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Oh ok I wasn't sure if that was the case but I guess I'll have to experiment more. Also I have a question about getting Ultima Weapon. It says it needs Heaven's Cloud and Ragnarok. I got Ragnarok but according to "where is the thing" Heaven's Cloud is a drop from Iron Man. I believe that Iron Man is located at a point of no return so I would like to know how to obtain the Heaven's Cloud. Thank you!  ;)

I've added the Iron Man to the left-down path encounters; should be found on the last screen of that route (where Mega-All is obtained in default game/HP-Plus in NT).

Getting through a lot of the extra content and its proving a lot of fun.
With W-Magic, Magic Plus and Princess Guard Aeris is able to pump out 30,000 damage per turn doublecasting Comet 2, this is making a lot of fights easier using her as the main attacker and the other two as constant support, Got myself a Master Magic too which is only helping things. Slash All and Princess Guard is a nice way to heal 1500 odd and give Shield to all in one turn, VERY useful for crater random encounters, this combo makes me somewhat like Shield since it being single target usually lets it down.
Having a lot of trouble with Yuffie's Ultimate Limit Break battle though, I dont want to outright be told the way to win, but maybe a couple pointers wouldnt hurt?
To avoid Yomi Burial im currently using Bad Breath to Confuse/Sleep the side enemies, then Regen to keep their HP topped up, however even with the side enemies incapacitated the main boss is still handing my ass to me, Limited to single target attacks as not to hurt the side enemies and trigger Yomi Burial is hurting my damage output alot. I can doublecast Comet for ~3500 per hit, and Pearl will hit for about the same, however I am unable to keep up with her attacks, with them dispelling Wall/Regen/Sadness all at once and constantly inflicting slow im either constantly combatting statuses and maintaining buffs OR dealing damage, I cant seem to do both.
Is the fight supposed to be a one character battle and should I just accept Yomi Burial will happen, or am I on the right lines of keeping them alive to keep 3 characters in the game?

Also ran into a bug in Gongaga, after visiting Zacks Parents house with Cid was the leader whilst looking around for his quest item, I became unable to leave the house, the door would not open and Cid would just walk "over" the door and could not leave the house under any circumstances, locking my game, luckily I had saved a minute ago. Unsure on how to replicate this or what caused it or even if its down to Cid being leader at all, but it happened

I'll sort that bug out with Cid, I forgot about it.

For that particular fight, Stop + Sleep is a good combo to keep the two floating spirits locked down and like Uprisen suggested having Holy and Water protection is a big advantage (adaman bangles, typhoon ring, elemental + restore/revive/heal, escort/minerva bangle should provide one or the other). The boss itself is weak to Holy so if you have Planet Materia from the crater then the Pearl spell should hit for a tonne of damage compared to Comet, same with physical attackers using elemental combined with restore/revive/alexander. The fight is likely a lot easier with 3 party members but a solo strategy would enable counter-attacks.

Currently going through my first playthrough of the New Threat Mod and I can say that I am loving it. I reached Disc 3 and found myself trying to do the Materia Caves. I found that some of the bosses are quite challenging. I am not complaining as vanilla FF7 was not very challenging but I would like to propose an idea for version 2.0. It would be cool if the new bosses or most bosses have a certain weakness or "cheese".
Spoiler: show
For example, how in vanilla FF7 Ruby weapon can be paralyzed or the blue materia cave boss can be cheesed with Remove.

Also I found a bug where when Tifa is the party leader in Disc 3 and you return to the one room with a save point in Junon where Barret and Tifa are handcuffed, the room next to Rufus's office, there is a visual bug

Currently going through my first playthrough of the New Threat Mod and I can say that I am loving it. I reached Disc 3 and found myself trying to do the Materia Caves. I found that some of the bosses are quite challenging. I am not complaining as vanilla FF7 was not very challenging but I would like to propose an idea for version 2.0. It would be cool if the new bosses or most bosses have a certain weakness or "cheese".
Spoiler: show
For example, how in vanilla FF7 Ruby weapon can be paralyzed or the blue materia cave boss can be cheesed with Remove.

Also I found a bug where when Tifa is the party leader in Disc 3 and you return to the one room with a save point in Junon where Barret and Tifa are handcuffed, the room next to Rufus's office, there is a visual bug

Most bosses should have a weakness or two from what I remember on the elemental/status table; try experimenting with statuses against the Gold and Platinum matches in Extra Battle for instance. I left them vulnerable to statuses that don't exist in their respective games.

I'm not sure why that happens; it's a strange field screen, I've had some bizarre errors pop up there in the past.

