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- XP Gain seemed to be massive towards the end of the game, I went from level 60-80 odd without breaking a sweat, Seemed to level every battle post Gaea's Cliff, Not sure if this needs to be looked at or if its what you were going for.

- Physical/Magical power balance fell off completely late game, Anything post Gaea's Cliff my Physicals capped out at around 1200 damage on my strongest attackers, whilst my magic could consistently hit for 5000+, I ofc read the documentation you wanted magic to be more of a longer time spent and MP use = more power but physicals became pretty much useless in the crater. This was amplified by the massive AP gain and Planet being extremely easy to master, With Added Cut my spell would hit for 4000+ and the physical for around 500 in the front row, it just seems off. Midgar Raid onwards the most efficient strategy was just to load Planet=MP Turbo on each character, Magic Counter=Comet 2 on one and just spam spells and Turbo Ethers. Physicals were next to useless, Im unsure how the endgame content and new weapons will amend this but for the storyline enemies magic is extremely unbalanced late game, in my opinion. Through Disc 1/Early Disc 2 though balancing was spot on, a level 2 spell hitting for 500 odd and a physical for 250 odd seemed perfect through the Gold Saucer-Nibelheim segment.

Glad that finally someone else have the same observations as mine.

His evasion is top-notch so it takes some special tactics to beat him early; Limits can generally do it, or boosting your Luck stat as high as possible to land criticals. Like Delitta says, you can also use Summons to get through it.

I was going through the Steal / Morph excel sheet and I was disappointed to know that it is >almost< impossible to Morph Shake with his max evasion. I don't know where else we can get the Sprint Shoes. I do this quest so early so I don't have much gear to pump luck.

He's Lv255 you can use L5 Suicide it's kind of funny.

Right, but i thought it will be much stronger. No Option for me to equip cloud with it. Planned to make a fast heavy critter  ;D

Have you tried with what I replied with earlier?
RedXIII under his limit level 3 buff which gives him berserk and STR+, with the right elemental materia and 4x cut. it's pretty good. If you don't want to wait for limit break use Fury Ring. Any DPSer with Fury Ring should be good with Masamune; RedXIII and Cid have better HP/Def overall so they survive better.

Cloud as physical dps is below average IMO, from what I have experienced.

[...] And speaking of patch, I've got WIP adjustments to fix the issue where some rank up options were redundant. Let me know if these need adjustment:

I am sort of worried with Cloud being too weak if you take the physical route. I tried to go that way the first time and he wasn't really successful.
Is it me or he lacks +STR main weapons? I am looking at his weapons from my end game save, they are all +SPR, VIT, MAG, DEX, LCK. (I don't have his ultimate weapon). Ragnarok from Clod drop gives 8 materia slots, decent stats with Vit/Spr +20 which seems to indicate that he should be support/caster, Enhance Sword is a +20 MAG 6 slots was personally hard for me to go +STR route during my rank choices because of this.

That said, I have a question on this:
{CHOICE}Mercenary: +10 STR{, }+5 VIT/LCK
{CHOICE}Makonoid: +10 MAG{, }+5 SPR/DEX
{CHOICE}Shinra Trooper: +10 STR/DEX{, }+5 LCK
Should the first two have some DEX as well or if it can't have +DEX, have better STR? I thought the idea was to make Casters slower than Physical attackers and I don't understand the DEX increase on Makonoid.

I might be a little bit crazy but if I try:
{CHOICE}Mercenary: +10 STR{, }+5 DEX/VIT
{CHOICE}Makonoid: +10 MAG{, }+5 SPR/VIT OR {CHOICE}Makonoid:+10 MAG/SPR
{CHOICE}Shinra Trooper: +10 STR/DEX{, }+5 LCK

The choices here looks equally interesting. Note that I think Magic in this game is way better than Physical DPS in general so
(1) I want to give him more STR on the first choice if he cannot have a DEX increase and weapons with no +STR...he can still have some magic uses
(2) A pure physical character with some speed and resistance
(3) A pure caster (I removed the DEX)
(4) A glass cannon with Luck evasion and crits

I know balancing all this is very difficult so you may need more than my own opinion...

