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Graphical Mods / Re: A new one wants to help
« on: 2018-02-15 11:11:11 »
Alright lets do this step by step.

First open with a text editor (notepad) and set UNDO_BUFFER_CAPACITY to 1. A higher buffer let you undo more actions but it also drastically increase a crash of the program.

When you have a model you want to work on its animation loaded into Kimera, then you have to click on the show frame option button on the lower right of Kimera's interface. Now you can edit the animation to your liking.
Here are some explanations:
Root translation - this places the models into the room. You will usually see x and z set at 0 and only y with a value. It's mostly used to define the high between bottom and the hip bone (or the root). There are animations which does have values for x and z, though. These are my personal nemesis because a.) they most times very long and b.) they were probably made in the script engine Square had back then which makes it hard to change them without the proper background there are meant for. Anyway y is the most important value because it let you correct the standing through bug of the new models.
Root rotation - Similar to root translation but here you can rotate the model. It's most times used for turning animations or some freaky animations.
Bone rotation - here you can change the rotation of the bones. This is a very tricky to use, since there is no visual feed back where the axis currently are and y and z seem to change the same rotation. It's something you have to learn for yourself. For me is it still trail and error. But you can get a feeling for it.
The Propagate f. check box - one of your best friends and sometimes your worst enemy. If you check it, it will port all your changes to the next frames. This really helps a lot. Though, it can become a problem if it is accidentally checked and you want only to make changes to one frame or you make changes and forget to check it.

Here some advises for an easier work with animations:

Find key frames and erase the in between. Key frames have two types.
Type One: These frames have the maximum expression of the movement. This can be tough to find them sometimes, because some bones haven't reached their maximum, while the whole movement is going to a new direction.
Type two: These frames are the middle of the movement. They are needed to tell Kimera in the interpolation process which way the bones should take.
Edit the key frames. It's simply easier to edit a few frames and using the interpolation feature of Kimera rather than editing every single frame.
Use interpolation wisely: Interpolating is a great way to let the animation look smooth, but it can make also an animation to look a bit unnatural. As example sometimes when I deleted frames, lets say 6, I only interpolated 4 and the other two are interpolation between the last interpolated frame and the key frame (usually are these type one key frames). This slows the animation down a bit. If the slow down is to drastic I would kill the 4th and 5th of the new interpolated frames and interpolate them back in. Sounds a bit confusing but it really saves time and giving very good results.
Save often.

Sorry but I have to revive this thread. The links on the first post are still active, but magchocobos scenes are packed in separate folders, which is not needed extra work for the end user. Here is a link with the files in one big pack:!nBVyGBCb!dN3bumvI7-zLH361fcWnh4t5lm5f5vqw_SPi41ggKbQ

I upload this for my ChaOS Steam version, but since I'm not the creator of these textures I won't upload it with my models together.

Graphical Mods / Re: A new one wants to help
« on: 2018-02-14 23:57:46 »
When I feel more healthy then I will answer your questions as good as I can. But now I feel to sick to have a clear thought.

Tools / Re: [FF9] General editor - Hades Workshop (0.39)
« on: 2018-02-06 09:48:24 »
Is it now possible to increase the poly size of the NPCs?

Well, since FFIX use unity it is probably the only game which could make use of it.

Other Mods / Re: need standalone 60fps mod
« on: 2018-02-02 17:47:10 »
I think if you donate 100s $ Dan will come with a solution for you in no time. But yes he does remove the download links much too early.

I do not understand why people use scan lines to get the old look. CRT TVs used a dot mask which results in a different look than a PC CRT monitor.

I mean use the English 1.02 exe and convert the text in it to French using touphscript.  But you'd need to rename the french program files to their english equivalents. This will be easier when my dll is released.

The gamesconverter does that already, but I think it must be updated for your new tool. Do the new dll use the same text file based instructions as your hext tool?


I'm sorry, but I have to ask you if you could implement support for apng?
Since this update I request is a focused on texture moding I would like to have the alpha blending from the previous version back. Even if it means that a few textures has to be adjusted for it, but it let us control the alpha blending more effectively. And I'm sure we fix the problematic textures in no time. With animated textures we could simulate the light layer for the field screens and I could create for the characters a much nicer blink effect of the eyes.

