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PC Gamer has this sweet retrospective on the PC port of FF7 and its development. It doesn't go into too much detail, but it's a fun read.

R05 is not in 7thHeaven. EQ2Alyza is waiting to update the 7H version from R03 until R06 is available, because it's just on the horizon.

I've go a question - what is the DEEPEST, THE MOST WISE anime you've ever seen? Like, without any compromise like "it's got something to it, but it's anime, so, relatively, pretty clever" - no, I'm asking about content that seriously was a shock to you when you already were adults.
THX for any suggestions.
I've got a few that I think really stand out, a series, a movie, and another series:

  • Steins;Gate might be the best time travel story I've ever seen. It's got unexpectedly good science, with as solid a foundation in actual quantum physics as a time travel story could be, extremely consistent logic and rules, and a character-driven story that, despite its better-than-average science, is first and foremost about character growth and relationships. It's a very good, very emotional story, and it does its premise justice.

    The time travel subgenre of science fiction is saturated with pseudo-intellectual stories that use pretension to disguise their flimsy content (Looper), junk science that can't consistently stick to its own rules (Back to the Future), and hamfisted, clich├ęd messages about inevitability that don't really have a point other than "the future can't be prevented" (12 Monkeys), and audiences and critics alike eat this stuff up.

    Steins;Gate, on the other hand, manages to be well above average quality in all these respects, not only for anime, but in general. It can truly sit with the science fiction greats, Asimov, Heinlein, and Wells. That's no easy feat.

  • Grave of the Fireflies tells the story of two Japanese siblings trying to survive near the end of World War II. There's no futuristic tech, no magic, no aliens, no ancient prophecies, and no older teenagers getting bloody noses every time they accidentally see a pair of panties. Just an honest story about two kids. I don't want to say too much, because spoilers would absolutely decimate this one, but it's based (very) loosely on a true story, and is guaranteed not just to tug at your heartstrings, but to really EARN whatever emotional response you give it.

  • If ever a television series could be considered genuinely therapeutic, Gurren Lagann is it. It's about a young boy in an underground village who learns of the surface world, ends up there, and over the course of 27 episodes learns some much needed self-confidence as the world around him and its hazards just seem to get bigger and bigger. What makes it special is that it's perhaps more uplifting than pretty much anything. Just look at how people reacted to it.

    Even aside from its must-watch status for anyone who isn't quite sure of themselves, it's a heck of a lot of fun. Giant robots, exciting battles, funny quips, a beach episode... all things that are completely at home in any anime, and Gurren Lagann handles them better than most. But to be so inspiring on top of that, that's what got it into this post.

And Eva definitely isn't.
Evangelion is pretentious emo crap that confuses angst for depth and tosses in a bunch of random religious symbolism for no real reason, using Judeo-Christian tradition and imagery the way Family Guy uses pop culture references. There's no meaning to any of it, it's just there, like we're supposed to laud it for simply acknowledging the Bible and making some analogies.

I usually consider "X is analogous to Y" to be one of the lowest forms of intellectualism unless the work aims to provide some deeper understanding of or message about the thing it's making an analogy to. Evangelion does neither. It has nothing to say, and takes a lot of words to say it.

7thHeaven isn't an installer; it's a memory injector. A .iro file is your data, as well as a bit of metadata telling 7thHeaven what to put where, without altering the real files. It's more of a mod manager than a mass installer.

Subnote: Seeing as I'm first and foremost an SNES modder, I'm still learning the ropes with FF7's hacking scene. Is there a batch patching process (like making a .ips patch) or somesuch that I can use to make these easily accessible to casual modders? I mean, It's not hard, or much of a problem for me to create a "how to" for manually inserting these into the .lpg (for those who don't already know), but if there is a tidier, more concise way of doing things, I'm all ears! ^_^
Perhaps look into packing it into a .iro file for 7thHeaven?

I cannot. Admins can't look at PM boxes unless a PM is reported.

By default, SMF doesn't actually save a copy in your sent box, because SMF is stupid forum software. You can change that in your profile. If it said it successfully sent, then it did.

With TouphScript and TLS' excel file, it should be... well, easy but time consuming. I'm fully confident you could figure it out, even with no modding experience at all. I'm also fully confident that it could still end up taking up far more of your time than you'd expect. This sort of mod is the sort that's more tedious to make than anything else.

Apparently, in the original Black Label version of FF VII, the script contained more swear words in it than the later releases
This is only sort of true. The original black label release is bit-for-bit identical to the Greatest Hits green label release, but there were several changes to the script from PS1 to PC, including some additional censorship. The Lifestream has them documented, including a massive 22MB spreadsheet.

Y'know, this might not be too difficult a mod to make using TouphScript. I don't have time myself (and if I did, I'd be far more interested in putting it toward a "fixed" version that corrects all the typos and other such inconsistencies without actually retranslating the game, sort of a proofreading mod), but someone else may be interested. However, I think you'll find that most folks aren't super keen on making mods at the request of others; they'd rather work on their own choice projects.

I hate to be a bummer, but I'm not sure how much of a problem this is anymore for most FF7 users now that Steam can do this itself with any controller (it used to only work with the Steam Controller). You can have arbitrary configurations per-game.

Even for people who aren't using Steam, this has been done many times in the past with tools like:

  • Joy2Key (Free, GPL) - Discontinued, and not the best software, but it's free and it works. Might have trouble on newer systems. Seems to have been supplanted by a paid fork.
  • Pinnacle Game Profiler (On sale for $6, possibly permanent) - This was my recommendation until Steam added mapping. Still good software, years of profiles, but maybe not worth the money to everyone when there's free options available.
  • Xpadder ($10) - It works, but the UI is junk. I'm slow to recommend this to anyone, but some people swear by it.
  • AntiMicro (Free, GPL) - I haven't used this, but it looks to be pretty good software. Probably the best choice for people who don't want to use commercial software or Steam.

