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Troubleshooting / [FF7] Troubles with Kernel.bin
« on: 2017-11-25 08:19:37 »

I was recently trying to make a few changes in the database, and in my memory, this was supposed to be easy. What I managed to do so far:
-Extract the files from the psx .bin into a folder
-Open Kernel.bin with WallMarket and make my changes

And this is where I'm completely stuck. I managed to recompile the ISO thanks to AnyToIso, putting the whole repertory back to an .iso file, but everytime I run the game, I have an error.
I tried to do it from CDMage before, same issue.

I may have missed a step. I remember using the PC version and managing to do this easily (no iso to deal with). Is it impossible to edit the psx game?

Thank you, it's working very well.

Bon courage pour la suite. ;)

Hi and thanks for this tool.

I've got a problem, for the PSX version :
-Editing the game is ok, it runs very well on emulator (only to test, I own the CDs).
-When I mount the iso on a virtual disk reader (Alcohol) to extract some files, Windows can't open it ("damaged disk").
I tested with the other tools I use, it comes from Hack7, v2 and v3. Once I save the dialogs in the iso, it isn't possible to open it again (for example, I can't access the FIELD repertory on the disk).

I don't know if it really comes from Hack7, if it's not my CD which is dead, or something else...


Thanks everyone, I found the locations for the status menu :

! Only for french PSX version of the game !
Code: [Select]
Force        à partir de 07938d04
Dextérité    à partir de 07938d1e
Vitalité     à partir de 07938d38
Magie        à partir de 07938d52
Esprit       à partir de 07938d6c
Chance       à partir de 07938d86

Thanks, I found it. :)

I've got two questions more :
-I'm using XVi32, is there better hex editors ?
-If I edit the game (in my case, a PSX iso copy) with Wallmarket or other logs, are they going to undo the hex edit ?
-What about making a patch ? How will it keep the hex changes ?

Thanks again.

Hi/Hello everyone.

Before reading what follows, I must tell you I live in France, and that english is not my original language.
So, if I can't make myself clear, please excuse me (not a stupid excuse, but people understand what I write in french in the wrong way, and in english...).

The true meaning of this post is :
-To congratulate this community for the tools and the help provided. :)
-To ask you a technical question : how can I edit the stats names in FF7 (Attack, Defense, Dexterity...) ?
I searched on the web without finding anything.

I thank you for your help.

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