Author Topic: FF8 Difficulty mod by OHX (PC-steem)  (Read 1416 times)


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FF8 Difficulty mod by OHX (PC-steem)
« on: 2017-04-16 14:21:04 »
Here is a mod I have just started working on...  its simply harder but not by any means super difficult, as that ruins the fun of the game, and also this game is rediculous easy as it is...

This is my 3rd playthru ever and its just too easy so I decided to try and make this mod...

I was using hard.dll mod and that is pretty good but I found myself just summon gf every time since your weapon damage is reduced by 50%, also, it's kind of irritating to launch

so, here is the list of changes from vanilla game.

-char xp req to lvl +60%
-GF xp req to lvl +100%
-junction magic bonuses -50%
-GF ability removed, Card Mod
-GF ability removed, Boost (all), its just an exploit with turbo controllers, but you can still buy the item in shop to learn boost
-GF Siren and Brothers modified slightly.  make sure to check them for new abilities at lv 10,15,20
-GF ability removed, xxx bonus (all), replaced with xxx +60% @ GF lvl 50.  to compensate for this...
-male char strength increased in concave curve (only effective at later levels), +25% by lvl 100
-edea and selphie magic increased in even curve, +15% and +7% respectively

work in progress
hope you enjoy =)!2UAjVaQY!1OlBy7kSX57i3PKshO2gEOKDR47aGzfBd65pcSNC6pg

installing - go to final fantasy viii\data\lang-en\ directory. back up main.fs,, and main.fl.  i like to use 7zip, winrar, or winzip to do this just put them in an archive.  Then extract this mod archive files and drag them over to said directory and overwrite.  make sure you backed up the original files before overwrite!

will post the changelog file soon... it will explain the exact changes

special thanks to the awesome Doomtrain editor
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