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SOLVED: Slow and Pixellated
« on: 2011-04-22 14:50:44 »
Hi everyone. I had an issue where I wasn't able to see or hear the movies in the beginning e.g. the intro video.

My laptop is a Lenovo U550. Video card is Intel GMA 4500MHD which is an integrated card.

I read that having x63 might require using an older ver Aali's custom graphics driver and did the x64 registry. This worked but i experience extreme lag the moment cloud jumped off the train. Fight scenes are perfect but when cloud walks or during the menu, it lags. The screen also has been divided in squares. Does this have to do with how i fail the 8 bit pallated textures? I tried using a new ver and the latest of Aali's custom graphics driver but i wasnt able to see the video, only hear. Using custom settings does not work for me in any of Aali’s custom graphics driver. 

Any suggestions or help is welcomed.

I've tried using compatibility and run as administrator. It makes no difference in playability
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Re: Slow and Pixellated
« Reply #1 on: 2011-04-22 15:40:44 »
haha funny. I think it might be working after trying for another hour. I used another ver of Aali's custom graphics driver. It was ver 0.7.3b, the last one which had the reg to support vista x64. kk it seems to be working now. Hope this helps anyone else that comes along kekeke