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my Q-Gears quip! Of an Acronym! 'Gya ha ha!' and 'Kya ha ha!'

Here's another. Directed towards you SE!

Quit Giving Everyone Asinine RPG Software!

i wanna extract reeve's field model. to preview in Noesis.

1. Current room music used for all regular battles.

2. Dark Serge, Garai, Guillot, Fargo, Radius, Taurusoid
doppelganger Crash/Glitch free.

**i would be satisfied with just 1 & 2 but, heck i'm ambitious/crazy**

3. Add ability of any char. Can perform z-slash as slash without hang.

4. These playable char.(Norris,Mel,Steena) added to doppelganger list...

5. These starting equip effects to
all doppelganger enemies.(Energizer Suit, white brooch, moonglasses, Dreamer's Sarong)

6.All 3 can be transformed via doppelganger at the same time without duplicate error.

7.Remove duplicate weapon stuck in head glitch,
happens when a character comes out of doppelganger.

8. Any char. can equip/move any element to anywhere.

9.Add equip of Dario's masamune to Radius, Fargo, Steena,

10. Start New Game with all tech's/element's/equips in inventory.

11. Playable Char. Starting Stats/Grid/Equips modifier tool/app.

12. All elements have infinite use.

*crazy*: Now the Hardest one...
Add Gi, Lu, Che Delilas & Songi(second form),to doppelganger.
from Legend of Legaia.

*one more (hard one), for good measure*
Any single tech done by anyone doesn't cause any glitches to their model during execution...

edit: 5 & 11, somewhat done. By myself...

i made three .bin's from my hard copy of ff7 using magic iso. now i tried to repack the LIMTMENU.MNU into it but magic corrupted the thing. what prog. can i use to rebuild safely?   

Edit: i was able to rebuild successfully with cdmage... On to other limit break matters... Is it possible to edit via libre to have supernova's animation id and camera id's for All Creation? Please provide em'
kirkham7 successfully edited a command materia to have limit. Could you please tell me how (preferably master command's "throw" if too hard then just all instances of "throw" now if all instances are too hard then just the specific command value). Was it done via hex editor. Can you also tell me how to edit the starting equipped materia to have this one + others for all characters?

EDIT: still havent done this but i wanna ask something else about in battle music. could it be made to be the same as dungeon/overworld.

assets_textures_cloudff7acdiss_00 not found
assets_textures_cloudff7acdiss_01 not found
assets_textures_cloudff7acdiss_02 not found

3ds is acting retarded by not seeing the .png textures for cloudff7ac.obj i made from mesh2drm!
Somebody tell what i'm doing wrong! can the 3ds 2010 bible help any?...

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