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General discussion / What did santa give you?
« on: 2001-12-27 00:07:00 »
Electiric Guitar anyone???   :D

General discussion / FORUM MOVE COMPLETE
« on: 2001-12-16 04:19:00 »

A whole bunch of posts just to desribe a big black box??!!

:: I can't believe you guys... ::    - shakes heads -

++rant++  ++rant++  ++rant++

hmmm....something happened to my Avatar~~

Well...I guess I'll just look for a new one and host it somewhere else~

::I'll do that in the morning...and now - get some shut eye~::

::Astro owners? The 5 new channels simply ROCKS! Especially AXN::   :grin:


Wonder if any of you missed me~~

::Well, I'm back from my looonnngg slumber..::

:smile: Yea, gave me quite a shock too~  The move -

Qhimm, what happened to the redirection site at where there is that random image screen?  ::simply looovveee that::

:smile: And the page entrance to the Forums, superb!

:smile: MERRY X'MAS!

General discussion / Got Win XP now...
« on: 2001-11-29 04:00:00 »
You are REALLY working on that Post Count there Darkness...  So, how's everybody doing?

"How much does XP differs from ME actually?"


General discussion / Starcraft Discussion Thread...
« on: 2001-11-10 07:52:00 » topic   :grin:

Yea, test power~

...Well, I'd play better using Terran..

General discussion / Remake Project Story Ideas
« on: 2001-10-29 10:36:00 »
Well, I have always wanted to play games that gives you the choice to pick your own character to play  :smile:

For instance, I picked to play as Aeris ::Aeris would be the main character then, with the story plots evolving around her:: Then the other characters that joins your Team would fight themselves in battles ::AI style, can't control them:: About casting Magic and equipment, the main character would leads the party would just give the items to them ::Materia, Potions, Weapons, Armour, etc:: and the computer would caculate the best combination  :smile:  ::or Random combinations:: of Magic, attack skills, etc.

I guess that it would be VERY hard work for the code programmers, but it's fun! The players would get more interested in the game  :smile:  It also makes the length of the game longer as players would certainly try to play the other characters. ::maybe the plot of the game would be the same but maybe for different characters, players would have the option of doing things and visiting places that differs from each characters, special encounters, etc:: Players would also pay more attention in building up their character.

::hehe...I have also been very keen to see more effects on the Love Plot::

This would also be a way to better understand each characters' background.

I have always longed for a game like this, you tend to spend more time in it, trying to understand the story deeply and truely get rooted with the character you play.   :smile:

Share your desires too ancientblade...

Well, there is always good Search Engines to get you started..

General discussion / Progress report on the new design
« on: 2001-10-23 03:29:00 »
Joey, refering to th phpBB?

::Qhimm, the phpBB is ok :smile: Good choice if you ask me, besides the UBB :wink: Well Joey, it is fast and easy to asemble and edit::

General discussion / OMG...Perfect
« on: 2001-10-22 13:41:00 »

Personally, I like  ::A Dream Of A Princess::

General discussion / Starcraft Discussion Thread...
« on: 2001-10-22 13:37:00 »
You've said it Joey!  :grin:

::actually I was expecting harder papers::

::o0o0 yea!! o0o0o yea!!::

yeah, of...?

General discussion / Post Number 100
« on: 2001-10-18 06:12:00 »
Darkness -  ::phew:: You are really working on that Post Count  :grin:

General discussion / Progress report on the new design
« on: 2001-10-13 23:15:00 »
Qhimm - :grin:

eerrrr -'s sad you know~

General discussion / Progress report on the new design
« on: 2001-10-13 08:21:00 »
Well, even with gzip compression, my phpBB Board is still a bit slow..

I used Flash for the Menu Bar and some of my Board's Buttons. 'post new topic', 'reply', that kinda stuff..

Is it because of my Flash stuff or my host? -

Qhimm, any tips in making my phpBB board faster? You did mentioned that you've made your own optimizations, care to share a bit of the greatness?  :wink:

General discussion / Progress report on the new design
« on: 2001-10-12 13:32:00 »
Yup, gzip compression...

General discussion / Progress report on the new design
« on: 2001-10-12 04:23:00 »
Qhimm - I do have quite a collection of smilies in my libraries  :grin:

The SaiNt - Yea, me too..

Well, maybe you guys have seen this code running around phpBB Boards. This code can make a phpBB Board go like 2x - 4x the normal speed. ::Qhimm's Board is really fast, made this code would make it even faster - or maybe Qhimm already implemented it::

Post this code in the page_header.php file just after the comments line:

Code: [Select]

So the code should be something like this in your page_header.php:

Code: [Select]

General discussion / Sumimasen...
« on: 2001-10-11 22:41:00 »

Sumimasen - Qhimm

Don't be sorry Qhimm~

Well, I am not a University student but I do know that it is hard up there.. don't bog yourself down with the Board Qhimm, do it for fun not just because it's your 'job'. You have a life out there, live it!

chowderhead said, "I'll keep coming to it-because you laid the foundation of this forum in content, not eye candy." I like your site because it's full of nice people, I don't really get to meet these kind of people in where I live...Reading all the posts that came in less than 2 days, everyone really cares about you...because everyone has the same are not alone~

Well, don't let your problems take over you Qhimm..don't dwell in them..pour them out! ..but sometimes it just won't go away..that's why you must be strong! All these posts are meant to give you that energy to rise back up again.. even a soaring eagle has to land once in awhile..

I have tasted becomes bitter every life.. My big exams are coming.. But every time I taste that bitterness, I try my best not to taste it again..

Like what vvalentine said, it is all part of learning.. we humans are already meant to suffer, one way or the other..but we can't stay in that pit hole is too short for that..

If your current relationship is meant to be, it would heal in time... the best items in life are hardest to get.. but the statisfaction is overwhelming.. just any any FF games..

..I am sure that you'll get through this.

The movie isn't so bad is it??

General discussion / Questions about this new board...
« on: 2001-10-09 10:44:00 »
Well...sorry Joey, I was just fooling around...

mirex - :grin:

General discussion / Bandwidth issues on the new design
« on: 2001-10-07 14:50:00 »
Well, I compressed all my images in my phpBB with an Image Compressor, all of it are either 30% - 40% smaller in size~

My fonts are small..saves my loading time..besides that I can't see why my board is running slow..

My board has only less than 3 members registered (new board) and it's already running slow...what more if more than 20 - 30 new members register??  ::blank::

General discussion / Bandwidth issues on the new design
« on: 2001-10-07 14:46:00 »
Can you optimize a phpBB on another host's server?


My phpBB board is running quite slow compared to Qhimm's board, is it because this board is hosted by The Saint on (main factor??) or it is because Qhimm's tweaks here and there?

Well, any secrets to share on making a phpBB go faster on a free host site?

General discussion / Bandwidth issues on the new design
« on: 2001-10-06 17:14:00 »
It accumulates...and we don't notice them...they get bigger and bigger and BIGGER!! and finally...


General discussion / Bandwidth issues on the new design
« on: 2001-10-05 22:34:00 »
MOT - LoL  :grin:  Well, good for you.

General discussion / Our members...
« on: 2001-10-05 22:27:00 »
hehe...yet again,

You finally registered  :smile:

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