Author Topic: Luddite seeks Tech Pro concerning freezing on launch  (Read 281 times)


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Attempting to run ff7 on 7th heaven.
followed all the instructions to a t, placing the exe correctly load order ext.
Hit launch game and this pops up "postprocessing initialization failed cheak app.log for more information" I then click ok and logos for eidos and Squar followed by the tittle credits plays then this pops up "Wrote crash.dmp to ff7 install" yada yada dont even know  how access app.log I'm such a pleb...  Needless to say the whole thing freezes and I have to end the task.
I am sure there must be a few dozen posts already for what I think may be a fairly common issue for first time FF modders, but at the risk of digging myself deeper I thought I would just ask straight out for assistance.
Thanks Clint
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