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I've just realized this happened to me in 1998 on PSX.  It must have, because my underwater materia vanished into thin air and I had no clue how.

I agree with you though now too....  the village would be first.  I'd expect the design team to want you to see the village first.  But buggered if I know.

I think the logic points to your way from a story pov...  And maybe the only mistake made was simply messing up the jump to location.  I guess it would be easier to understand a mistake as minor as that.


I've gone with your way.  I think it has to make logical sense storywise and I can't see them messing up so much.  I think the mistake is as you say... simply 2 wrong jumps.

Not sure what I was talking about last night.... The barrett cutscene is on the Mako Reactor route as you said.  But getting the cutscene to appear originally was never guaranteed.  I'll think of something.

Edit.  I still think my order is correct, looking at the orientation.  Yours takes us way way out far left away from the reactor, which we are approaching from the front.  Mine is in line with the village. But since the screens we aren't seeing could be anything... either is valid/.

Kaldarasha is reporting that aali driver 1998 fixed the issue but still exists in Steam

It can only be triggered once you've spoken to at least one person in the village, but you're right...the line needs moving so that it cant be avoided on leaving the village.  Very easy fix. Remember that the line is only there because of the order the original mistake created.

I'm not so sure.  Both those orders are possible, but the reactor dialogue is programmed to change should the player go to the reactor first.  Additionally, I'd be willing to believe that you aren#t meant to encounter Turks immediately.  I've checked the cutscene and there is no doubling back with the code I have.  As soon as you've seen reactor either in person or from village - AND talked to villagers - it will happen as soon as you leave village.

Are you sure? with gongaga village coming from first screen, the reactor is too low in the village. I can amend so gonjun2 is still the one you enter first (from top).  But maybe you're right...  I can't really tell where the paths should come in. What order.  It feels like the bottom path should lead to reactor and top path lead to gongaga village.

writes direction from 0076716C

E37EB0 = 56 01 E0 FD 05 00 03 02 9C 9C 9C 9C

From file "field.tbl" in world_us.lgp

03 02 is 515 decimal (gonjun2)

So, I change to

53 02 44 FD 3B 00 02 02 A8 A8 A8 A8

DynamixDJ is correct.  Gongaga fields are in the wrong order.  gonjun2 should lead to the village and be the 2nd screen encountered. It should not be first screen leading to reactor.  gonjun1 should lead to reactor and be the first screen encountered.  I have corrected everything apart from the starting screen.  I will need to edit world map jump data to jump to gonjun1.

finding jump data should not be hard.  The values should start in hex (assuming i havent buggered up):

56 01 E0 FD 05 00 9C

nope... I'll have to track it down by following what accesses the values.

5D08CE is a mem address.  To get the file address, deduct 400C00 using calc.  Be aware that 400C00 won't work with very mem address... since the range changes the amount to deduct.  But for the one above, that's correct:

5D08CE - 400C00 = 1CFCCE

but a better way of editing game is using HextLaunch from my Hext tools pack in tools (this edits mem address).  But the next version of The Reunion allows for my standalone optional mod pack which will allow plain text instruction files on load.  You won't need to edit exe ever again.  Just your own plain text files.

See Hext Tools.

General discussion / Re: Unofficial Qhimm Discord
« on: Yesterday at 20:18:56 »
I've been using this and I like it.  I recommend to everyone.

Youd also limit max hp and stats. You can limit them lower.

The cap will be in multiple places and what you're asking will likely be a lot of hassle to implement. The main obstacle is that the main "cap" is the one byte var which only has a range up to 255. Thats a limitation in computing. You cant extend it without making the engine use 2 bytes (range up to 65535) which takes a lot of work and recoding. If you want to make a proper balance, divide all character and enemy stats by say 10 and then design game around that instead.

Yeah, I'm of the opinion that this crash has nothing to do with status effects.

Hi.  I am trying to fix the Hyper Jump bug (game crashes) but I can't, because I cannot replicate it.

Does anyone here have a save to a place where it always happens for them?  Something is v weird here.  I've been trying with Sega Chief to make it occur.

Yeah.  I agree, Covarr.  If the inventory is full... nothing should be added.

Other Mods / Re: [FF7PC] Post bug reports here
« on: 2017-12-14 20:40:42 »
Ansem, your Hyper Jump bug has been added to the database, finally.  I will look into fixing it ASAP.  Other additions to database will now be made.

Is there no way to just add a few calls to the RNG opcode in field using makou?  Could make it more random using certain tricks like feeding the timer into it?  Havent looked at how it works.

Other Mods / Re: [FF7PC] Post bug reports here
« on: 2017-12-14 02:39:29 »
There is some work to do, and there will be duplicates, but the merge is more or less complete. I'll run back through this thread soon to see if I missed any reports. Bed time.

See The Reunion Database.  All queries about what is to come are there.  Always. Also:
The new dll comes with a a complete replacement for the audio module.

So, yeah, R06 has the new mod.

In other matters... I am correcting that character in Rocket Village who is in 2 places at once.  I've worked out how.  On village entry I can assign him based on flag.  I need to check which triangle main char is on so I know theyve arrived at the village rather than out of a house.

Camera is now fixed, apart from one of the victory celebrations that he needs to fix :P

The new dll comes with a a complete replacement for the audio module. Up to 65535 effects are supported.  So you can make each one (free effect - any past ID 750) a separate voice file. Field opcode AKAO2 allows for full ID range.

@Obesebear...  I have no idea.  Any issues with models that you noticed will likely be there with Reunion, since it uses your files.

Nope.  I work differently now too... and those lists were all for menu mainly :)

Yeah, the 60fps mod has had an update and now includes interpolation as an option.  The entire way of modding this game has been updated.

Other Mods / Re: [FF7PC] Post bug reports here
« on: 2017-12-12 14:08:32 »
Getting there.

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