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It kind of sucks wading through all the mass entries for x FF title.  Is there some way we can introduce a way to sort them?

That's what I was saying.  It's weird it says up to 55 even though it only does up to 53.

So is there a way to tell what number is needed to make it work?  I tried placing three on them on 123 to 125.  Do I have to use 54 and 55 to make it work?

Edit: So I think I got it need to edit the last two slots and have it show in the menu.  So basically I only have room to make two unique ones since master pulls up 0-55.  The index seems to have another two even though it has room for only 54 and 55.  Unless the 57 is an error.

Edit 2: So didn't seem to work.  To save myself some headache maybe I'll try the libre limit edit or and try to make them limits instead.  Later I'll rework the original spells and Materia probably.

Thanks also is there a materia modding guide around I can use to work with?  Having issues getting the attacks to show up.  Also sadly I know about Supernova.  Someone managed to get the original Japanese one to work on PSX.  Sadly it seems the pc one is missing into oblivion lol.

So is it possible to add some or all of the Sephiroth boss attacks usable for Materia?  Can I copy and paste the properties from proudclod to wallmarket?  Like animation id numbers and what not?  I figured people would like an alternate way to use them when I take time to tweak Cloud's battle model during his limit animations.  Might look a little weird to have him miss half of his hair if I can't figure out a way to make it roughly work lol.

When my Sephiroth "compilation" mods get added to the 7th Heaven the Safer limit will heal him since it uses the transform mechanic.  So feel free to adds tweaks yourself to it as well when that happens if you feel you need to.

I have recently started including one myself.  This is great for giving additional instructions as well.  I'll mostly use it for a history of changes probably.  This will be great for others as well who like to see a history of changes etc.  Very simple like I said in the topic use a .txt document name it readme and place it in the main folder along with the .xml.  Also a slight mod update as well since we are on the subject.  Playing through the game again to make sure everything in the current version is working again.  This is mostly due to some big mistake on my part.  Was able to recover everything fine and had back up of all my current work before the refresh.  No current eta but plan to go through it as fast as possible unless life has other plans and what not.  Anyway hope this helps you guys if you were wondering if this was possible and didn't know cheers.

Sorry for the necro but I can't seem to be able to use Kimera anymore.  I followed all the registration steps and it won't load.  Also says the all caps one is incompatible even though I got it to work before.

Edit: found my issue I needed to run the command prompt in admin rather the run feature.  Most of the sites told me to use run.  So command prompt admin and then make sure the program itself is run as admin.

7thHeaven / For crashes during start up
« on: 2018-04-05 01:25:44 »
Make sure you are using 1.54 since 1.55 has the save bug.  Reframe from updating till the fix so uncheck the automatic update setting till it gets fixed.  Minor change it you have to have a save in every slot.  The choice is up to you since I already reverted and unchecked the box that is what I am going to stick with lol.

Are we able to get resize all text option?  Really painful to do scene by scene.

Quick little update thanks all the interests and wanting to play this as soon as possible.  For more updates watch the 7th Heaven thread as this will be packaged with it.  I see no further need for this thread so if a mod would like to close this thread feel free to do so.  I see no further need since the 7th Heaven is the superior and preferred way to mod now a days.

Completely unrelated / Re: Wow, is this place still here!
« on: 2018-03-30 04:34:38 »
Welcome back if you like to play as Sephiroth I am working on finalizing a brand new story line for him.  A lot will keep the main focus intact in regards to Shinra and Jenova.  Though I may try to flesh out a what if where we learned that Edea  was suppose to be in FF7 leading the cult of Jenova.  So we'll see if I can come up with something like that.  Anyway welcome back and I hope you love the new 7th Heaven manager and all the other goodies these fantastic people have to offer you.

Hey sorry for the necro but wanted to make my presence known and announce I still plan to finish my fixes for the mod.  Hopefully this weekend since I am off.  If this update is not live probably try to get it for this update.

Update: Well I decided to play test it and resize the needed windows as I go.  Some random battles seems messed up so need to redo the scene bin.  Probably my fault as I was having issues and placed certain new bosses in places they probably didn't belong.  Anyway the configuration is all set and I know how to make them work properly so that will be good to go EQ2Alyza will just need to set up the download for the Iro which I'll also provide.  FYI thanks for doing all this appreciate the time and effort.

FF7 Tools / Re: [FF7] LImit BReak Editor (Version 0.3)
« on: 2017-09-18 00:56:13 »
Sorry for the necro post but wanted to finally confirm it launches on windows 10.  Didn't do anything different so give it a try yourself.

seems like we can also post updates to our mods covered in this program.  Doing a fresh play through testing and getting pretty far.  Some things are still wanky.  Don't use Sephiroth's first level two limit.  It seems to be crashing the game for some reason.  Probably because I using a defective one as I miss placed my fixed one.  Also some battles are messed up like some random and boss battles are jumbled up.  Probably need to redo the kernel part.  I wish we could make out own topics and lock and then edit them whenever we got updates to put out.  Any chance we can get something like that implemented?

General discussion / Re: FFX modding scene dead ?
« on: 2017-06-09 15:11:18 »
There really is nothing wrong with the up scaled models since pretty sure they are in line with how they are really suppose to look.  For instance Tidus eyes are finally blue when you look back and is a weird goldish thing.  The only issue I had was the lip syncing looks a bit off at times.  Other than that I would love to see palette swaps.

FF7 Tools / Re: [FF7] LImit BReak Editor (Version 0.3)
« on: 2017-06-07 21:43:56 »
Seems like this will not work no matter what for windows 10.  If you have a PC that runs fine with it use it and send the edited exe over to your main computer.  If some one got it to work a guide would be much appreciated.

Completely unrelated / Re: Just published a book on Amazon
« on: 2017-05-04 14:26:06 »
Yeap that is it might as well provide a link lol.

Completely unrelated / Just published a book on Amazon
« on: 2017-05-04 11:19:48 »
Its first book in a series of short stories/Novella.  It is about Dragons and Paladins please go check it out the title is Bathed in Fire.  Let me know what you guys think and hope you enjoy it.  Tried to make it a short link but whatever code I use doesn't work.

Is there any special permission I should get or can I safely just go with it?  I probably don't need to post this but I don't want to burn this bridge as I love this site and made me extremely passionate to mod FF7 thanks to all the tools that made it all possible.  Thank you for reading this post.

Sorry for the late post just a lot going on.  The mod is still being worked on I have not forgotten about it.  Not sure exactly when it will get polished up and released again so hang tight and I'll update when I can.

7thHeaven / Re: Catalog v2.3x Report / Mod Requests
« on: 2017-03-01 12:50:24 »
Also if anyone was wondering the Sephiroth Mod is not dead.  I was still working on it recently and creating a brand new scene.  A lot has been going on however so I haven't been able to do more on it but it will come out playable eventually just try to be a little more patient.

Is the resize all windows thing still going to incorporated would save a crap load of time.

I have reached this issue before as well.  I think it has to do with the bootleg version since most of those worked when you used it.  The original files are loaded as .tex but when you try to that with them they are blank so we need to figure a way to make it work with the original.

So played around with Kimera and to my surprise the limit files loaded with the Sephiroth model.  They are of course all jumbled up so I'll have to heavily edit them.  Hopefully everything will line up right.  Only two files wouldn't load but I can use one and then rename it to it.  So I maybe able to come up with a lot more combinations.  Also I have an idea for how I plan to make a useable Supernova version.  I'll keep you guys posted whenever I can.

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