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Nope. Just this mod. Oh well. Hopefully it won't keep happening.

I'm pretty handy with photoshop (I use professionally), so if you'd like a quick hand I might be able to help out. Can't commit to much, but maybe an afternoon cleaning up files or fixing things. LMK

Thanks for the quick reply. That would make sense. Not sure why this would be happening. Hardly ever use a torrent, but I'll figure it out.

So far the game is pretty great, but I had a really hard core crash--even denied me getting into the task manager. I looked through the readme for access to the database, but the google link in the file says it's no longer there. Is there another link somewhere that I'm missing?

The crash happened while on the 5:00 timer coming back from the first boss, the scorpion. Nothing happened when I pressed X while standing next to the girl who has her foot stuck, and since I didn't know the story I just ran on, and when I got to the gates the game refused to proceed. Quit, went back, tried it again, still nothing, and then this time when I got the game over screen my whole monitor went dark and the audio fixed in a one-second loop. On my second monitor I couldn't get access to the task manager, as the game blocked it, so I had to do a hard reset.

Played through one more time (after looking up a walkthrough), and this time it worked?

Anyway, just FYI. The game seems fun and I'm happy to donate or assist if I can get all the way through.

Thanks for the mod! Pretty cool. I'm excited to try it out.
While downloading the torrent I had my anti-virus protection pop up with a message saying that part--not all--of the file is infected and the anti-virus software blocked it.
"The application bittorrentie.exe accesses a web resource that has been detected as infected. The web resource has been blocked and your PC is now safe."
Know why this might be happening? Will this cause any problems?

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