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General discussion / Final Fantasy XI Screenshots
« on: 2001-09-27 23:37:00 »
:grin:  The screenshots are cool...unfortunately FFXI will be available only on-line.

Gallery 1

Gallery 2


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General discussion / Dear Mindflayer
« on: 2001-09-05 18:58:00 »

Mindflayers, also known as Illithids, are formidable opponets. Residing deep underground, they use their mind powers to enslave enemies, and they feed on the brains of any creatures or adventures they encounter.

Mindflayers use high level of magic and Psionic spells to stun or charm opponents, and can kill an opponent very quickly by invading their brain with their strong tentacles.

There are several different types of Mindflayers; those who choose to concentrate on their magical powers rather than their mental ones are shunned from Illitid society and become outcasts. They seek to extend their lifespan beyond normal means and those who succeed become undead creatures known as Alhoons.

Ulitharids, or Noble Illithids, are the elite of Mindflayers, being stronger and more deadly than their normal counterparts.

Vampiric Mindflayers combines the powers of both Mindflayers and Vampires, drainning levels and using Psionic attacks.

Level/Hit Dice: 8
Armour Class: 5
EXP Value: 9,000
Special Attacks: Psionic

Level/Hit Dice: 8
Armour Class: 5
EXP Value: 9,000
Special Attacks: Psionic

Level/Hit Dice: 11
Armour Class: 3
EXP Value: 11,000
Special Attacks: Psionic

...haha...enough of Baldur's Gate 2 crap :P
Well, a very warm welcome to our newcomer, Mindflayer!!!   :wink:

Well, I just hope that you will not feast on our brains nor enslave us. Although charming or stunning people here would be warmly welcomed   :D

 :) Anything more that we can know about you, O great Mindflayer?

General discussion / Free Web Hosting
« on: 2001-08-19 16:30:00 »
 :) I have a question.

Well, I have been thinking of making a Website on the internet and the first step is getting a host.

I know this board has quite A LOT of people who are EXPERTS in web-making. So, I am asking your opinion on the BEST, FREE Host that can host my web-site.

Well, I would be most grateful if you guys could slip a tip or two  :wink:

hmm....I have always been wondering on how to create a Flash (Macromedia) Menu Bar while leaving the rest of the site on HTML. Does anyone know how to do that?

Thanks!   :D

General discussion / Here's Another Idea!
« on: 2001-08-10 17:45:00 »
How about if we all post our favorite links on this Thread so we can share them and expand our horizons  :)

Well, these are mine:" TARGET=_blank>All time favorite - Qhimm's site!" TARGET=_blank>Utopia - On-line fantasy strategy Gaming" TARGET=_blank>Microsoft CD-Keys" TARGET=_blank>A Piano Midi Site - A very young Japanese player" TARGET=_blank>Ambar! Anyone familiar with it? Something like Utopia but slightly different" TARGET=_blank>Eyes On Final Fantasy. Great Site! But the Forums are a bit messy though, people see the Avatars more than they see the Post." TARGET=_blank>A list of On-line Games. Great site for Players." TARGET=_blank>Final Fantasy VII Citadel. Great site. Like the Rumours Page." TARGET=_blank>Windows Technology. Great site for programs, graphics programs, icon creator, etc. Programming stuff.


General discussion / Final Fantasy Tatics
« on: 2001-07-31 05:21:00 »
 Well, I have spent sometime in my life here in this board but I seldom heard of people talking about this game:FFT. Why? Isn't it fun? Well, I guess for one, it doesn't have a PC version.
 I read reviews and got info from" TARGET=_blank>  and the game sounds nice  :) with the character classes and all.
 Could someone give me more input on this?  :D

General discussion / a 3dstream site
« on: 2001-02-26 19:55:00 »
How can I get free space for a WebPage in" TARGET=_blank>  ?

How can I get a free UBB?

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