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I hear The Legend of the Overfiend is good if you like tentacles?

Seriously,  ;D I haven't watched a single one.  I tried to watch Akira and didn't get very far.

300 of ~730 sfx done.  Currently stands at 36 MB for the oggs.  Will v likely be < 100 MB for the full pack when I am done. There are 45 looping ones remaining from 90.

Completely unrelated / Re: Tommy Tallarico Forever
« on: 2017-04-20 18:15:24 »
You're welcome!

Try again on a fresh install and see if that fixes it.

No. And R06 works fine.

Investigate it more and let me know what you find. Clearly, I can do bugger all about this. :P

This *should* only be generated when you have issues with your sound card - or sound driver - or it is incompatible with bass.dll / dsound

before (PC adpcm converted to ogg)
after (psx wav converted to ogg)

Notice how natural the PSX one sounds. The PC version adpcm source makes a total hash of the reverb too.

Audio Mods / Re: Automatic Loop Point Detection
« on: 2017-04-19 08:31:12 »
Also good to use Extteme Sample Converter to find loop.

In other news, I think effect 197, birds chirping is randomly generated.  I can't find the loop point on PSX version after 3 mins.  It sounds like there is a random element programmed in so that there simply isn't ever the exact same pattern generated with the tweets. 

Everything model wise is in The Reunion Database.  Everything is logged there. I usually ask for Kaldarasha's latest models just before I release The Reunion - but sometimes I don't update.  I find his recent Cloud inferior, for example, to the one immediately before.  I don't keep track of that.  So far I think only a few models aren't his newest versions.

Woolsey didn't do FF7 though, it was Michael Baskett.

As I said above, Japanese is a fundamentally different language (they don't have plurals like this). The Japanese game uses the word "Materia" in English represented by kana (This is hard to grasp for most people. Many names in Japanese games are literally English!)  It's up to the localizer to choose. When we talk about the substance of diamond, we use diamond. When we have numerous diamond rocks we say "Nice diamonds". You wouldn't have a box with 5 diamonds [see] in it and say "There is nice diamond in there".

Nope. I use materia like diamond.

There are lots of diamonds. There are lots of materias.
Diamond is rare. Materia is rare.

It's a localization choice. Japanese doesn't have plurals like this, so they aren't affected by these considerations. I think it's very silly to use the same form for materia when they are clearly separate rocks. Even different abilities with the different rocks.

179 out of 730 done....

Getting more efficient now too.  Looping isn't an issue anymore thanks to software aid.

Completely unrelated / Re: Megaman Music Fans?
« on: 2017-04-18 12:13:44 »

Not related... but too good to ignore.

Audio Mods / Automatic Loop Point Detection
« on: 2017-04-16 03:54:28 »
I've been killing myself for nothing. Learn from my mistake.

This can find the loop point usually to a perfect sample (the search will take time - but it's worth the wait). I am using it to find loop points for sound effects that are too tricky to do by ear and eye.

Edit.  Hmm then again, it's still not great with music.  Still, it can be used as a guide.

NFITC1 and Luksy are the most interested and would be the best candidates, since they are long term and respectable members here - and can also program well in C.  I have done a lot of work fixing bugs that could also be easily incorporated into any future version, should these issues be resolved.

Not posted enough.  Pop into IRC sometime.

It certainly would. 

It's almost definitely interference of your audio equipment. Usually from poor shielding. Sometimes just because you haven't muted certain line inputs. Lowering audio will be perfectly fine for most people. I can lower it to 1% and there is no hum.  Also 30% is definitely the wrong balance.  The music will have sounded louder than that on PSX.

I've also started to save the sound files.  The looping ones are a pain.  I am up to 100.  Only... around 600 to go. haha.

No, it's Scot.  I did actually bring this up with Prince Lex that it would be seen as "no" and not "not". I intended making it no'  - but this seems to be incorrect for written Scot.

Saying that, I see people using "nae" for not.  So I may need to being this up with him again.

You'd have to check the field script.  A better way would be to just use "New Game" - as that should definitely use all defaults.

I have no idea how to edit texture files.  I simply guided Ilducci as he made the icons. He does all the editing with that side of things.  Definitely contact him, as he has all the working photoshop files he used for editing too.

If the icons are placed onto the game texture and use the same font spacing as the one I already have, I'm fine adding it.  Ilducci made some custom ones for me.  The limited palette means it will look FF7-like in terms of graphics. I won't support the modpath for them since I now use my font texture for numerous other chars.  You'd have to add yours to mine - and it would require being made from scratch if you haven't already made them texture based and also to fit my font spacing.

Yeah, the Cetra were nomads.  Due to bad localization and confusing Japanese it was stated that they travel planets instead of the land. You should ditch the original localization entirely when discussing plot, because a lot of it is just plain wrong.

Fun fact... I have a cousin named Petra - and I decided on my first playthrough (I had never played RPG before) to name Aerith after her.  So... you can imagine the "fun" I had. More confusing than ever. Petra was a Cetra.  :o

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