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That's part of an option with R06 now - and part of aali's driver originally.

I'm not sure how to configure it to your own spec - it's designed to be installed on default file locations and be automatic.

Troubleshooting / Re: Cid Broken Limit NEW THREAT MOD!
« on: 2018-07-11 19:09:25 »
Big Brawl may be fixed on 1998 version.  Havent been able to replicate a crash there.

The final word was given by DLPB himself earlier, and he says that it is staying as is.  Why do people insist on still bringing it back up?!?

Still relevant.


For your perusal.

Hey I like that number, and this is going to sound crazy but 32767 HP is greater then 9,999. If your counter argument is "it's still a limit" it's less so, soo yeah.

Yeah, you might want to give up the trolling.  You're not good at it. That's the last response you'll ever get from me, so enjoy!  :-D

You need to stop bringing this up every 2 or 3 months in the vain hope that I will have some sort of change of heart. The break 9999hp mod breaks other mods. It cripples battle formulas that are meant for one type of mod.  And it means me having to mess around assigning different GUI values to various changes I've made.  If X then move this to Z.  If Y move this part to Q.  I am not messing about like that anymore.

And 9999 break HP mod does indeed add nothing to gameplay. It's a number.  You can achieve the same effect by scaling stats by a factor of 10 in the other direction and then adjusting.  Breath of Fire III did this perfectly.  In fact, there isn't even one single mod out there that utilizes the Break 9999 HP even remotely competently.  Only New Threat comes close at the moment to any kind of decent game play changer.

Rather than keep flogging a dead horse, spend your time creating a self contained mod.  You'll feel a lot better than this futile endeavour.


Additionally, I think modders should add in checks for 9999 break HP mods and cause a game over if it's active.  I will, of course, be doing with with my own Weapon mod.

The original PSX game had buttons.  This is absolutely no different.  They've been restored,  not added back where they weren't.  I'm not sure what point you are making?

The break 9999HP mod was and is ridiculous.  It is an addition that wasn't there originally - is limited to 32767 HP, which is again a silly number - and does absolutely NOTHING in terms of adding to game play. What it does do is break games - mean a LOAD more work for me and everyone else.  Honestly, decent modders should be steering clear of it.

The only reason I initially added the mod is because I was naive and because I felt compelled to do so, since aali's driver was wrecking the GUI when the option was on.  Since I am now making a totally optional and self enclosed set of mods (with my own update to Aali's dll) - I am doing it my way.

The progress here at Qhimm's is slow enough as it is without adding these needless dog and pony shows to all the mods - further creating confusion and breaking compatibility and leading, in the end, to less quality mods and more half finished gimmicks.

And that's precisely what R06 is setting out to change.

I made up my mind with this a long time ago.  There is no way I am spending months and months adding compatibility for useless additions that end up causing more problems than they fix. We need to move away from that - and start creating quality mods that actually get finished.

The Menu Overhaul buttons are too high res and are intended for a high res font - and they don't use the original texture file. 
And the font spacing is different.   When I say that new buttons are needed if you want x-box support, I mean it.  8)

As for release time.  It will definitely be this year - and likely within a month or two.

Nah - that's long gone.  It didn't fit in with the engine or original style and to be honest nearly all the graphical updates suffer that issue.  It was a good idea while it lasted, but the original engine and text is part of what FF7 is.

Changing the font and trying to polish a turd takes away more than what it gives - and it also means I have to add loads of code and time that I could be using elsewhere.

The Menu Enhancement is all I support now.

Gameplay Modding / Re: Emerald/Ruby Weapon Mod Advice
« on: 2018-07-08 16:42:09 »
mod yourself using proud clod tool or use ochu. my tool. see tools section.

Graphical Modding / Re: ff7 replacement of lego hands
« on: 2018-07-07 09:45:48 »
It won't be complete, but I am thinking of adding it optionally and to kickstart someone into maybe completing the mod.  It's  a good mod and shouldn't die.


It's much too incomplete to add, but I will re-upload so someone could potentially add to it and fix it up.  Will try to get hold of original author. Main issue is that the anims are the same, so arms need to be adjusted into new places.

With The_Reunion R06 it will be very easy to work on mods too.

May be possible to work out how to make knights use the interpolation...  There's got to be something in the functions allowing for it.  Sadly... the sequences are all hard coded...  So each piece of the progression is there with a billion counters.  It's very annoying to follow.

Graphical Modding / Re: ff7 replacement of lego hands
« on: 2018-07-06 17:14:24 »

Thanks!  In the end, Sega Chief found it.

