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Help needed for a full install
« on: 2017-08-10 23:24:56 »

I'm in need of help to get Final Fantasy VII modded, as I am really starting to burn out on my many failed attempts. I will try to describe my situation as well as possible, but I admit I might need a bit of help with some of the inner workings of modding games.

First, my setup:
Windows 7 Ultimate, 64-bit
GPU: Radeon HD7700 series
Running Windows off a small SSD (C:) and programs and data (including games) from a regular HDD (E:)
Using Final Fantasy VII PC (1998 version) in ISO form. I have the disks somewhere if it's needed, and I am considering getting the Steam version if it is likely to solve my problems.

Now, the situation:
I installed the game on the HDD (which is NOT the default install path), a complete path that basically goes "E:/FF7".
I have tried to follow the 7th Heaven guide (found here: to the letter as much as I can (specifically using the Game Converter), and outside of the game, everything seems to be fine, but one critical piece of the puzzle is missing.

I can't get Aali's OpenGL mod to work properly. More specifically, the Rendering option "Custom driver" never appears in my FF7config.
I can confirm that, when I run both the FF7config and the FF7 executable in Administrator Mode, the OpenGL mod DOES get applied (the game runs in 1080p, post-processing can be applied, etc.)

Other strange behaviours I noticed:
- 7th Heaven allows modifying the OpenGL driver config file in handy menu form. The option for the Music Plugin always reverts to "None" when I run the game.
- I have managed to properly run one mod (Jesse's Mod, which allow to recruit Jesse in the intro mission) through 7th Heaven, but graphical mods (specifically character models) have had no effect on the game.
- If I open the FF7config and then go into the game, the game boots in 640*480, sound effects go silent, text is displayed dark and all the backgrounds are messed up. Running the Game Converter again (using the Overwrite option) fixes it, however.

Things I have tried:
- Installing to the default path, if only as a test; did not make a difference, my problem with the OpenGL driver still occured.
- Installing the OpenGL driver manually and changing the registry key manually; also didn't help, as far as I can tell.

As I have mentioned before, I am open to the idea of buying the Steam version if it is likely to help with my problems or even just simplify the process.
Also take note that "installing through the default path" is not an option for me (as it leads to my small SSD), unless all the heavy mods (such as movies, character models, music, etc.)  can be stored and seamlessly accessed from the HDD.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Feel free to ask me more detail, for I am unsure what information would be helpful.
 I look forward to hearing from you all geniuses :D
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Re: Help needed for a full install
« Reply #1 on: 2017-08-15 23:26:13 »
Well I didn't get a response, but I guess the point is moot. I have tried again with the Steam version, and this time everything worked perfectly!

I don't really know how the forums work, but I guess whoever's responsible for those kinds of thing can close this topic.