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Troubleshooting / [FF7] Troubles with Kernel.bin
« on: 2017-11-25 08:19:37 »

I was recently trying to make a few changes in the database, and in my memory, this was supposed to be easy. What I managed to do so far:
-Extract the files from the psx .bin into a folder
-Open Kernel.bin with WallMarket and make my changes

And this is where I'm completely stuck. I managed to recompile the ISO thanks to AnyToIso, putting the whole repertory back to an .iso file, but everytime I run the game, I have an error.
I tried to do it from CDMage before, same issue.

I may have missed a step. I remember using the PC version and managing to do this easily (no iso to deal with). Is it impossible to edit the psx game?

Hi/Hello everyone.

Before reading what follows, I must tell you I live in France, and that english is not my original language.
So, if I can't make myself clear, please excuse me (not a stupid excuse, but people understand what I write in french in the wrong way, and in english...).

The true meaning of this post is :
-To congratulate this community for the tools and the help provided. :)
-To ask you a technical question : how can I edit the stats names in FF7 (Attack, Defense, Dexterity...) ?
I searched on the web without finding anything.

I thank you for your help.

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