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What I'm hoping to get out of this topic is some good suggestions on how one can assist the relief efforts.
I've heard that the best thing we can do to help is donate to organizations like the Red Cross, but even that seems like so little...

BUT the initial Screen is still VERY VERY SLOW (1 fps). The video runs fine, but the "New Game/ Continue" lasts 1 minute or more to load and another minute to be able to recognize the pressing key. After that(the process to load a save, and the game itself) the speed is normal.

Find \textures\WMRP\menu\buster_00.png and delete it

Fancy_Transparency and Semi-Transparent Dialog boxes are two different things. if you want to return your dialog boxes to normal, an easy way to do this is to replace your ff7.exe file with the original 1.02 one. You can find a link to it on the qhimm wiki.
Keep in mind, though, that this *can* cause issues, although none come to mind atm.

i reinstalled the whole remix pack and this time it worked but i still got few minor problems firstly i cant seem to get the ficedula music to play ingame i got no idea whats wrong it says to mute the midi manually but from where? and i still cant figure out how to get sephiroth patch to work with the high detail models i saw video in youtube here is the link as you can see the field sephiroth is high model and same goes for the battle right now only way for me to get the sephiroth switch to work is to replace the battle.lpg and the others with the original files from the normal final fantasy installation and then apply either scorpicus or icecold patch but that makes all of the models low ress like barret tifa and the others
The midi should be muted automatically when you install the remix patch. Re-installing Aali's driver will undo this, however, and you'll have to re-mute it by deleting the "#" in the specified location in the OpenGL config file.
If you aren't hearing the music, 9 times out of 10 it's because you aren't using the shortcuts that are made by the installer. the shortcuts run ff7 along with ff7music. they both need to run simultaneously to get the music to work properly.

@whomever it was who had the issues with holy/Shield...
that sounds like an issue with kernel2.bin to me. This is the first I've heard of that happening. Try using my Wallmarket/Proud Clod patches. You can find them at the bottom of the first post.

Try the Scott Pilgrim game on PSN and XBLA, heavily influenced by RCR.
Amazing game, one my favorite of the year.

Absolutely great installer my friend.

I am a fairly competent modder, as I mod alot of old school games, and then normally record a Let's Play on youtube (Basically a walkthrough with commentary), but admittedly, this has got me both stumped and excited, as I feel I am so close to getting the game exactly how I want, but am just not quite there. I imagine I may have to install all the mods I want seperately, but before I do so, I just wanted to ask you if you know of a way that I could take out the Magic renaming, and replace the cloud battle mod with the other in battle mod linked here: whilst at the same using your installer to install everything else.

(I have tryed to install the other cloud battle mod, however it just crashes when I do so)

well to fix the magic renaming, just replace /data/kernel/kernel2.bin with the stock one off of your install CD (it'd be a good idea to also replace kernel.bin, scene.bin, and flevel.lgp, since the data in these files are dependent upon each other)

to install the other cloud battle mod, use lgptools to manually insert the cloud model into battle.lgp. if the cloud mod only has an installer, then just install it to a stock battle.lgp, then use lgptools to transfer the modfied files between the two battle.lgp's. To see which files in the lgp archive are cloud's battle model files, see the file reconstruction project which is stickied.

Hey Titeguy..nice to know you're still the" nice guy " here eh?..huh?..*winks* ..eheheh forget the puns...

Actually I want to try the Normal mode since its my Niece were talkin about...I don wanna get her cranky with the AI enemies..  so how do I select it is it in the installer to choose from? or u have to check some boxes or sumthin?..... Anyway thanks for the timely reply..and ahppy christmas to you and your I mean   :-D

If you don't want to use the hardcore mode, then you don't need to do anything special. Just apply the mods as you normally would.

Hi, going through the game again with this remix, was wondering if it's safe to install gjoerulv's 1.0.2 update over this? Would I lose anything from this compilation? Also do I manuall have to run YAMP to get 30000HP?

Not sure, I think his update installs in a way that wouldn't overwrite anything else, just make sure the game is in hardcore mode before you update it. (i.e. run the game in hardcore mode, then exit)

Hey guys!...I'm back from somewhere.... hehehe

but titeguys installer truly rocks.... just 1 question can i still install new mods... if i install this one?..I'm tryin to install this to my Niece's PC for her BDAY...just want to impress her actually... :wink:

But pls. be a kind heart and help me for ol' time sake..will ya?....