Hi Sega Chief! Excellent mod so far i must say! tho im a bit curious about the exact changes you've done, and the mediafire link to the nt manual is outdated, any chance you could re-upload it?


well  gorkii and shake i done and  morphed , but checkhov.... is  imune  all physical attack and morph not work? i playing  this  mod  in ´´morph run´´ in all bosses, if  morph  work( i need go to temple ancients history line) just confirm but NO SPOILER plz XDDD  i want  discovery it , 3 hours trying  and  nothing to morph, maybe   i need any  materia or equip for  it.                        rip english xd.

It's impressive that you managed to Morph Shake, but I think Chekhov can't be morphed at all due to the Physical Immunity he has.


Thanks for the detailed feedback! Levels and the HP/MP curves are probably a bit mismatched going into the last stretch as the curve flattens out in the last 20% or so; the other problem is that Levels usually give extra damage for attacks but the AI has curbed this going past a certain point as well to keep physicals from getting out of control. The EXP gain was done with the idea of trying to avoid a late-game grind by getting the player to the 80s-90s but it perhaps accelerates too much; I'd like to try and have a buffer of 30 or so levels that the player can go into for some extra power to get through trickier encounters but at the moment there's no head-room due to the Level change enforced by the character AI (in other words, higher level has less of an impact on damage dealt).

For 2.0 I might try and move the flat +5 * 8 to every stat from the SP system and onto actual level arcs instead. That'd reduce the amount of button presses when using Sources and also make Levels more impactful (on the topic of source-use, I have an executable change that boosts Source stat gain from +1 to +5 to reduce the number of button presses needed further, though there's also a DLL that enables a new opcode that can edit characters directly and eliminate the need for Sources all together).

About physicals, there can be a lot of variance at the end of the game depending on the enemy and the build. As the numbers get higher, the stacking 2x modifiers on everything can have a big impact on how damage comes out.

Menu effects for items and spells is hard-coded in the exe which I'm going to adjust. I've made a special .exe to build 2.0 on, but I'm going to produce an .exe for 1.5 as well to correct some issues here and there (and deliver on a promise to implement some things like Limit Break adjustments and materia stat bonuses/penalties).

Dual is a lot like Regen in that it has the same processing delay; if a character hits 0HP during an action (or victory sequence) the game will get a bit confused but thankfully updates to the held value before that action started (be a problem if it didn't). Regen probably has the worse problem in that it can look like a character should survive an attack but then they suddenly fall over dead after it when the game goes to using the held HP value. The bigger problem is the lack of a visual indicator (on enemies) along with Resist, Auto-Crits, and Shield. I was given some info on how to maybe set up a new status 'colour' a long time back so I could revisit this and have another shot at it.

I'll sort the typos. Off course is a little joke from the battle square options though so I might keep that one.

So for the 1.5 patches I've been looking at the innates. Cid's is proving tricky as it seems to cause problems with Barrier/MBarrier in-battle for other party members. My working solution currently is:

Crotchety (means tired & irritable)
Cid will counter-attack with Deathblow with the chance increasing based on his current increment of HP (75%, 50%, and 25%). Bit straightforward, maybe the counter itself could change depending on the level of damage or have some other effect attached to it. But there's another possibility (more at the end of this post).

For Cloud I was thinking of reworking his innate to revolve around the party's use of Limit Breaks. There's two possible mechanics for that, his currently equipped Limit Level and the Limit Level of the used LB in-battle. The former would be nice and compact to code, the latter may be a bit clunkier as I think I'll need it to check for attack IDs.

While it would be nice to have the Limit gauge itself be affected in some way, I don't think I have an opcode for AI that can adjust this value. The bonuses would likely be straightforward STR/MAG.

If that was put in, then I could perhaps drop the counter-attack thing from Cid and give him Cloud's current innate Second Wind instead (or would that be Second Highwind?) What do you think?

Edit: Forgot to mention, for Vincent's Limits would people prefer a set pattern for his attacks? As in, 1 or 2 physicals then 1 magical guaranteed?

And for Tifa i make the smasher build (str and lucl) but it looks better to go like you str and dex (monk build it is in remember ?)

Luck can work well but if you're using masamune or the auto-crit status then it can lose some of its impact. Dex on the other hand helps with managing enemies and boosts the accuracy of attacks like Deathblow.

I was going through the Steal / Morph excel sheet and I was disappointed to know that it is >almost< impossible to Morph Shake with his max evasion. I don't know where else we can get the Sprint Shoes. I do this quest so early so I don't have much gear to pump luck.

He's Lv255 you can use L5 Suicide it's kind of funny.

