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Most of the suggestions would be very difficult to implement or too unfeasible. Some could work for a bit of a quick challenge.  The RNG should certainly be made fully random.

I could certainly create a new tag inside text that looked up item names...  but getting those tags into text in field?  And setting field coords for items ?  You can't know what XYZT is...  you'd need to create a list of coords (or a way of getting valid coords) for every field at the very least no matter what approach.

If you check the help files, you'll see how you can just edit the offset globally rather than redo them all.

As far as I've read, you'll have to find an area not written to. See the help files for how to follow a jump - may help you locate the right area each time - if it changes.  I don't really mod ff8 asm all that much.  very busy with ff7.

np!  You're good now.  I can take it from here.

and then after a moment of wait the SCENE ADVANCES

This is a strange use of "Wait 80 frames".  I've reduced to 30.  It's too long.

You've also likely worked out why frame skipping wrecks progress in some FMVs.... because the frame count isn't being set to FF FF....  so infinite loops are happening.

Using loops to decide progress with movies is a terrible idea anyway.  And it shouldn't be done in the same script with sfx either...  because if anything happens to stop the movie, it can currently lead to a hang. That's true of the PSX also. This was the worst way to do it.

Turns out that the FMV frame count should return 0 when it has ended.

It should work with both sized FMVs now. The downside, of course, is that when the FMV is the longer type, the back screen is a little long.  What we need is either a "Movie has finished" or "Frame total" opcode.  I shall check.

THAT should work.

Let's give this a try...  It attempts to check if a movie has ended by frame.

Code: [Select]
Var[6][7] = 65535 (16 bit)
Label 56
Wait 2 frame
Save Movie frame in Var[6][5]
If Var[6][5] == Var[6][7] (else goto label 66)
Goto label 57
Label 66
Var[6][7] = Var[6][5] (16 bit)
Goto label 56

What we really need is a "has movie ended" opcode.

Yeah!  I'm pretty sure my fix will sort it.  Make sure you use the older FMV too with it.

See Tools.  Ochu is there.  But best you don't use it,.  Let's make sure this fix works ;)

Steam version comes with the best fmv updates, but search qhimms for others.

Yes, now that's puzzling me.  Because it should be an infinite loop regardless.


Nope.  I have it now.

The original problem is caused by tonysonico.  His fix to another bug caused another bug.  But my fix for tonysonicos bug... caused another bug.  :-D :-D :-D  Because your FMV is smaller than the PC and PSX versions.  I didn't factor that in.  Leave it with me.  I'll get us a F-in fix that will work!

If you use a longer FMV there (rename one to boogstar) - or do as I suggested with Ochu - it should work. 

f you want a quick fix, go and get Ochu, my tool.  Go to MemLog and in the box, enter t,5=FF - then press Change. Do this when the game hangs.

Also, I'll add a tweak to my FMV skipping function.  Because the frame counter needs to be made FF FF.

When you reinstalled beacause, you needed to re-add bugin1c, remember :P That's why the screen goes black again. Not that I think that would fix the hang. Modpath is the "mods" folder.  Change mods folder to ModsX  and see if that helps.

looks like tonysonicos fix wasnt breaking the game after all (it was making it black though and not a good fix). theres something else going on with you.perhaps related to aali driver. see what happens with no modpath or no model overhaul.

Also, send me the app log after the game hangs.


The reason that happened was because the copy obviously failed to work (i did it twice, too) and I was left with the original link on the clipboard.  I am so so sick of that happening. 

You will need to import it using Makou reactor. Open your flevel, go to bugin1c, then go to file > import the current field (make sure type is PC FIELD)  - and look for the file (bugin1c below) on your hard drive.  When it asks if you what to update, select script/texts and deselect all others.

File is HERE

I will be doing my own tests on this soon too to make sure the fade is smooth. At any rate, the hang should be gone.


It's still going to need work.  But the hang will be gone with that.

Edit 2.  I have updated the link.  It's fixed properly now.

Tools / Re: [FF7PC] Trainer and Debug Tool - Ochu (3.4)
« on: 2018-03-06 20:08:53 »
It's not really possible... since it's hard coded.  There's no way to edit it properly with option.  Best I can do is just disable the lighting.

tonysonico remembers adding the change in code above to fix a different bug, but his change has added a new one.  I'll correct the code and send the fix here.  The length of that FMV is a little too long also - but it will have to stay that way.

No need.  I'm afraid tonysonico (or possibly Kaldarasha - I can't remember who edited what) has made a mistake here :P  There are changes here I was not aware of and one of them will definitely cause issues at that exact point.

bugin1c > AD > MAIN > 233. 
Code: [Select]
If Var[6][5] < 1169 (else goto label 56)
Save Movie frame in Var[6][5]
Wait 110 frame
Fades the screen to the colour RGB(0, 0, 0) (speed=1, type=4, adjust=0)
Goto label 55

That code there is wrong and will cause a serious issue (tonysonico added the code to fix a different bug).  The fade screen code has been moved inside a loop (and wait 110 frames is wrong too).  I will correct the field and send you it.  This is the only field that I didn't make the changes manually myself - and I didn't think any non relevant code was touched. 

This bug should really be happening to everyone, so I am not sure why more people are not reporting a hang there. I couldn't make it hang either, but it really should regardless.

Please also send me your app log from root ff7 folder (after the hang) - may help.

The thing is... I can't replicate it. And 99% of others can't.  It can't be Anxious Heart, since that's just a music update. It *could* be Reunion changes, but I don't see how.  It's a very strange thing. Do as suggested above.  OBS is a brilliant tool for it.  And send me your latest save.  I will look into it personally.

edit.  Models disappear during the FMV.  < this was fixed by tonysonico.  Perhaps some sort of mistake was made...  but I don't recall anything there that could do what the game is doing to you.  There is a further bug on that field already reported:
Code: [Select]
Models can sometimes be misplaced on field load. [NOT FIXED]

The Lifestream energy does not flow into Bugenhagen's sleeve [NOT FIXED].

Perhaps the first bug here is in some way related.  I couldn't replicate that, either.  Something is up on that map, though.

So this error happens all the time?  No matter what?  Do me a favour and see if it does it without reunion.  Ive heard of this issue before and it seems to happen randomly,  I can't see it being Reunion issue because I don't touch that stuff. It's either original game or aali's driver.  Also, see if you can get me a video of it happening.

Movie skipping comes with a caution.  It can mess up certain scenes. ;)
There should be a warning about that in the readme?

It's probably some issue with the movies.  If anything stops the field screen being reshown, it has to be refreshed.  I added the ability to skip movies and refresh with start - select.  So that's why it fixes it.  Why it happens in the first place, I don't know.

I also need to know which specific movie it is.  And hopefully you aren't using 7H, because then a bug report here is useless :)

no one can hate c as much as me haha. Those headers alone are a nightmare compared to Delphi's lovely declarations in the same unit. I doubt IDEs based on Pascal will ever die.  The language is too neat and usable to die off. I'm trying to get to grips with Aali's driver source, and, to be frank, it's a nightmare.  In Delphi, I can look at code and know exactly what it does and where.  In C - I am hunting multiple files and debugging is a wreck.  Is this C in general, or just C++?

7thHeaven / Re: Problem with Menu Overhaul
« on: 2018-03-02 02:52:05 »
It's not a problem with MO.  It's a problem with 7th heaven(?), that has messed up the installation of it.  You could always add MO and beacause from my installer - not from 7H.

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