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Hey Daniel! Well done with the detailed and  pro work so far mate! So when the new version is released will we see an update notification in the 7th Heaven projects list?  Do we have to download it again or will the new iro file reconstract the older one?

Thanks man!

It'll be a completely new download that should notify when it's been updated. I don't do patch updates unless it's a small amount of files needed to fix something. R06 will be such a significant change to the previous that doing a patch update would take way more effort than I am willing to do to sort through what would be changed and what would remain untouched.

Try opening the config file and checking for direct mode = on.

Try right clicking and running 7H as an administrator.

General discussion / Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays
« on: 2017-12-25 14:12:56 »
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all  :)

Download the Gameplay and Difficulty category, Activate, Configure to use Hardcore Mod.

I can't even get your patcher to find my steam install version of the game that has been treated with 7nth heaven. It also can't locate my raw, clean steam install.

That's probably because the game converter used with 7H will change registry locations after its use. It's meant to make your computer think you have the original copy installed, which had to be done for compatibility with certain mods. Try selecting the other option in the HC mod installer. I can't remember what it's called off the top of my head (1997/Original Copy?).

But, if you're using 7H, why use this installer? It's already an option to select from the Catalog.

Troubleshooting / Re: Mod issues
« on: 2017-11-11 23:07:13 »
Info has to be given before anyone can know where to start with troubleshooting. This is a common frustration with all the veterans on this forum. Please understand that none of us have the time to help every new user who simply states, "I followed the mods don't work...please help."

If you read the above tutorial thoroughly, you'd see that the end states what to do when something appears broken or not working. That is how every new user should start their troubleshooting post. When users don't do that basic first step, I don't bother responding. That's not being rude. It's just the system that helps utilize time and efforts on both ends.

I get the feeling you haven't used the GC properly, but there's no way to know that until we see an App.log.

7thHeaven / Re: im having trouble with my 7th heaven mod
« on: 2017-10-20 05:10:09 »
What exe do you have set to launch the game?

Thanks!  8) And it is.  And I do try to be diplomatic - but I'm simply not cut out for it.  And my strength is telling it as it is.  Not good for PR.  But it gets harder when it's the exact same questions about non dialogue over and over.  And when the help file AND first post both point to an insanely long database that was largely constructed to STOP those questions.  People come in and they start with "Love your mod...."  and it turns to "But I want A B C D E F G changing, because I don't like the change."  The above person was pleasant enough, but they said they'd discuss their problems with reason - then proceeded to show they hadn't read the database or help file or any of this thread - and had just dreamt up that we change things because we like to.  When that's totally not the case.  I mean, the example of Aqua Breath is a total face palm.  I know I'm coming across harsh and direct... but that's who I am - and those kinds of "feedback" from people do not make me any more diplomatic or "nice". hahaha!

And I also got blamed for their save menu loading longer.  :evil:  :-P

I just stopped responding to most of them. The big thing for me was how many hours, days, weeks and months I've spent to try and create an easier process for everyone. That largely included all the Q&A and FAQ I created after releases. But it went largely ignored by new users who come to the forums looking for personal help on matters that are already posted countless times. Not true for everyone of course, but unfortunately I've grown so tired that they get lumped into one group that I just ignore.

I really enjoy helping others, but everyone has their limits :(

7thHeaven / Re: Catalog v2.3x Report / Mod Requests
« on: 2017-10-14 03:03:19 »
Enemies are largely untouched here at Qhimm. I don't spend time outside these forums searching and researching other mods. That's left for the users to do on their own free time.

Troubleshooting / Re: A few Questions from a newby
« on: 2017-10-14 02:59:12 »
Aali Driver is included in the Game Converter, which is needed to use 7H.

Enemies are largely untouched here at Qhimm. There may be mods for them floating around the internet, but I only include in 7H what is posted here.

7thHeaven / Re: Kaldarasha's Cloud Arms
« on: 2017-10-12 12:24:53 »
Perfect. Now I have something to start with. I'll do my best to look at it this weekend. Please wait :)

7thHeaven / Re: Kaldarasha's Cloud Arms
« on: 2017-10-11 00:13:48 »
You can add anything you want on your own time, but mods dealing with AC tend to be ripped from other games and infringe upon copyright. We never distribute copyright material here.

Noted about the arms issue. Little things like that I often don't recognize in testing, so it's good to finally see someone make a noteworthy effort to help us fix things. So much better than the "Cloud's arms don't work. Any fix? Thank you in advance." that is quite often the norm for reports  :P

I have had that problem before and have had to manually change the drive letter to the correct one which ment going through the list and finding the correct one as I forgot which letter it was before.

The letter chosen during the GC can be found in the FF7_GC.log. That's always the one in the registry that is assigned the CD check when launching the game.

7thHeaven / Re: Catalog v2.3x Report / Mod Requests
« on: 2017-10-09 02:47:41 »
I believe that's the KH model, which we can't support on Qhimm because it's ripped.

7thHeaven / Re: Failed to Load Subscription
« on: 2017-10-02 07:03:41 »
Uh, it should be generated by 7H after you make any changes within the 7H client.

I'd suggest waiting for R06.  60fps is an option there too. But it's been perfected more.

This is why 7H is not updated yet. R06 is a major mod, so I'd like to do one clean sweep of an update with R06 and NT 1.5.

7thHeaven / Re: FF7 New Threat - Stuck in Intro Mission
« on: 2017-09-29 02:10:47 »
Your lookup tables in the scene.bin are messed up. You should clean your registry and start fresh. Check the FAQ thread on how to start over with a fresh install.

Did you update any drivers between it working and not? Running the GC again and having it set the mounted drive letter should fix it.

7thHeaven / Re: the game is stuck 7 fps
« on: 2017-09-26 22:59:14 »
I couldn't get R05c to work in IRO format. The hex code feature in 7H has its limits when you're just pulling it from another mod, rather than writing it yourself to work directly with 7H. It was never written by DLPB to work with 7H.

7thHeaven / Re: the game is stuck 7 fps
« on: 2017-09-26 13:15:32 »
I should also note that DLPB's Reunion mod comes with a new frame limiter (don't mix that with the 60FPS option), which also helps to stabilize frames.

Do you, by any chance, have this in an IRO format to import, or just 7H working on top of a Reunion installed game folder?

7thHeaven / Re: Failed to Load Subscription
« on: 2017-09-26 13:11:49 »

Try going there and deleting the catalog.xml. Then reopen 7H and "check subscriptions now" again.

DLPB can't help you. 7H had its own subforum because it operates separately from the individual mod forums. The files are basically imported directly from the mod posts, like this one. If it's not in the 7H forum, then it can't, or sometimes hasn't, been done yet. If you want a mod requested, then it needs to be posted on the Mod Request thread over in the 7H subforum.

7thHeaven / Re: Unable to Download The Larger Mods
« on: 2017-09-22 03:07:40 »
For most, it works fine, but this does get reported from time to time. When it does, I test it myself and the download works fine. Such a strange problem...

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