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Tools / Re: [FF7PC/PSX] Field Editor - Makou Reactor (1.7.2)
« on: Yesterday at 23:59:27 »
Is there a particular reason as to why when i step on a new walkmesh i make the game crashes instantly?

FF7Voice / Re: Project Echo-S Voice Mod
« on: 2018-03-07 18:48:21 »
It's not out just yet, i've spent the last however long perfecting everything for a demo release. The more i work on it now the less errors and patches i'll have to deal with later haha. It won't be too long though.

Did you ever have any luck with making the menu coloured? I'm sure i seen a future post a long while back saying it was being worked on. Would love to see it

The only videos i can find on this YouTube is music.

I'm confused by this preview button, i dont see any videos about the mod? Is it a mistake or am i overlooking something?

Hey guys, quick question. I got ShinraTool here and i have managed to rip the PY file for Blender.
Ran the script in blender and can see the mesh, ish. It's huge and im not sue exactly how i should be lining this up

Oh okay. Hmm well in my head that only leaves the frog jab. And possibly Hojo being able to spawn new enemies mid fight.
thats me outta ideas

What about the final fight where you swap parties?

Maybe the system where you turn into a frog can work? Thats essentially a hotswap. or maybe Vincents limits?

FF7Voice / Re: Project Echo-S Voice Mod
« on: 2018-01-10 23:40:12 »
Well, i have said in the past that if i get a translator that also has the time to build a team for the acting. I will do it. I would like as many people to enjoy this as i can so if your up to it then ill help out

Well the timer i use in the code is a custom clock we made ourselves. So do you think it would be possible to just have an option where the menu displays the amount equal to the var we created?

For instance if time = 1
Menu will say time is 1:00

I don't think it's been added to 7H yet, It's a custom mod as of now.
You'll need to download it then use the import function on the library tab

The key things to have are Cheat Engine and a 1998/7H Converted version of FF7 (Steam has this annoying thing where it 'pauses' the game when it isn't in focus, and can often crash CE). I'm no master with it or anything but I can show you how the menu thing was done; DLPB helped me out a lot with it. The executable uses x86 assembly.

Another thing that's good to have is Hextools as it lets you keep track of where/what you've changed in the hex for faster corrections and easier troubleshooting. It's basically a notepad document that applies changes to an executable either on launch, or more permanently by patching it beforehand (benefit is, if something goes wrong you can just throw the executable away and apply fixed changes to a fresh one).

The day/night thing was going to be used to alter the encounter table between A and B depending on what cycle it was, but as these changes aren't reflected in battles and given that I'd need to make a lot more encounters to fill a second table (and what would these encounters offer?) I didn't implement any practical gameplay-changing effects with it. It was purely cosmetic except it came with a slew of problems and was quite ugly to look at.

Okay, i have used hex a lot and know my way around it. I dont always know exactly what im doing other than changing something and seeing what it does. Then noting it down in notepad lol.

Well 1 idea i had for the Day/night system was to take an approach similar to Dying Lights take on it.
Enemies would be extremely hard at night to the point where they are nearly unbeatable, but yield much better rewards or give rare items that can only be obtained at night. I have a fully functioning Day/night system inside Echo-S now and i'm able to use for so many things.

The way it's coded allows me to change NPC's behavior based on what time it is, eg, shops close, people go to bed and lock their doors. Certain sidequests can only be got during a certain time. I've also managed to put in a weather system too that also interacts with the same system for NPC's.

Such as a model hotswap when rain activates to make the NPC's pull out umbrellas or change their outfit to a more suitable one.

What i'm looking for to add to the menu is a new timer that shows the player what time it is in game. So the player can plan ahead of time for whatever it is they need to do

I love how you have been able to add an extension to the menu. At some point i HAVE to learn how you've done that.
Assembly used properly seems to be mostly limitless given the skill and time.

Out of curiosity, what were you going to use your Day/Night system for when you had it made?
Or were you just doing it because it would be cool?

Obesebear does this mean he doesn't have to rename everything? Just upload the contents of the iro as a folder instead?

Well you can see the reactor in the screen from the village so i would believe the village came first.
Assuming North is just straight up from that camera angle.

Also once you enter the screen Cloud would say "A ruined Reactor" (Even if you go to the reactor first) making it so the village must be the location you visit first

Sounds good, will that be out with Ro6 then?
Using Ultrasound is easy enough but i think it does have a cap s that's an issue i'd like to avoid down the line

Oh yeah this dll stuff you use. I'm gonna have to learn how that works. Didn't you say a while back it would make my voice mod easier to do?

Don't suppose you have any updated hex lists do you?
I still have those ones from around a year ago but was wondering if you made any adjustments

I hope this comes back eventually. It looked promising

Yeah i have no idea if edits to the op makes it appear in your "Unread posts" or not so i didnt really have much of a choice

Changed topic name with extra stuff matching this threads topic

When i write a hex notepad for an IRO file. Sure i can just write xxxxxxxx = xxxxxxx and leave it.
BUT how do i tell it to change said address to be a call or an ecx or blah blah 

Or how do i go about saving my changes inside the actual exe so i can release it instead?

Troubleshooting / Editing the window.bin
« on: 2017-12-02 07:21:49 »
Basically as the title suggests. How do i get inside it, how does it work?

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