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I know this isn't FF related but i have this idea that keeps haunting me

2 wireless adapters needed
one on your GBA playing pokemon
one connected to your computer thru a custom made USB port
you have a program that is catching the wireless info then transmitting it over a high speed connection to another person who has a similar setup bridging the distance gap and having you play pokemon online!

Granted this is only the theory and I have NO programming skills...
But i know how logs could be made...
Someone with programming knowledge (maybe the guys from warp pipe?)
writes a program that just snoops and reads all the info between linked games
2 people play pokemon for forever while the third reciever connected to the PC just dumps logs. From there we kinda emulate a game server and then get that connected directly to IPs.
Why was i born with such a stupid brain that i can't get this working myself!

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / PSO for PC ports
« on: 2004-02-15 20:14:02 »
Does anyone know what port PSO for PC operates on?
I'm running a private server and i'd like to be able to log activity so i can ban people if need be

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / Old DOS sound format
« on: 2004-01-04 11:08:59 »
I just can't for the life of me figure this out.... I got the music file from a song from The 11th hour
i have it here

Now i can almost get something out of it if i set goldwave to import it 8 bit stereo signed at 22050. you can hear it at the right speed at least..its still VERY messed up...
Anyone know how i can get something listenable outta this? I'd like to convert the soundtrack to MP3 or something...i own the game and can hear it ingame just fine.

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / Progressive Scan?
« on: 2003-12-28 04:44:32 »
Are there any of you out there to be lucky enough to have Progressive scan enabled on their gamecubes? is it worth the trouble of getting everything needed? Is there a way to show it on a PC monitor?

OMG OMG! When are the new version of TTG coming out! I need it!!


Scripting and Reverse Engineering / 64 Bit Processor!
« on: 2003-10-06 23:35:23 »
Does anyone have that AMD 64 Bit thinger? is it really all that and a bag of chips? I'm looking to build a new PC from the ground up and want to know if i should spend the extra moneys on that chip

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / That Old Skool sound!
« on: 2003-08-28 01:16:18 »
Remember back to a time when MIDI was just FM Modulation provided by Adlib cards?
I know my Live can play that kinda music since it does for dos games...anyway to get it to do that in windows 98?

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / Darkbasic Pro
« on: 2003-08-25 20:54:48 »
Has anyone heard of Darkbasic Pro?
I heard about it and i heard it was easy for a nonprogrammer to make some simple 3d games with it and that it also has a programming thingy in it so you can make advanced games.
Has anyone here tried it? Is it worth my time and money? I don't know anything about programming but i'm willing to learn.

Anyone know of any good soundfonts i can use to play meh midis? I'm looking for SF2 or DLS
In particular, something that can handle DooM Midis pretty well.
Any help is appreciated

Hmm..i have the 11th hour here but it won't run on my computer since it hates win 98
Now i don't want to play it..i just wanna hear the music. Anyone know how i can yank the songs from the game? I don't mean the MIDI music, i got that. I mean the songs like "Mr. Death" and things

Anyone know how to get rid of that annoying "click" that IE makes when it loads something?

Completely unrelated / Holy Hand Grenade!
« on: 2003-05-25 03:09:12 »
Can anyone model a Holy Hand Grenade in 3d for use in Unreral Tournament Classic/2003? Thanks!
I can provide screenshots if need be.

Archive / FF7 PSFs in FF7 Pc?
« on: 2003-02-07 16:22:00 »
is there anyway to get these PSFs playing in my FF7 PC? it would be nice to have 100% exact PSX music

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / My site is being mean!
« on: 2002-12-07 23:22:41 »
Anyone know what's wrong or how to fix it?

Is openGl SOOO much better than D3d

Blizzard Video Tester 1.0.7 Jun 10 2002
Copyright (C) 2002 Blizzard Entertainment. All rights reserved.

22Nov2002 19:38
Windows 98 SE (Windows Platform 1 Version 4.10  A  Build 67766446)
DirectX 8.1 (
OpenGL ATI Technologies Inc. Radeon 8500 DDR x86/SSE 1.3.3413 Win9x Re
Pentium III (GenuineIntel Version 0673 Brand 0) 598 Mhz
511 MB RAM
Video 1 Vendor 0x1002 Device 0x514c RADEON 8500 / RADEON 8500LE
Audio 1 DirectSound (SB Live! Wave Out [1C00])
Audio 2 Game Compatible Device (emulated)
Audio 3 Voice Modem Wave #00 Line (emulated)

Direct3D 640x480 16 bpp 0 Hz 106 BogoFps: OK
Direct3D 800x600 16 bpp 0 Hz 120 BogoFps: OK
Direct3D 1024x768 16 bpp 0 Hz 100 BogoFps: OK
Direct3D 1152x864 16 bpp 0 Hz 75 BogoFps: OK
Direct3D 1280x1024 16 bpp 0 Hz 75 BogoFps: OK
Direct3D 1600x1200 16 bpp 0 Hz 60 BogoFps: OK
Direct3D 640x480 32 bpp 0 Hz 120 BogoFps: OK
Direct3D 800x600 32 bpp 0 Hz 120 BogoFps: OK
Direct3D 1024x768 32 bpp 0 Hz 100 BogoFps: OK
Direct3D 1152x864 32 bpp 0 Hz 75 BogoFps: OK
Direct3D 1280x1024 32 bpp 0 Hz 75 BogoFps: OK
Direct3D 1600x1200 32 bpp 0 Hz 60 BogoFps: OK
OpenGL 640x480 16 bpp 0 Hz 1153 BogoFps: OK
OpenGL 800x600 16 bpp 0 Hz 1120 BogoFps: OK
OpenGL 1024x768 16 bpp 0 Hz 1161 BogoFps: OK
OpenGL 1152x864 16 bpp 0 Hz 1116 BogoFps: OK
OpenGL 1280x1024 16 bpp 0 Hz 1037 BogoFps: OK
OpenGL 1600x1200 16 bpp 0 Hz 709 BogoFps: OK
OpenGL 640x480 32 bpp 0 Hz 1151 BogoFps: OK
OpenGL 800x600 32 bpp 0 Hz 1127 BogoFps: OK
OpenGL 1024x768 32 bpp 0 Hz 1013 BogoFps: OK
OpenGL 1152x864 32 bpp 0 Hz 803 BogoFps: OK
OpenGL 1280x1024 32 bpp 0 Hz 621 BogoFps: OK
OpenGL 1600x1200 32 bpp 0 Hz 439 BogoFps: OK

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / Here's my odd idea!
« on: 2002-10-08 16:30:49 » bout porting FF7 to the X box! The X box is like 99% a PC anyway...i wonder how hard it would be to do it. I know they already ported a good many emulators and some games and stuff to the x Box so why not FF7 or even 8

Troubleshooting / TTG?
« on: 2002-08-18 02:46:10 »
Ok, forgive this poor newbie if this was addressed before...but
Is TTG still being developed or is it kinda done with? I LOVE Triple Triad and those "other" Online TT games don't even come close to the quality that Qhimm put in the game. I would love to see the server implemented so i could play against my friends.

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / Cell Shaded FF7?
« on: 2002-08-10 11:17:29 »
Has anyone ever attempted to make Cell Shaded (Like Jet Grind Radio) versions of the FF7 characters? I'm not talking about ingame (though that would be too awesome) I'm talking out of game or whatever.
Speaking of Cell there ANY Pc game that uses it? i have yet to see any

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