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Gameplay Modding / [FFX] (Steam) Mod Battle model swap
« on: 2017-12-02 19:44:44 »
As it is stated in the title. Is there any way to change a character battle model for another one?
I remember that it was possible through CodeBreaker change characters' models (e.g. Lulu's model for Seymour's) in FFX PS2 version.

Yes, I am! sorry for any inconvenience I have just realized you're the same person who replied me in that post. I'm sorry to make a nuisance of myself but I have seen that with that trance mod, when you cast white magic a shadow appears among the casting lights. It resembles to a transparent figure of the original battle model. Is there any way to remove that? Thank you in advance, and thank you also for all your work and concerns.

Hello! first of all, thanks for your amazing work! You did an amazing modding tool. I want to ask you if you know a way to change Zidane's battle model into his trance's one using your mod.

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