Absolutely, just keep in mind that there are two versions of some files... the normal mode, and hardcore mode files.

Hello! titeguy3, a big thank you to you and everyone involved in this compilation of patches! It makes Final Fantasy VII look and sound a lot more palatable.

I've come to say that I recently encountered two irregularities with the game.

After installing the game, I immediately installed FFVII Remix and restarted once more. After the computer was loaded, I started up the game and something wrong occurred with the opening FMV. The music and sound effects suddenly just stopped playing; this happened after the light green ribbons gathered together to reveal the "FINAL FANTASY VII" logo. Then, after Aerith came onscreen, the music and sound effects resumed where they left off.

I thought this problem might be related to the HD FMVs, so I thought I'd replace them with the originals. However, I never got to test this theory, as there was another problem: The game would only load once per computer boot up. That is, if I quit playing to test some settings in Aali's OpenGL driver or FF7music, I'd need to restart the computer.

I did indeed launch the game from the correct shortcut in the Start menu, but only FF7music would load. Unfortunately, I was not able to try and see if the launches-once-per-boot up issue stemmed from the original, as I've since uninstalled in disgust and temporarily lost access to my FFVII PC discs.

I was not using the Ultima Edition of the game, and here are the specs of the computer I tried this on:

To recap, my problems were:
1. The music and sound effects pause on the opening FMV. They later resume and continue as normal. The HD FMVs may be the cause of this particular issue.
2. Final Fantasy VII only loads once per computer boot up, meaning that I have to restart the computer if I want to successfully launch the game once more. Strangely enough, FF7music starts up just fine. I have no idea what the cause of this issue is.

Much appreciation to replies on solutions to these problems. Of course, pointing me toward any topics or posts on these irregularities that already exist would be marvelous.

Season's Greetings to everyone! :)

1) Your computer isn't powerful enough to handle the opening FMV. Either lower your settings in the FF7 OpenGL Config File or Replace your opening.avi from your Final Fantasy VII\movies folder with the stock one off of your game disc.
2) FF7 probably isn't terminating properly. Ctrl+Alt+Del and open task manager, then go to the processes tab, and if you see "ff7.exe" right click on it and click "end process"

Hope that helps!

@Herp Derp are you running FF7Music with the game? If you use the start menu or desktop shortcuts, it should start up automatically.

Completely unrelated / Re: Notice to all Qhimm users
« on: 2010-11-21 16:06:53 »
Professional Troll. I wonder if it's someone we've seen before..?

Or possibly even someone who's currently a member? It's happened before.

Troubleshooting / Re: Does FF7 PSP saves work on PC?
« on: 2010-11-21 16:03:25 »
I do believe that a save file converter exists... Check the wiki

I have some problems with this mod (compilation).. :/ It does not start FF7. I use the german version and i did not find the multipatch you wrote about (in your 1st post).

I come to the ficedula music tool and then i click on "Run FF7" - Then the screen goes black and kicks me back to the desktop. :/

Windows 7 32-Bit - German.

Do you have the whole stuff without an installer too? I would like to do it step by step then..So i can use the new models etc, but have the same text.

Best regards!
The german patch was a failed experiment, so I took the link down. There's a list of everything included on the front page. Everything found in the patch can be found individually on the Wiki.

Here, I was able to produce a larger image as requested using some techniques I learned at school:

you guys don't seem to understand that APZ is an art major, and i would reckon he specializes in digital formats. He can easily upscale the source image, but he is looking for an original hires version.


Titeguy! thanks so much for the compilation!

I have a question though;
I have two computer with FF7 installed;
one of them is using your compilation
and one of them i'm trying to manually install the mods;

how do I go about installing the replacement FMVs for the first time?
specifically these:

so basically, how do i install those movies without using ur compilation program?

