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Graphical Mods / FF7&8 HD Android
« on: 2016-10-23 12:53:38 »
Hi, I'm using ePSXe on my Android and I was wondering if it was possible to run these games with the HD models like i use on my pc

On my PC i run the games on Steam so I understand it's quite different.
I was under the impression that the HD models could still be used on emulated games.
So is it possible to put the HD mods on my android?
If so, how would i go about this?


Although there is footage of this on the Playstation version, there is none for the pc version
So i thought i'd put one up so everyone can see it still works  :D

Gameplay Mods / [FF8PC-STEAM] Difficulty mod ?
« on: 2015-05-11 23:47:39 »
Is there any difficulty mods for FF8 Steam version?

I love the games and all the mods you guys have brought out, but this game is Too easy.
I want to struggle, find the game so hard that i get frustrated with it, and fight the same boss for several hours,
and still fail and rage quit.

If anyone could hook me up with a difficulty mod (Not the add-on damage, hp etc)
I would be in my element

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