08:16:17 »

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / Progressive Scan?
« on: 2003-12-29 02:54:39 »
Well my monitor and gaming TV are so close that its not so bad for me to have to use both at the same time untill i got the games set up. I guess i'll have to shop around ^^

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / Progressive Scan?
« on: 2003-12-28 19:37:28 »
Well nearly all my games support it so i think i might have to invest in this cable. Is the picture quality all nuts nice?

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / Progressive Scan?
« on: 2003-12-28 04:44:32 »
Are there any of you out there to be lucky enough to have Progressive scan enabled on their gamecubes? is it worth the trouble of getting everything needed? Is there a way to show it on a PC monitor?

you can...just look on some sites for a NES flash cart..they exist so you don't even have to build them.
Dunno how the savestes would be handled though

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