Personally, Steam's is my favorite because for games that DO support gamepads it's really easy to remap only some of the buttons. Want to swap X and O, without changing anything else? Easy. Want to make the left stick double as the D-Pad in a game with no analog support? Easy peasy.

Don't get the wrong idea; I do think there's merit behind an AHK-based solution. It's very lightweight. For someone who knows AHK, it's more configurable than anything else. A little bit of know-how, and someone could set up all kinds of crazy things, rapidfire, etc. But I don't know how many people will be interested in this except those that already use AutoHotKey.

This is one of the best looking upscales I've seen. I really appreciate that you've gone for a more natural look than some.

Final Fantasy 4 DS Remake
Oh man, why the DS Remake? The PSP remake is by far the best version of this game.

Did you use the fixed name option?  Because if you did, you also need to make sure that the name for Red XIII is just "Red".
If you can't disable the name screen entirely, it's probably best not to require him to have a certain name. This sort of user behavior is all kinds of not enforceable.

Unless I'm misunderstanding something.

stormstrife, I think a lot of these misconceptions are coming from the word "clone". This was arguably Michael Baskett's biggest mistake in the game's original translation. They are, in no way, shape, or form, clones. Rather, they were an attempt to copy or clone the process by which Sephiroth was made so powerful in the first place.

Y'see, a typical SOLDIER would be treated with Mako to make him stronger, Sephiroth was something else. When he was still just an embryo inside Lucrecia, Jenova cells were implanted in him.

When "clones" are referred to in the game, what it means is "people who were subjected to a similar process". It's talking about duplicating the method used to make Sephiroth a supersolider, not literal duplicate people. Of course, they were all injected with Jenova cells later in life, so they were failures where Sephiroth was a success.

As to why Sephiroth can control the other people with Jenova cells: It's because Sephiroth is stronger-willed than Jenova. He wasn't able to overcome it completely, but he corrupted Jenova's will into something that resembles a twisted hybrid of both their thoughts and desires. This effect lasted in Jenova past Sephiroth's death. Any control Sephiroth seems to have over these other dudes is in fact Jenova's broken mind controlling them.

Eh? Jenova is a Shapeshifter. The Sephiroth we see throughout the game is Jenova taking Sephiroth's form.

"Different than" is common in American English, but uncommon in British English.

"Different to" is common in British English, but uncommon in American English.

"Different from", to the best of my knowledge, is reasonably common in both, and what I would recommend for a translation that needs to work in both regions. A quick Google search backs me up, with several grammarians generally recommending this one in writing because of its wider acceptance.

Of course, exceptions need to be made for circumstances where one is obviously best. For example, "The house was different than I remembered," clearly couldn't be replaced with "to" or "from" and still make sense. But when given the choice, you should probably stick with "from."

You haven't mentioned what mods you have installed. That could be important.

But absent any other information, when OpenGL fails this spectacularly, the first thing you should probably do is reinstall your GPU driver. Make sure to get it from Nvidia and not from Microsoft or Windows Update.

Is the game installed in Program Files or Program Files (x86)? That's just begging for trouble thanks to UAC.

You say there's no good reason to have a Quit option, but is there a good reason to not have it?
It was poorly implemented from the start.

Troubleshooting / Re: opening problem
« on: 2017-02-21 18:40:46 »
That worked, thanks so much, I better change the frame rate to all the other FMVs I made too.
I'm pretty sure you only need to change the framerate to FMVs with models overlaid, like the opening. If an FMV runs without models, it'll just run until it's finished, and 30fps will work fine.

For what it's worth, you CAN make even the opening work at 30fps if you wanna put some work into scripting. The camera movement and the guards appearing would all need re-timed to match 30fps. It's probably more effort than you want to put in, especially given the learning curve involved, but it's not impossible.

PC - It seems to be twice as fast as on PSX. I would say that it should run at 30fps.
Your timecodes are wrong (the second video starts too late), but yeah, I've always thought that 60fps was wrong. In every video I can find of the original (whether epsxe, the official ps1 support on ps3, etc.), the swirl clearly takes about the same amount of time as the sound effect that goes with it. In the PC version at 60fps, the swirl is done and the battle scene is already displaying by the time the sound is over. Not to mention it just feels so... sudden and abrupt at 60fps.

Of course, 30fps YouTube videos are not really a good source for determining what's correct, in such a case. While it seems pretty clear that it's meant to be slower than 60, we would really need a 60fps capture of the original game running on an actual PS1, and we'd need to examine the swirl in that capture frame-by-frame to see how it's timed. If frames appear duplicated once each in a 60fps capture, then the effect can be safely assumed to run at 30fps. If they appear duplicated three times each, then 15fps, etc.

Troubleshooting / Re: opening problem
« on: 2017-02-21 18:00:38 »
I don't think it's script-related. You're just replacing the FMV and nothing else, right?

Make sure the replacement FMV runs at 15fps. If it runs at 30, then even if it's supposedly the same length, it's twice as many frames. That'll throw the game off, since it's expecting 15fps videos like the original.

Yeah, if you already have Steam and don't have any extra hard drives, this can be a challenge. You might try something like Visual Subst to mount an arbitrary folder as a virtual drive. Steam won't know the difference; it'll think it's an actual second HDD.

Graphical Mods / Re: New Shader for Post Process
« on: 2017-02-20 17:04:02 »
Ask Covarr, it is his gag.
You can disable forum censorship in user settings to show it as the original swear word. I thought this would be more creative than ****.

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