I think the intended way was to use Morph and land a Lucky Hit using the Luck stat, but I learned recently that Critical hits might not be checked when using Morph.

Hey, Sega Chief, I just had a crash against Jenova-DECAY when I had Cid use Hyper Jump against it. That was just my first try, I'll keep doing the fight and edit this post if more happens

There's a problem with Hyper Jump's animation when played on the steam version which uses a slightly older version of Aali's Graphics Driver; it can cause crashes under certain conditions (but what these conditions are is tough to pinpoint). This issue is apparently fixed when playing the 1998 PC version with the latest Aali's Graphics Driver.

Hi all, can you tell me your best set up party members (and their build) and why please? :)

My go-to team tends to be:
Cloud w/ Hybrid Phys & Mag build
I use Cross Slash a lot early on to make use of Paralysis, and I can slap Added Cut onto an elemental spell to output tonnes of damage. His later damage-dealing Limits are solid and he's sturdy enough to have on the front row a lot of the time.

Barret w/ Str/Vit
Cover + Counter attack is always a good combo, and I generally use Barret for support spells like Barrier and the like which don't depend on the Magic stat. Not a huge fan of his Limits but his defence and damage output is reliable. I'll typically put him in the front just to get more damage going with his innate, even if he has a ranged weapon.

Tifa w/ Full STR/DEX build
I find Grit very useful because I tend to go full out with attacks and it acts as a safety net in case I get caught out. The Limits are strong throughout and I can make use of high Dex with Haste/Slow to get more damage out (also combos well with Deathblow for accuracy due to the way it is tallied). I generally don't bother with Powersoul.

          Yo Sega 3 questions bro Does it matter if I win all battles in junon braquets or is it the same as long I win first place?

No, it's a round-robin tournament based on points so depending on how the other matches turn out you can still win even if some of the matches were lost.

hi Sega , this  is  normal in NT 1.5?i just up video to confirm  >>

Yeah, that's normal; he's so fast he leaves after-images...kinda.

His evasion is top-notch so it takes some special tactics to beat him early; Limits can generally do it, or boosting your Luck stat as high as possible to land criticals. Like Delitta says, you can also use Summons to get through it.

Gameplay Mods / Re: [FF7] Battle difficulty options mod
« on: 2018-01-14 22:14:13 »
I would like to see a kind of regen effect to the mp and starting every battle with zero mp. That means the longer the battle becomes, more stronger magic will be available, if they are unlocked. This would greatly buffs the summons.

Best bet is to use character AI (wall market tool) to push 0 into their current MP from the pre-battle script and then have their post-action AI script increment their MP after every 'tick' (with a cap set equal to their MaxMP to prevent them from storing more than their MaxMP though this doesn't seem to cause issues if it goes over).

I use incrementing MP as an innate ability for one of the characters in the NT mod so I've got a script I can show you for that:

Code: [Select]
Incrementing MP (post-attack AI script)
12 2060
12 4140
02 2060
02 4140
60 01 (or whatever value you want MP to go up by each time)

Translates as:
Self.MP <- Self.MP + 1

So whenever anyone in the battle performs an action, this character's MP will go up by 1 (post-action tick). You'd probably want it to be a bit more, +5 maybe.

Setting 0 at start of battle would be similar:

Code: [Select]
Setting MP to 0 at start of battle (pre-battle AI script)
12 2060
12 4140
60 00

Translates as:
Self.MP <- 0

You'd need to think about how this would work with actual MP in the menu though because it'd suck if people expended MP in the field only for it to be blasted down to 0 whenever a battle starts.

I've been fiddling with the idea of making a battle difficulty and reward switch/scaler for FF7. Linear, geometric or custom scaling of attributes in a preset-like manner, achievable through stand-alone app or in-game difficulty setting scrollbar. I'm already chewing through this and while I do that I'd like to ask if there's anything unorthodox which I can include? For example: frog/death status, regen strength, spirit stat bug, white wind shenanigans or a defense bypass?

Spirit + MDEF bug is fixed by Aali's Driver which is generally required to run FF7 PC and was used in the Steam release so you don't have to worry about that one.

Yo, gotta a quick question. What is the name of Zack's battle model that this mod adds? I'm wanting to mod my files and are interested in replacing Zack's model with a higher res model, but I just need to know which one is his. Would you mind informing me?


Yeah, I wish I could help with the replication. I don't know if it's something that Yuffie had equipped (you have my save file), or what could have possibly caused the disconnect. I had tried the exact scenario with the Cloud/Vincent/Yuffie party 10+ times to no avail. On the patched IRO you sent, I never saw Aerith in the bed. It would zoom in on Cloud giving a very quick spiel to Barrett and Tifa, and then it would be back to the world map.