Speaking about overpowers

RedXIII's Howling Moon (Berserk+STR Stats Buff) is good, a bit too good; I have him with the 100% crit weapon from Condor and when he's using the right elemental materia in the weapon slot he'll carry hard. Some bosses took forever in my first playthrough but with this setup alone they were done in under 5 minutes during my second time. Pearl weapon for example didn't even have the time to shoot his beam once as soon as he opened his chest he took so much extra damage (on top of the high damage I was already doing) and he was already dead, granted I had 4x cut, easy nearly 10-20k probably more damage per turn.

I found that nothing else would beat this, there was no use for me to bring any other physical DPSer. I guess you could take Yuffie and wear the same crit Weapon with a Fury Ring for the Berserk or Powersoul/Curse Ring combo for Tifa but these characters are more fragile and sometimes hard to keep alive but in the end, they still can't reach the same potential as RedXIII (probably because of innate and limit break STR buffs). Cid is just behind him and I usually swap him with Cloud in Disc 3; very good health pool (enemy skill White Wind can make him a great healer), awesome innate which protect that health pool, can reach max Luck for consistent crits and evasion, solid character. I just had problems with his Limit Break, Big Brawl and Dragon Dive wasn't connecting any hits sometimes? or against some monsters? Hard to figure out.

Also I think you forgot Tseng in your issue list, unless you already fixed it. I thought I read in previously that he can do his Limit break twice in the same battle? That is what I also experienced, it was a tough fight.

hello again!!!

so i verified the bug i reported yesterday. In temple of the ancients if cid is in party somehow Barrier spell bugs and i cannot use it on party nor does regen (i changed Cid with yuffie then barret and spells worked greatly!)

another thing i would like to suggst if may !

many enemies attack twice or trice and i find it  no good simply because skill does not matter .for example in the very temple of the ancients, there is a boss in the clock room in the VII room which are 2 blobs. Fight starts they cast 4 times in a row a blue wave and nuclearize my party... considering i cannot do nothing that i not a balance lol i suggest maybe cap number of consecutive attacks to 2 for enemies and lower SLIGHTLY their damge (2100 circa damage per single attack is too much on cd1! :((  )

last but not least is it possible to make Vincent controllable in his limit form? is a nice char but having him in party is essentialy a dead weight due to his limit being generally weak and uncontrollable which make you loose all materias you put on him and since in this mod he is a nice tank caster thanks to his passive would be nice at least controll him during his limit period :)

hope my suggestion is constructive!! ^_^

Ah yes the 8-eye battle in the clock room was one of my first 'wth did I just die from' fight. So many game-overs on my first playthrough so I had to rely on Peerless limit break and spam anything that was Water damage, I assumed that it was their weakness (I can't remember from Sense); on my second playthrough I one shot them both with Leviathan. I couldn't understand this battle other than not being able to attack because they do the same 3 times as much..

Vincent's limit breaks are ...special. Any moves doing elemental damage are very powerful and all physical moves are very bad. Quick example, level 3 Hellmasker is a waste of time he's just weak for all of his moves. Level 2 Death Gigas's 'Haywire' is a very good powerful lightning spell but his dunk move is bad; just pray that he keeps doing Haywire. I say stick with Level 2 until you get Level 4 I think Chaos as fire moves.

I suppose making him uncontrollable during limit breaks because he's tanky, regens HP and has more HP in beast form is the price to pay...not that I like it either.



I was going through the thread and found a post of yours that I missed about Ruby Weapon and it taking an hour and a half for one round; do you mean a single round of combat or for a full attempt?

Hey man, glad you are recovering and I am hyped for 2.0.
This was one attempt.

I suppose Ruby wasn't the problem; it was my very first playthrough of the mod and I didn't have all the OP materias. Mix that with my average knowledge of the game. However, as I tried to explain in my very first post I found the end game boss fights to last too long, but that's until I played the whole game a second time.

