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Huge pat set version 0.2.8 (you need 7zip)

xg.lgp with vocals added
(download xg-vocals-psdrums.lgp if you want "One Winged Angel" like the playstation.  It's six seconds of drums towards end)

These are samples recorded from the pat-set with timidity++ running real-time so you get a taste of it :).  Used the following timidity settings
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--no-realtime-load -EM43 -EFdelay=0 -Ew -Ep -Ev -Es -Ee -Et -Eo -Ez -A70,100 -EFvlpf=m -EFchorus=n -EFreverb=n -EFns=0 -EFresamp=g -a -N 34+1 -s 48000 -OF --flac-complevel=bestDon't think midi can sound any better unless you get better samples or a new extension to the format. (Virtually the same except a very short segment (like 6 seconds) towards end has drums)  This is a good track to demonstrate atmosphere achieved with the XG soundtrack IMO.  Don't remember the PSX sounding this detailed and full either (same goes for all other XG midi tracks). (Original XG track (with the vocals added of course :) )

Consider these temporary links until better host is found.

Install timidity++ and use the following options
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--no-realtime-load -EM43 -EFdelay=0 -Ew -Ep -Ev -Es -Ee -Et -Eo -Ez -A70,100 -EFvlpf=m -EFchorus=n -EFreverb=n -EFns=0 -EFresamp=g -a -N 34+1 -s 48000  You might need 44100khz if you're playing bit-perfect output from the SFX otherwise 48000 sounds better for the midi.  You might need to change volume (-A70,100) to 100% (-A100,100), or lower to 50% (-A50,100); it really depends on your setup and is up to you.  If you need guidance on setting these options through GUI, there's some explanation further down this thread.  Also, for DOSBOX and other general midi, change -EM43 to -EM7e; you can change to -EM41 instead for GS midi also (yes this does have GS midi support).


Make sure to use XG midi in timidity++ with zero noise shaping (prevents clipping).  These won't sound correct with any other midi type for FFVII even if you use the right Timidity++ options.  Reason pat-set was made with FFVII XG soundtrack in mind, is it sounds a lot better than general midi (also why it sounds as good as the PSX if not better).  Also, the awe and general midi soundtracks were meant to be used with custom soundfonts included with FFVII at time of release; almost all soundfonts generally don't sound correct with FFVII in that regard (you must use the custom soundfonts included with the game, or one made specifically for FFVII).  The pat-set however, is compatible with DOSBOX, ZDOOM, and other midi software (and it sounds great), but you must choose general midi in timidity++ for respective playback (if you leave XG midi enabled, music and/or sound effects will be wrong for general midi playback, and likewise for XG midi.  Timidity++ doesn't automagically select proper midi settings for you unfortunately).

There doesn't seem to be serious issues but some instruments might need tweaking (sinra.mid does have a problem sounding right (if you fast forward the track and resume normal speed in real-time it ends up sounding better), but it's pretty much nit-picking and is really up to whoever wants to master the tracks).  Dog barks, laughing and other sounds could use higher resolution IMO.

Issue either with Timidity limitation or XG mappings in xgmap.cfg.  Midi tracks that call a "hand cymbal" on program 49, instrument 51, drumset 0, will get a "ride ping".  At first this seems right since a "ride ping" is supposed to be on instrument 51 bank 0, but on real XG hardware a "closed hand cymbal" is triggered instead if program 49 is used (it's the same instrument 51 and same bank 0, but a different program).  This issue probably occurs with other instruments in the same manner.  Don't think I can resolve this as I'll probably have to go through XG documents and make a more appropriate xgmap.cfg file, and/or edit timidity source code (I'd need a cross-compiler to build it for Windows from Linux too).  This problem is worked around with the patched lgp sets from above (XG midi needs to patched for vocals so why not).

After contacting Eric Welsh (author of the xgmap.cfg and many other things to do with TiMidity), he recommend I use separate "closed hand cymbal" and "ride ping" wave files, and combine them into a single pat.  Going to try this when I have time and see what happens, but first I have to figure out how to make a pat (I do have some dos utilities that might work).  Personally think timidity++ is limited and it just won't fix the XG mapping limitation (as mentioned above).

Timidity++ (twsyng) has been reported to not function with the recent re-release PC version of FFVII and AAli's driver.  Since I only have the original release I'm unable to help in that regard.  Hopefully AAli can work on his driver for Timidity++ support (twsyng).


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