As you saw, even switching out Vincent did nothing. The only other thing I can think of is if it was the presence of Cid making it work and not the lack of Yuffie?

I have zero modding experience when I make this claim, but I'll give you my train of thought. If something about my comp was preventing the trigger of the Phoenix Down to make Aerith an allowable character, then her presence in the following scene would crash the game I would think.

I can't think of anything miraculous about my comp unless it was an item that Yuffie was wearing that I didn't end up putting on Cid. (Cid had no materia, the berzerker accessory, and his stock weapon/armor). I can't think of anything else that would have maybe prevented the Phoenix Down from actually being used (if that's actually a trigger).

I'd love to help you solve the issue, if you think of any questions, I'm more than happy to assist.

Edit: Is there anything about Cloud's script in that scene that changes depending on who is in the party? Anything about maybe the timeliness of him getting to Aerith to apply the Phoenix Down? It seems like Yuffie always goes last, and I'm aware of how long it takes her to weep zzzzzzzzzzz. I know you had to write the scene, so there's going to be some disconnect between what you wrote and what the actual scene is supposed to be and the triggers with them.

The scene itself is mostly unaltered except for the end when it checks an if condition for a variable to execute one of two scripts on Cloud; revive and default. Yuffie's script has no anomalies save for triggering two additional scripts on Cloud (he plays an animation when Yuffie comes up to him) and it is also by far the longest script ran by party members here.

If the game is reaching the fadeout and playing the first note of the next scene's music, then that implies there's an infinite loop occurring in which the game cannot progress out of the Init scripts. There are 2-3 variables (including game progression var) in that screen which I'm going to test by activating/changing them then going into the scene.

The game can also break down if there are preload field instructions and the game instead jumps to a different field than the one expected (a hold over from the PSX version for avoiding long loading times in certain places) but I don't think one is used here.

Edit: Rather than test vars, I loaded up yours and Rosario's save files and played through the scene. The crash didn't occur, so I have to assume that the vars for the save files are also correct.

There's only two possible causes left; either some kind of memory/CPU issue (perhaps these two scenes are heavy on the system?) or an issue with the current flevel that's not present on my current flevel. I'll try patching my game with the flevel hotfix next.

Edit2: Current flevel hotfix seems OK as well; not sure what else I can check from here.

This is the adapted Flevel fix for the forgotten city problem:

The previous one didn't add Aeris back in, embarrassingly; sorry about that. But rosario, try doing the fight without Yuffie if you had her in your party for the fight.

There's a dialogue choice prior to the FMV that determines the outcome of the scene. Option 1 goes with no revive, Option 2 does the revive.


Cheers for the save file, sorry for the delay to your game but it looks Ayz has located the problem (hopefully). Do you have Yuffie in your party when you finish the section?

Edit4: Yuffie was breaking it! I took out Jenova with Cid and Tifa and it progressed to the next scene and I can see Aerith laying on a bed which I have not seen yet. Aerith is now in the PHS screen immediately. God damn Yuffie. Don't ask me why that worked, but it did.

So it's Yuffie? That's interesting, I wonder what could be going wrong there. I was checking the event logic rather than the character scripts; good find, thanks for letting me know.

Edit: Still can't replicate it with Yuffie in the party, and checking the scripts there's no oddities there save for hers being one of the longest out of all the characters. What I could try doing is forcing a party swap during the scene so that the next field loads with a different party, but I can't really see what's going wrong there.


I think so; your Limits would have been weaker overall I think.



All right, I'll see what I can do.

Edit: The script seems fine; I still can't replicate the crash and I've seen others go past this point without encountering it.

What I'll do is create a special patch that gives a choice of either using the original scene or bypassing that particular cutscene completely. I'll upload that tonight. In the meantime, can I get a copy of both your save files? I want to check for rogue variables (that might explain why the issue has popped up for some but not for others; there might be a script flaw somewhere that messes with their values).

Edit2: That's the patches done, they're uploading just now. I made an flevel hotfix and an IRO; basically, when the scene concludes (assuming you picked to keep Aeris) you'll now see a choice box appear with the options 'Default Scene' or 'Skip Scene'. Default scene takes you to the original field screen where Cloud delivers his monologue (it'll be interesting to see if the crash occurs here, as the vars being used are almost identical). Skip Scene updates the vars appropriately then takes you to the Disc Swap/Save Game screen before carrying on (I included this in case Default Scene crashes as well).