Still, I must thank you for your mod. Without it nobody would be able to play the game on PC so well.

Depends on, if you still use lgp files it only needs some restructures of the internal mod files. I asked Iros back then to allow 7H to modify other non FF7 own files, and he had added support for them. But there is a good chance that 7H might not work with your mod manager. We will see.

The question is if more than three characters can be loaded into a battle. I think they only used a party of three because of the limitations of the psx hardware.

Gameplay Mods / Re: [FF7] Battle difficulty options mod
« on: 2018-01-14 18:19:27 »
I would like to see a kind of regen effect to the mp and starting every battle with zero mp. That means the longer the battle becomes, more stronger magic will be available, if they are unlocked. This would greatly buffs the summons.


Vincent, Yuffie and Cait Sith aren't revisited yet, but will be. Next is Vincent on my list.

I found a draw back. The battle fields can't be increased in size without getting rendering issues, though there is some room. A 50% increase looks good but when you cast a summon like Ramuh you'll see for short moment unredered background (when the cam moves away). I would say without further testing that an increase of 25% should be fine.

You should think about installing NT directly. The game itself doesn't demand so much but since 7H does run additionally and alter files in the ram it may impact the performance. Though, at first you can try to lower the texture memory in the OpenGL config to 256 and disable any post processing if used. If nothing helps then you need to lower the games resolution, reminds me that you also should check if the internal resolution is set to zero so it use the same as the output resolution. I think that the 2GB ram are the bottleneck. Windows alone use a lot of it, then the gpu unit will also reserve some of it (256 is my guess). Looks like there isn't much left for the game. At last you can try to install the gamebooster by Razer to reduce the ram usage of the system. I hope that something might help.

One hint, the menu runs at 60 fps so if your system is stressed to much it's the first area where you experience negative effects.

Look on the Steam guide section. There you can download a version of ChaOS for steam.

The animation needs to be on top regardless of what mods you are using. I have currently released ChaOS-SR on steam which use my latest but not polished work. Because it use lgp tools with Dan's lgp edit, it also works with the 98' version.

Happy new year to everyone!

I'm nearly done with the battle model only the back legs need to be reworked/recolored. If l find enough time I should have it be ready to day. After that I make some weapon for him. Though, I need to see what the original names of them are.

Graphical Mods / Re: The Search for THE Aerith Model's
« on: 2017-12-27 00:39:49 »
I have a better looking Aerith for the next ChaOS release, though, the model isn't fully wrapped in a texture like the one from whiteraven or Mike. But still it's much better in qualitiy.

Merry Christmas to you, too. Jesus, why do looking the Rocky Horror Picture Show now? Ah, the end predicts so well how the community has become.

NT will very likely not work with the 60 FPS mod without a patch, because NT has new enemies with their own animations. Though, these animations are copies of existing ones which make it actually easy to replace them with the animations on which they base on.

I personally prefer not to use an iro for these kind of mods. Texture mods are usually huge, but thanks to the modpath of Aali's driver, they are easy to replace or to remove. There is no need for 7H to deal with huge amounts of textures when they are simple replacer. I have the feeling that texture mods do have a bad timing effect on the execution of a command in the battles (a short stuck when casting a spell fo example). Maybe with a fusion of Dan's new mod manager and 7H we can have a way to really install mods for static replacer and have the power to use the dynamics of 7H of the conditional folder to expand the boundaries of the game.

Great stuff! Are you interested in removing the square shadow look of the ground? I actually planed to do it myself when I finished all human characters for the battles but maybe you're faster then me. The thing is that every battle map has some light backed on it. However this can be removed with Kimera, so you have the option to bake now light on the texture or use kimera's lighting tool to shade the vertecies again. Though the problem is that Kimera doesn't load all objects of the battle map, but if you plan to only fix the ground, this will be enough.

The model is now fully replaced. What's now left to do is to recolor the transition zones of the pieces and make the shadow areas less dark. It's the most time consuming step but this way I give the model a look as if it would be one piece like the original models. Sadly I'm not at home else I would have tested it already in game.  :cry:

The new pieces seem to become pretty well for the battle model. Red looks really cool even though not all parts are fully replaced.

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