Author Topic: [FF8PC-Steam] Tonberry Master List - FF8 Mods Progress  (Read 14968 times)


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Re: [FF8PC-Steam] Tonberry Master List - FF8 Mods Progress
« Reply #25 on: 2017-12-01 06:17:47 »
Great collection of mods and I did purchase the Pandora mod pack. Playing through the game when I came across the part where squall is carrying Rinoa on the train tracks to Esthar their bodies disappear behind a block whenever they pass a light pole.  I did a fresh install leaving out Project Eden and Rebirth Flame

 I thought by chance that might fix what I saw plus some other odd glitches or blimps/misplaced lines in the background.  I think using Edens textures with Angelwings hashmaps has some hiccups.  Unfortunately, I didn't save anywhere around the train tracks so I'll have to track down a save at that point to see if this fixes it.  I also notice that the characters blink their eyes with the original textures.  I actually would like a character mod that upscales the current pixels much like Angelwings backgrounds.  The characters are a little too plastic in Rebirth Flame if you know what I mean.

Otherwise great set of mods!  I look forward to more and hopefully a Final Fantasy VIII remake before I die.  One can hope.

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