These patches are only for people experiencing a crash in the last scene of Disc 1 when choosing to keep whatsherface.

I'm running into an issue, even with NT1.5 being the only mod running, where everytime I try to revive Aerith at the end of Disc 1, I get a soft-crash. If I choose the option that skips the resurrection, the game continues normally. If I continue and then use Black Chocobo to add Aerith back to the party, would that cause any issues for the future? I'm not sure if there's a trigger with the rez screen that may be necessary later down the road.

The variables won't be set up properly and there's a failsafe to remove her again if it isn't on. The switch can be enabled on the Highwind through a debug NPC (found near the Chocobo Stables) but I'm a bit concerned about this crash you and Rosario are experiencing.

I'm having the same issue with the game crashing at the end of disc one. I'm running just the straight NT mod, not in 7th Heaven. Is there a fix anyone can suggest? I'm really enjoying the more balanced gameplay and I don't want to have to quit because the game can't get past this point. :(

I'll sort this out. Can you tell me the exact moment when the game breaks down? For instance, is it after the FMV, the boss fight, when the screen fades out on the scene, etc. That'll help me pinpoint the cause faster.

Also, are the two of you running the game through Steam or is it the 1998 'original' PC release?

Edit: I can't reproduce a crash on either version and this issue hasn't been reported until now. Have you both installed the flevel & scene hotfix patches?


I dunno if I can give a proper sequence of what should be fought and when but:

-) Junon League Bracket #1, #2
-) Blue Materia Cave
-) Special Battle, Battle Square
-) Purple Materia Cave
-) Ultimate Weapon
-) Silver Match, Extra Battle (Gold Saucer
-) Junon League Bracket #3

After that, it'd probably be Lv.4 Limit bosses. Cloud's LV4 Limit can be tricky to get so maybe leave that one last. Dark Cave can be done. Yellow Cave can be done around about this time, and the Red Cave if you're aggressive enough. Ruby & Emerald Weapon should be doable by that point as well.


I'm not sure if I'm keeping Osmose yet, or what the numbers are going to be for MP, AP, etc. Esuna should have a fairly high cost though, something you'd only use once or twice in a pinch early on if the status items aren't available but then a bit more later on.


For the train, Lightning and/or Water are very effective (Poison for the last fight). Most enemies can be taken out quickly using physical attacks but Wolfmeister is best dealt with using Debarrier (if he uses his buff) and then magical damage.

Caith siths weapon battle trumpet from 0 AP to x3 AP

When you go at CD 3 with Tifa to Midgar, the game crashes in the Restaurant if you want to enter the kitchen.

Some drops and morphs in the crater at the end are changed. Spring gun Clip from behemot is a steal in 1.5. at 1.4 it was a morph.

Also this NPC in kalm has no function for me.


I have bought the house at costa del sol, but i never saw people coming into. Bought at 1.4, nothing there. At 1.5 also. The readme says i will get some stuff there ?

How you can unlock the hidden character ?
Where i can find Ruby weapon.

The NPCs weren't implemented for the Costa house in the end. There is no hidden character. And Ruby Weapon is in the same place he's always been, he requires that Ultimate Weapon be killed first. If he doesn't appear after that, try fighting some battles and entering/exiting some towns to get it to trigger.

I am sort of worried with Cloud being too weak if you take the physical route. I tried to go that way the first time and he wasn't really successful.
Is it me or he lacks +STR main weapons? I am looking at his weapons from my end game save, they are all +SPR, VIT, MAG, DEX, LCK. (I don't have his ultimate weapon). Ragnarok from Clod drop gives 8 materia slots, decent stats with Vit/Spr +20 which seems to indicate that he should be support/caster, Enhance Sword is a +20 MAG 6 slots was personally hard for me to go +STR route during my rank choices because of this.

That said, I have a question on this:
{CHOICE}Mercenary: +10 STR{, }+5 VIT/LCK
{CHOICE}Makonoid: +10 MAG{, }+5 SPR/DEX
{CHOICE}Shinra Trooper: +10 STR/DEX{, }+5 LCK
Should the first two have some DEX as well or if it can't have +DEX, have better STR? I thought the idea was to make Casters slower than Physical attackers and I don't understand the DEX increase on Makonoid.

I might be a little bit crazy but if I try:
{CHOICE}Mercenary: +10 STR{, }+5 DEX/VIT
{CHOICE}Makonoid: +10 MAG{, }+5 SPR/VIT OR {CHOICE}Makonoid:+10 MAG/SPR
{CHOICE}Shinra Trooper: +10 STR/DEX{, }+5 LCK

The choices here looks equally interesting. Note that I think Magic in this game is way better than Physical DPS in general so
(1) I want to give him more STR on the first choice if he cannot have a DEX increase and weapons with no +STR...he can still have some magic uses
(2) A pure physical character with some speed and resistance
(3) A pure caster (I removed the DEX)
(4) A glass cannon with Luck evasion and crits

I know balancing all this is very difficult so you may need more than my own opinion...

