Author Topic: 7th Heaven - no 60 fps mod or proper hi-poly in-field models  (Read 529 times)


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So, I converted the Steam release to the 7th Heaven version, you know, primarily because I want there to be filtered backgrounds. Now, the Reunion mod does all the things I want, aside from the background filtering with Waifu.

- 60 fps battle fix
- Re-translation
- Menu overhaul
- Town/world models being full sized
- Etc

However, upon loading up the modded 98 version, none of these were working.  Only thing I got out of it was the filtered backgrounds, the chibi models returned, there seems to be no mod for this in the workshop. Same goes for the 60 fps mod, installing Reunion did no good.  I hate to be blunt, but all this was is a colossal waste of time on my part, as I achieved none of the things the Reunion mod has offered. I'm going to have to uninstall the game, the mods, and then re-download from Steam, restore my backed up saves, and re-use Reunion and enable the mods that I had working.  :-(

Is there no way to replicate the results that Reunion has, in addition to filtered backgrounds? I want it to look and play 1:1 that that mod does. But unfortunately, I found it to be impossible to match the model overhaul, translation, etc mods to even work properly. No 60 fps mod kills it for me.
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