Author Topic: [FF7PC/PSX] Save Editor - Black Chocobo (v1.9.90)  (Read 416748 times)


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Re: [FF7PC/PSX] Save Editor - Black Chocobo (v1.9.90)
« Reply #1275 on: 2017-02-24 23:35:08 »

Sorry to bring up an old topic but I am having issues loading PSX saves from my PS3 into Black Chocobo so I can convert them to PC Steam Edition.
Find below a link to the saves:

When I try and load them I just get an program stopped responding error and BC closes.

I saw a similar issue above and advised to link the files so here they are above. Hope you can help!


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Re: [FF7PC/PSX] Save Editor - Black Chocobo (v1.9.90)
« Reply #1276 on: 2017-02-26 13:46:47 »
Please check that you have the newest version of black chocobo. Your saves work here correctly and i was able to import the all into one file with out issue. I cna't make you a steam folder you ahve to do that yoru self.

first open black chocobo then use file->import to current slot . and pick your first psv file.
then hit alt + right (move slot #2) and import your next psv
do the same for how ever many psv files your have
Save as PC format. save it whereever
then use file-> create cloud save folder . select your save path . it should pick out your id for you (its the numbers after user_ in your save path) then for file 1 select the pc file you just made.
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