Main weapons don't carry Strength, as weapon damage is added directly onto STR which would make it redundant (same thing with Vitality/Spirit on Armour).

His current base Strength is 43, so he's only 4 behind Tifa and 7 behind Cid. Going all Strength, he'd be very close to them in terms of base damage and he has those powerful Limits backing it up. If he had a +15 Strength option, he'd be sitting on the highest potential Strength pool in the game.

Ruby's triggers can be a bit temperamental, but if the player visits towns, talk to people, fights battles, etc. then that can 'unstick' the switches and RNG to get things moving (Chocobo Breeding RNG, Vincent's Lv.4 Limit stuff, etc.)

Edit: I've fixed these issues, did I miss any?

X) Costa del Sol - Save Point freeze
   Moved it outside by entrance

X) Sea Worm & Tonadu EXP/AP exploit

X) Goldberry potential softlock/long battle resolution

/) Rank-Up: Some options, when mixed/matched, make other options obsolete
   Sorta done, just sitting on them

-) Passive text for some characters is still incorrect
   Pending Cid innate fix

X) Temple has no enemy encounter switch due to having NPC save points
   Random Encounters will always be found in Temple regardless of setting

/) Double Apocalypse drop
   No Fix: Problem resulted from changing from upgrading 1.4 to 1.5

X) Corel reactor, can break move lock using two guards there
   Talk Script disabled on 2nd soldier

X) Tseng's Limit AI can trigger multiple times
   Adjustments made, will only be used once when reaching 50% HP and only after
   entire attack cycle has been completed and is inside 2-turn 'cooldown'.
X) Key Item Check

X) Dark Cave - Last Screen Fix & Mystile Drop

X) Rebalance of enemies:
Armour Keeper
Satan's Gate
Disc 2/3 - General nerf to Boss & Tough Enemy HP

That's interesting about Red XIII, I'll be sure to do tests with his Limit in the future. Cid (and Yuffie) can have their numbers not appear for their multi-hit limits but the damage should still tally as normal.

I'll make sure to check Tseng before uploading the patch. And speaking of patch, I've got WIP adjustments to fix the issue where some rank up options were redundant. Let me know if these need adjustment:

Spoiler: show

{CHOICE}Mercenary: +10 STR{, }+5 VIT/LCK
{CHOICE}Makonoid: +10 MAG{, }+5 SPR/DEX
{CHOICE}Shinra Trooper: +10 STR/DEX{, }+5 LCK

{CHOICE}Marauder: +10 STR{, }+5 VIT/SPR
{CHOICE}Vigilante: +10 STR{, }+5 DEX/LCK
{CHOICE}Heavy Metal: +10 VIT{, } +5 STR/MAG
{CHOICE}Techno-Freak: +10 MAG/SPR

{CHOICE}Monk: +10 STR{, }+5 SPR/DEX
{CHOICE}Pugilist: +10 STR{, }+5 VIT/SPR
{CHOICE}Brawler: +10 STR/LCK
{CHOICE}Oracle: +10 MAG{, }+5 DEX

{CHOICE}Flowergirl: +10 MAG{, }+5 DEX/LCK
{CHOICE}White Mage: +10 MAG/SPR
{CHOICE}Geomancer: +10 VIT{, }+5 MAG/SPR
{CHOICE}Slum Drunk: +10 STR/VIT/LCK

{CHOICE}Cosmo Warrior: +10 STR{, }+5 MAG/DEX
{CHOICE}Guard Hound: +10 STR{, }+5 VIT/SPR
{CHOICE}Red Mage: +10 MAG/DEX
{CHOICE}Sample #13: +10 STR/MAG

Cait Sith
{CHOICE}Fortune-Teller: +10 LCK{, } +5 STR/SPR
{CHOICE}Yeti Pal: +10 STR/VIT
{CHOICE}Materia Tank: +10 MAG/LCK
{CHOICE}Top Cat: +10 DEX{, }+ 5 STR/LCK

{CHOICE}Horror Agent: +10 MAG{, }+5 STR/VIT
{CHOICE}Beastmaster: +10 STR{, }+5 MAG/SPR
{CHOICE}Berserker: +10 STR/VIT

{CHOICE}Aerial Ace: +10 STR{, }+5 VIT/LCK
{CHOICE}Engineer: +10 VIT{, }+ 5 STR/SPR
{CHOICE}Wingman: +10 STR{, }+5 MAG/SPR
{CHOICE}Dragoon: +10 STR/DEX


Thanks for the feedback. Dialogue-wise, I can add a line maybe for 'supporting' characters in those scenes but it's important that they don't interject too much. As for Aeris going past Disc 1, I was wary about having her take too much of an active role in later scenes.