It must be calculating the total frames and adjusting... somehow. If you use interpolated knights... it runs 4x slower, even at 60fps.  Assuming your files are correct.

btw thanks for the other.  I'll test tomorrow!  8-)

Graphical Modding / ff7 replacement of lego hands
« on: 2018-07-06 00:20:13 »
Anyone have a working link for that old mod?  Searched forum and found only dead links.  It's been a long time.

That pesky help menu flicker issue has been fixed.  I had to rewrite my auto size action box code. Really didn't want to.
Code: [Select]
0:  8a 4d 0c                mov    cl,BYTE PTR [ebp+0xc]
3:  66 8b 85 a8 fe ff ff    mov    ax,WORD PTR [ebp-0x158]
a:  66 ba 80 02             mov    dx,0x280
e:  66 89 d3                mov    bx,dx
11: 66 29 c2                sub    dx,ax
14: 66 d1 ea                shr    dx,1
17: 80 f9 19                cmp    cl,0x19
1a: 75 19                   jne    0x35
1c: 04 18                   add    al,0x18
1e: 66 a3 1c d2 91 00       mov    ds:0x91d21c,ax
24: 66 29 c3                sub    bx,ax
27: 66 d1 eb                shr    bx,1
2a: 66 ba 0d 00             mov    dx,0xd
2e: 66 89 9d 8c fe ff ff    mov    WORD PTR [ebp-0x174],bx
35: 66 89 95 a8 fe ff ff    mov    WORD PTR [ebp-0x158],dx
3c: 66 c7 85 98 fe ff ff    mov    WORD PTR [ebp-0x168],0xb
43: 0b 00
45: 66 c7 85 b8 fe ff ff    mov    WORD PTR [ebp-0x148],0x0
4c: 00 00
4e: eb 07                   jmp    0x57
50: 66 ff 85 b8 fe ff ff    inc    WORD PTR [ebp-0x148]

Quite proud of it. Not a byte to spare.

So - Modpath now includes texture and file replacements - but global is checked first
and can supersede
it's looking like the finished article
global\Movies :  not implemented yet
and then modpath is

Custom\Mod_ID\Movies :  not implemented yet

direct:  checked before LGP archives.  Any file inside archive superseded by the one in this folder.
DLL: load any dlls you need
File:  Default path to files - such as any normal file and lgp archives.  When direct fails - this is where it will check next.  This also allows scene.bin etc to be loaded from this folder.
hext:  Hext format binary changes - to change font spacing data this will HAVE to be used.
Texture:  PNG file replacements.
Music:  Game music in ogg format
SFX:  SFX in ogg format
Depending on options - BASE is used and supersedes global and custom if file exists>

Base\60i  : interpolated 60fps battles
Base\Closed_Mouths  : closed mouths on original models.  Will not work when Model_Overhaul selected.
Base\Movies :  I am still trying to add this to global and custom as well...   At moment does not work at all.

In the end, there is a hierarchy here that will allow for a full flexible modding experience.  BASE is purely for my own optional mods, which I have integrated into aali dll and my own dll.

Audio Replacement is mandatory.
Window.bin abolition is mandatory.
Certain fixes may end up being mandatory.
New frame limiter is mandatory - unless an issue crops up.

The truth is Knights of Round original files works automatically with full 60fps. 

Scrap that

Knights of Round works only when original files are present...  which is very weird.  Can only assume it's recalculating somehow.

 deathdat.a00  on other hand I cannot get working.  The original is too slow - and the one you supplied stays there and doesn't animate (may again be something internal).  Can you check this one for me again please? :)


Do you happen to have the Death fix and Knights of Round fix for interpolated 60fps battles?  If not I will check my backups.

Aali, what did you originally compile your code in?  Luksy has got it working now in VScode but I am wondering what compiler you used.

The file is a texture file and has palette data to allow for colour.  I suggest you design them to fit in like the ones I have and PM Ilducci to fix them up for you.  I have no idea how to make palettes work.

Some tools will show you the different palettes.

The format has to be correct and paletted properly or the colours will not work correctly. See the tex I sent. It's also important that the style of the buttons be basic like the ones we made for ps - otherwise they will stand out like a sore thumb.  If you can design them to fit in, Ilducci or someone could correctly format.  Otherwise, let me know how you get on.  I have zero idea how to make tex files.

They do need to have colour,  The texture format supports pallettes. 

I can't preview the files in dropbox though...  think it's forcing me to have account?

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