I can go in details about how my first playthrough went and compare it with my second playthrough I am about to finish. I can share my observations, problems and how I personally dealt with them but I feel like this is going to be an insane big post that will take me quite some time to make. If you really insist I can write something for you.


I recently bought the Steam version of FF7 after i stumbled upon this mod via a youtuber called 4-8Productions. And i gotta say, it's awesome. It peaked my interest to replay this game with a new experience. I only have one problem. I'm trying to set up DS4Windows to work with this mod but i never get it to work completely.

I know this is not the mods fault, just wondering if there's someone who managed to get it to work. I managed to get used to playing with the keyboard so far and i've reached Junon now. But i feel like i will fail the upcoming simon says part to impress Rufus. Anyone got any tips?

Hmm, wasn't a fan of Steam's version controller support. That's what I was doing in the past; I used Joy2Key to configure my controller using the keyboard keys and boot the game with steam, do not have the controller connected before launching the game, connect it after.

I think I got Trine from the optional boss at the end of Nibelheim's mountains, on the screen with the pipes you can slide down.

EDIT: I lied, I did get it from Mt. Nibel but it was from the blue bird that's on the ground.

I went to Nibel and thundercracker didn't have Trine when I manipulated him. Do I have to wait? I'll check it out again but uhh that is weird.

EDIT: Went there again, let him attack for 10 minutes and he only does Thunderbolt2 and Flap

Where is Trine? There are a lot of old information in this thread about it but I can't find it. Already got rid of Godo so thats not where I can find it anymore heh (and I think I received Aqualung in that 5 story building).

Spent 1 hour and a half for ONE single round against the ruby weapon and decided to just stop. That's ridiculous.

One thing that's concerning here is that you mention Limits aren't doing full damage from the back-row; NT doesn't have .exe modifications so the default Limits should be in place, which ignore Row. Are you playing with any other mods installed? On the 7H Iro version, people sometimes combine it with Menu Overhaul, etc. which activates an .exe that changes things around, resulting in a harder game overall.

I have no other mods.
Then I may have to check again but when I used them they felt underwhelming. Since I roll with tranquilizers I don't get to use them so much.

I registered to the forum and came here to say thanks for the mod. That is quite an insane amount of work you put in there.
I ran into ..."balance issues" and I am not sure if it's me or the mod and wanted to share or ask for tips.

-The entirety of Disc 1 is pretty good and I have nothing bad to say; everything in it is amazing.

-Most of Disc 2 was okay but my problems started the moment I was returning to Midgar for the Mako Canon. Every monsters starts hitting like a truck and the boss fights are taking so long. Valiant Clod was the first boss that took so long, but somehow Hojo felt okay.

Anyway, it was like this for the last stretch of the game until the credits (so the North Crater, Limit Break side quests and optional boss fights). With combat being hard, I was stuck putting everyone in the Back Row and use Tranquilizers+Wall, it was the only viable strategy for me to survive and that is even when I set up my Materias before the fights.

With everyone in the Back Row, nobody was doing damage. I ended up giving up the Attack command and simply put Quadra Magic on all my 3 guys and only used magic, except Barret since he's long range his normal attacks can still be decent with loads of counter attacks in the back row.

-I felt like the Side Quests for Limit Breaks were a waste of time, for a lack of a better term. 1) It takes so long to fill the meter, and obviously even worst on Sadness, which I needed to live in the end game 2) Their damage gets halved because I am in the Back Row, again for survivability. If someone dies only once, the Limit bar resets. With this setup I could be stuck on boss fights for 25-30 minutes and have triggered only two limit breaks sometimes one.

I can setup my Materias and my gear before fights If I know the elements but in most cases it only helped me surviving better, not speeding up the fights. My normal attacks never got past the 600-700.

Is this all intended or I suck at the game? I ran into no problems for the first 3/4 of the game. I also looked at youtube videos with people playing 1.4 and it's so different. They're doing 6k-7k damage and they have tons of HP.

That's all I can think of for now. I didn't read any of the replies in this thread yet but I'll start reading the last ones and go backward, see if anyone else had issues similar to me.

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