A bestiary would be interesting, but I'd need to check how many variables are accessible through the battle module. My understanding was that only a specific range of them could be read/written from battles.



So his innate is bugged? Thanks for the info; I'll sort it out with the rest of the issues. As for Vincent, I changed his AI to favour the magic attack over the physical attack but it's still an RNG crapshoot. I can adjust the attacks themselves with an .exe change as well, but for now 1.5 is using vanilla Limits.

As for controlling him, it'd be difficult and impractical. What would need to happen is that a special menu appears (much like the manipulate menu) showing the two attacks available as regular commands will take a long time to resolve due to having no associated animation. Less involved solutions could be having the two attacks alternate rather than trigger randomly, or to have the attacks trigger consecutively before he transforms back (so no loss of control over Vincent himself).

Yeah, I saw the 8-Eyes in a stream recently; horrifically overpowered, and I've added it to the list of things to fix for 1.5.

Currently I'm working on the patch that'll repair the issues mentioned recently. So far I've got:
-) Costa del Sol: Save Point in Inn can freeze the game
-) Tonadua EXP/AP exploit
-) Goldberry Paralysis/Stop can result in a lost battle taking forever to resolve
-) Rank-Up: Some options are redundant
-) Passive text, some are incorrect
-) Temple has no Save Point to use extended options
-) Double Apoc drop in Ancient Forest
-) Corel Reactor, can break move lock using the 2 NPCs there
-) Disc 3 Key Item check
-) Ancient Forest/Dark Cave - last screen fix

-) 8-Eyes
-) Jormungandr
-) Armour Keeper
-) Satans Gate
-) Jenova-VECTOR
-) Later Disc 2/3: HP nerf for some bosses

Well the timer i use in the code is a custom clock we made ourselves. So do you think it would be possible to just have an option where the menu displays the amount equal to the var we created?

For instance if time = 1
Menu will say time is 1:00

Yeah, it can do that.

Good to hear about the dialogue. On the magic system yes both Strife and Sega Chief are correct it can work it's just such a fine line that it can easily be messed up. It would need a lot of playtesting time focused on just it. Granted the mod will need a lot of that anyways but well you get the idea. I dunno maybe an accessory or materia that adds a small MP regen late in the game or something?

Could do; I wonder if Cat's Bell could be modified for that. The game 'knows' when its equipped on field screens, so perhaps that could be used in-battle as well (with its effect swapped to MP regen over HP regen of course).

Just registered Sega to let you know of course 1 that I enjoy a lot and so do at least hundreds of people your mod it rocks and it made em feel like I was in a new adventure with all of them ff7s

To ask of you to not be so hard on yourself you may think it was bloated and had many little details here and there, but it doesn't not that one should really care for them, the only ones I kinda cared was that the stealing is very random and that I dont understand how are you suppose to kill Lost Number Thank God he is optional

Ive found myself smiling a lot bcuz of the changes you did, and how they make me think how to take care of some eneimes minor or bosses

I appreciate many of the details you had put in this game you resparkled the light of it for me and OMG how many replys are on this thread alone Jeez man ur are not short of admiration just by the amounts of replies u have done

P.D. the innate abilities are fine as they are, I use cloud's as strategy  actually I use everyones as a strategy in mind and thats what RPGs is about, This is a thing of beauty bro, and u are the artist and imlooking forward to your future projects

Thanks, bud; the amount of support NT has gotten over the years has been really encouraging (although it makes me a bit complacent sometimes). I'll be careful about what gets assigned for Stealing and Morphing, sometimes I'd be stuck for ideas on what an enemy should drop.

Some people liked Cloud's new innate, others didn't like it at all; I'll need to put that up for discussion at some stage.

Hey man, glad you are recovering and I am hyped for 2.0.
This was one attempt.

I suppose Ruby wasn't the problem; it was my very first playthrough of the mod and I didn't have all the OP materias. Mix that with my average knowledge of the game. However, as I tried to explain in my very first post I found the end game boss fights to last too long, but that's until I played the whole game a second time.