1) Copy all of your FMVs to a folder on your hard drive
2) Copy the new FMVs into that same folder, overwriting some of the old ones
3) go to your start menu, select run
4) type "regedit" and press enter
5) go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Square Soft, Inc.\Final Fantasy VII
6) Change "MoviePath" to the directory of the folder you put your FMV's in. Remember to put a "\" at the end
7) Close out of the Registry Editor

My list is kind of all over the place, in no particular order:

Final Fantasy VII <- Favorite RPG
Super Metroid
Chrono Trigger <- Favorite 2D RPG
Super Mario Bros/World (all of them)
Metal Gear Solid (1-3)
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
The Legend of Zelda (Ocarina of Time & Majora's Mask)
Megaman X-X6
Kingdom Hearts (I, II, and Re: Chain of Memories)
Soul Calibur III

Honorable Mentions:
Street Fighter II, Alpha, & IV
Megaman Zero Series
Jagged Alliance 2
Resident Evil 5
Devil May Cry 3
Metal Slug
Dungeon Fighter Online
Level Up!
Mardek 2

This may sound stupid because I know nothing about moding the psx version of the game, But say you rip the modded psx disc then turned it to a psp eboot

Ok there are ways to set up the game via usb from pc but that doesn't count. There is also talk you can do it with the WLAN but then you must stay in range of your wireless router and that hasn't been proven yet.

There are a million and one topics with people trying to do just that, you're more than welcome to search for them and see what kind of problems they ran into.


My bad, do you mind if i use your files in a beta of a tool that will allow unlimited ai/difficulty mods to be installed.

I'd need to see/approve of said tool first.

Hey guy's

Can any1 tell who's ai mods were used in this, i believe there is two in this compilation,
well it says on the first post, but Gjoerulv's Hardcore Mod v1.0 and my Remastered AI Mod.

Hey just likes to say thanks for the remix patch. However I do have a slight problem with it. When i begin playing its all good but after around 5-10min it just starts laggggingggg. My graphics card is also good so there shouldnt be a problem there.
 I do however get a message in ff7Music saying "Invalid parameter passed to C runtime function." Could this be the problem?

Interesting...try updating your graphics cards drivers, that usually fixes a lot of issues like that. If that doesn't work, try tinkering with the settings in the FF7 OpenGL Config File. My guess would be that turning off shaders should sidestep the issue.

Completely unrelated / Re: The QHIMM Forries!
« on: 2010-11-14 02:54:11 »
Vote for me for member of the year.

Why? It's simple. Because I don't. eat. babies.

Can the other nominees say that? I don't think they ever have. Why is that?

Vote for me.  ;)

General discussion / Re: FF VII-2?
« on: 2010-11-14 02:52:15 »
Ahh yes. He "made" an Advent Children model for Cloud.

Wow. This thread attracts ignorant noobs quicker than mine! Lo siento Ultima... just know that when you entitle a topic "Aeris patch",  you're going to attract the bottom rung of all FF7 fans on the internet.

Good work so far!

Completely unrelated / Re: The QHIMM Forries!
« on: 2010-11-13 15:04:05 »
Member of the year: SL1982 (for pioneering Team Avalanche)

Trophy: best contribution in modelling: Timu_Sumisu

Trophy: best contribution in AI: NFITC1

Trophy: best contribution in technical knowledge / disassembly: Aali

Trophy: best mod of 2010: Final FanTim's Remastered Soundtrack (+FF7Music)

Trophy: best tool of 2010: Proud Clod

Trophy: most helpful member of 2010: Kranmer

Trophy: best post of 2010: Bosola (for this one)

General discussion / Re: Final fantasy 7
« on: 2010-11-12 13:57:31 »
Aha!  Man there must be tons of buried treasure on qhimm.  Haven't been to the battle arena in ages, but ^this makes me want to see how much BP is possible in one set.
According to that list: 12,576
Break magic-->Break Magic-->Break All-->Break Magic-->Break All-->Break All-->Break All

It's funny cause when you look at it, it doesn't really seem to make any sense at all. You can theoretically have all of your Materia, your armor, and your weapon broken by round 3 and still barely get 100 BP for all seven rounds. (i.e. Break Weap-->Break Armor-->Break All-->Break Accessory-->Lucky-->Lucky-->Cure) It'd make so much more sense for it to give you BP as a function of the difficulty of each handicap and the number of battles you won with that handicap. The way it is it makes it seem like the handicaps were initially intended to reset after each match instead of aggregating.

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