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FF8 Difficulty mod
« on: 2017-04-16 14:21:04 »
 Here is a mod I have just started working on...  I call it the HardR mod because its simply harder but not by any means super difficult, as that ruins the fun of the game, and also this game is rediculous easy as it is...

This is my 3rd playthru ever and its just too easy so I decided to try and make this mod...

I was using hard.dll mod and that is pretty good but I found myself just summon gf every time since your weapon damage is reduced by 50%, also, it's kind of irritating to launch

so, here is the list of changes from vanilla game.


-xp required for chars and gf's to level up is DOUBLED.
-junction magic bonuses are halved.  remainders rounded down.  if hp bonus was 4-10 was reduced to 4 or 5, not below 4.  3 or below not halved or reduced.
-rinoa's limit break, invincible moon, changed to "single" target (one person only likely rinoa)
-hp bonus & str bonus AP to learn was raised from 100 to 250.  other bonus such as vit bonus etc. AP to learn was raised from 100 to 200.

so, requiring more xp for chars probably makes the game a bit easier since you will have more gf items and cards etc, because the enemies in this game scale to your level.  I did that because I just started the game and already squall is lv34.  requiring more xp for gf's lowers their level therefore their damage is probably almost halved.  Halving the junction magic bonuses will decrease your attack and spell damage and increase damage done to you.  I'm thinking about 30% or so.

you can apply this to a game you already started.  The levels will calculate automatically.  Obviously learned gf abilities will be learned still and any magic you have junctioned will be still in your inventory.  So if you have strong magic junctioned it's going to throw off the balance of the game since your level will be half it was before.  for instance I had quake on my Str and my level dropped to 17 after apply this mod and I am doing alot of weapon damage at a level where I shouldn't be able to draw quake.  so just going to discard that magic.

future changes to this mod that might occur:
-possible gf lvl limit to learn "str-bonus" type abilities
-want to modify invincibility items to "miss" about half the time, not sure if possible tho
-want to prevent use of mashing triangle button in order to get limit breaks
-3x hyper wrist at start of game is unbalanced

it needs testing so please let me know of any issues, thanks.

installing - go to final fantasy viii\data\lang-en\ directory. back up main.fs,, and main.fl.  i like to use 7zip, winrar, or winzip to do this just put them in an archive.  Then extract this mod archive files and drag them over to said directory and overwrite.  make sure you backed up the original files before overwrite!!TBoAxBxL!a_5EBn0f_SvvOoixaLOs-vnrbWh2YS8fj1NMvluoSVY