I can go in details about how my first playthrough went and compare it with my second playthrough I am about to finish. I can share my observations, problems and how I personally dealt with them but I feel like this is going to be an insane big post that will take me quite some time to make. If you really insist I can write something for you.

That'd be a good read; I think a problem I have is trying to set the game up in such a way that the complexity of the fights scales evenly with the player's experience as they progress. At the moment I've got fights which are 'spikes', some that are too easy, and others that are too tanky. I want things to click the first time through, rather than on a 2nd playthrough.

Okay, i have used hex a lot and know my way around it. I dont always know exactly what im doing other than changing something and seeing what it does. Then noting it down in notepad lol.

Well 1 idea i had for the Day/night system was to take an approach similar to Dying Lights take on it.
Enemies would be extremely hard at night to the point where they are nearly unbeatable, but yield much better rewards or give rare items that can only be obtained at night. I have a fully functioning Day/night system inside Echo-S now and i'm able to use for so many things.

The way it's coded allows me to change NPC's behavior based on what time it is, eg, shops close, people go to bed and lock their doors. Certain sidequests can only be got during a certain time. I've also managed to put in a weather system too that also interacts with the same system for NPC's.

Such as a model hotswap when rain activates to make the NPC's pull out umbrellas or change their outfit to a more suitable one.

What i'm looking for to add to the menu is a new timer that shows the player what time it is in game. So the player can plan ahead of time for whatever it is they need to do

Such a timer would likely be based on the actual game timer. It must be possible to set up a second one that counts slower.

You may want to consider having the spell itself on the same materia (and the materia itself being available as it normally is), but have the spell pushed back to the end of instead of it being at the front. You may also want to consider adding in something like a small hump AP before "Esuna" becomes available (so the materia goes from three levels to four. I.E. 1 nothing, 2 esuna, 3 resist, 4 omose. Also, you could make the AP hump from the spell resist to osmose much larger to delay when players get hold of osmose in normal play). Of course, you could also change the order of some of those spells around as well (1 nothing, 2 esuna, 3 omose, 4 resist). :shrugs:

I hadn't considered that; Esuna would be a bit much as the 1-Star spell, unless it had an MP cost to match.

@Sega Chief

Your NT 2.0 post is really compelling! I appreciate your honesty and I hope I can help in some way. Your commitment to this project is really inspiring.

Truthfully, I haven't played through NT in a few years now. Despite having every intention to install v1.5, I haven't unfortunately due to incompatibility with Reunion. Plain and simple. As others have mentioned, compatibility with at least menu enhancement would be enough for most people. We've all been spoiled now and I'm not sure I could personally go back. IIRC, the menu overhaul and the translation project come as one so you could theoretically use DLPB's mod as a base. If you two are working back and forth anyway, it's worth a shot asking for permission.

As you've mentioned in your post, you've strayed from your original vision and that's whats bothering you... it's not exactly what you wanted. I feel for you my dude. Like any project, your mod has gone through an "evolution" of sorts. Through trial and error, you've discovered what works and what doesn't. You've learned a lot and v1.5 is evidence that you are an accomplished modder now. Having a clear goal will help you add content without bloat, starting fresh. From what you've said, your goal is "balanced, fast-past new content that does not effect story"... just stick to that and keep it simple. Nobody is expecting you to release a "brand new" mod all at once, release your content as your comfortable, little by little. You already have a lot of good ideas that have been flushed out already. I think your real challenge will be picking and choosing what you'll use and what you'll cut. Trust your gut, you've already made a hit.

Me and DLPB have been helping each other out a fair bit recently, and we talked about making a cross-compatible version of Reunion and NT once both mods are done. I can definitely make the executable changes work with the menu overhaul, I'm working in a debug section that should be clear of the section that Dan uses (but if not, it's easy enough to move my addresses).

One thing I want to do is try and use Dan's DLL stuff that fixes audio and the like. Big problem for me personally when playing FF7 PC is the sound, which is really off for some scenes and effects due to problems with the audio channels.

Sorry for bothering i got a tremendous bug

i am at temple of the ancients and so far games works nicely. Since i enter temple of ancients, my REGEN spell and ALL MY BARRIER spells are not working. I cast them with aeris but nothing happen, no regen and no barrier buffs appear. is just a temporary temple of ancients bug? or is just me?

Sounds like an odd one, the only thing that'd prevent Barriers, etc. is either the Resist status (enemy attacks maybe?) or certain accessories like Ribbon (and Touph Ring). Curse Ring might be able to block Regen if it nulls Restorative). Check that the equipment you have on isn't blocking Barrier/Restorative, and check to see if any characters are being hit by attacks prior to trying to apply Barrier/Regen to them.

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