Author Topic: FF8 - Seifer Gunblade Glowing effect  (Read 159 times)


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FF8 - Seifer Gunblade Glowing effect
« on: 2017-10-28 10:53:36 »

I was trying to replace Seifer's No mercy Limit break with his disc 3 ability Bloodfest, after replacing the animation ID with the awesome Doomtrain tool, and adding the missing animations, (since the Bloodfest ability animation ID doesn't contain the character & weapon animations) it seemed to be working except one thing. The green sword glowing ( similar to Kiros and Squalls) effect didn't appear on his gunblade.
After testing few battles it seems it's scripted to appear always on the 2nd enemy on the battle field, and since there are many battles with only 1 enemy, it sometime causes the game to crash.

1) I checked the mag250 file which is related to the ability but didn't find anything about the sword glowing (Tim textures mostly)
2) I found the section related to the ability in the exe at offset (Steam version)
     x105D2B0 - x105D4DC - contains camera data  :-\
     x105D4DC - x105D6B0 - sound effects  :-\
     x105D6B0 -  texture palettes? nothing about the green light for sure  :-\

Can someone please help me out with this problem, would really appreciate it.  :-D  :-D  :-D

Here are links to a video and screenshots representing the problem  ???  (at 0:21 u can see the glowing under the bird)
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