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Completely unrelated / Re: lol uncrackable DRM
« on: 2010-03-06 17:39:31 »
this is one of the main problems with properitary software,these companys don't care about your or your hardware,this technology will be used in the future to further restrict your devices and files.if they removed DRM the requirements for everything would be less, there is a lot of math to encrypt and decrypt content and idk about yours by my computer does not have a crypto chip to do the work, so that extra workload is given to the processor.. as for having to be online when you play , makes sence if your playing an MMO but not for ne thing else.

warning mini rant below:

the attempt to create a perfect system (reguardless of the type) is a very exhosting and pointless quest. you can never have a 100% perfect security system on any kind of hardware,its a flaw with anything digital. There is and always will be an exploit found. and the cost of there attempts is one of the reasons that games(and other software/game consoles..) cost so much. but a crack is always found, sometimes sooner then others. also making the claim that anything "uncrackable" is just in invite to hackers to crack it...and just wait till viruses and other forms of nasty maleware code start to use DRM protect themselves from removal.

i don't use IE, even when i run windows.. firefox or opera, i have tried crome but i don't like it and i have an almost ie hatred for safari.and for the record in linux you can install IE (even 8) with ies4linux but the only people who accually do only use it for testing their web development, or if you have that one page that won't load in anything else

Completely unrelated / Re: lol uncrackable DRM
« on: 2010-03-05 23:54:41 »
sadly if i wanted to play that game with wine i would have to crack it along with any other game that requires that kind of DRM , gnu/linux does not support it since its incompatible with the GPL

Quote from: Linus Torvolds
one thing that is clearly _not_ allowed by the GPL is hiding private keys in the binary. You can sign the binary that is a result of the build process, but you can _not_ make a binary that is aware of certain keys without making those keys public
and that is exactly how those kinds of drm's work...

FAQs and Tutorials / Re: FF7 and Related Tools With Wine
« on: 2010-03-04 18:41:41 »
Bosola, if you need help with kubuntu (im a user btw). come over to the kubuntu forums and sign up and create a post.

yea mine crashed on closing with .7.4b. i will let u know how it goes when i get it installed at home.

Uh, yea, I was joking. But thanks for being an *sshole. Oh, and I've tried Linux, I didn't really like it that much. It wasn't bad, it just wasn't time for me to change to it. I still got more to learn before I try again.
Immortal Damyn, thats a very good point , there is a learning curve when using linux. and depending on what distro you go with it may be a slight curve or a massively sharp one (noobs shouldn't try to install arch linux). if you need help with learning linux you can always ask me. to be completely honest with you i really don't care what software your system runs (untill i have to fix it.).

@ aali, ok cause i was just about to say my movies don't work any more....
and i love the replacement ff7config.exe (so much nicer then a reg key!).

the 4 and 5 86 binarys are not nessessary but they will help it run a tad faster on machines with those chip set.
to run the installer you have to do so as root (i.e sudo sh let me know how it goes, if you get any errors i can fix the script.

also its not polite to tell the windows users things like that d33eniz no matter how true it is ...

Troubleshooting / Re: Problem with aali's gl driver
« on: 2010-03-01 21:13:08 »
kranmer i was just about to suggest that config change...

on my system saints patch as killed ff7.

d33eniz, let me know how the installer works on your linux distro, also please let me know what the output of "uname -m" is on your machine (i am looking for someone w/ a 486 and/or 586 chip)

its only two exe's and your right they really don't need an installer, but basicly its makes lgp and unlpg accessable to those who are unable to find or compile the exe's for windows, also the installer is faster then, downloading unzipping and manually installing the files after compiling the source. idk thought it would just make it ezer to get them placed in the run path on windows. it all started cause there are no linux binarys, first i started compiling the various linux executables, along with a script to simplify getting the files in the proper location,and giving you the correct ones since there are a bunch of linux hw platforms(4 sets atm),  the linux install script basicly just looks for a sane place in $PATH [/usr/bin] is almost always good.. to put the files and copies them there based on the platform your running as well as making them "executable".  so thats the main reason i started with an installer... also i thought i would be a bit nicer then distrubting a bunch of executable files. named lgp and unlgp in various folders. besides why do something manually when you can have a script remove any error in the process. the windows one is a simple nullsoft installer made from a zip file all it does is extract to the path you give it (that is if you don't want them in %systempath%, again to make running easier.)

FF7 Tools / [FF7] lgp tools multi installer (1.0)
« on: 2010-02-27 22:48:19 »
hey everyone, i have just finished making a few installers for compiled versions of aali based lgp tools.
right now version of the tools are:

       windows:(nullsoft installer)
             windows installer should work on most windows versions from xp (currently 32 bit binary).
       linux:(auto detecting install script)
           32bit (i386 and i686 optimized versions)
           ppc (not perfect yet be will be worked on soon)
      compile for mac os X (ppc and intel) and create installer for mac os.
      64-bit windows version and installer for it

A bit thanks to aali for the lgp codebase as a good starting point (all hail the mighty aali)

everyone is welcome to install and test.. please provide feed back !!!!

you can get it from : [well no where as the link is dead]

kranmer, thanks for the ez compile set up . for windows. i plan to release an installer based on on the most recent source code that i have (0.5 i think) should be released soon provided aali's does not object to it.....

EDIT: installer for windows / linux can be found at the page below

EDIT#2 updated link was broken

FAQs and Tutorials / Re: FF7 and Related Tools With Wine
« on: 2010-02-24 22:35:50 »
i don't use mono. and will avoid any thing that requires it like the plague.

as for a hex editor..
Code: (run in konsole (alt+f2 for runbox)) [Select]
sudo apt-get install okteta
then you can also go fetch my service menu so you can just right click on the file in dolphin and under actions select "edit in okteta)

i wrote this quick and dirty install script for it so you can just unzip and install
its a 7z so you want to install p7zip-full same as above use p7zip-full instead.
after you download the 7z and install p7zip then you can find the file in dolphin> extract to sub dir , enter the dir it made  press F4 to open a terminal there and run the install with sh (you shouldn't need the root version).

this is a result of me trying to id the ff7 files that are not readable otherwise for the reconstruction sheet (though its a good time saver and  i should share it :) )

perhaps this can be a good thing if they have no plans to make a remake. should give us less problems..

Completely unrelated / Re: Vista or Windows 7?
« on: 2010-02-18 20:08:13 »
Correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't you having trouble with sound on Linux? Did you get around these problems?

yes but only with ff7 music.. midi works now but didn't at first. my ff7music issues are not related to wine but a VC++ issue. it used to work perfectly, and  idk what i did to break it, since issues with ff7music are common (reguardless of os). i have stoped attempting to fix it and started to work on replacing it w/ a better opensource and cross-platform version (very slowly progressing, cause i have no time to work on it...)

i am not exactly sure how wine works on vista/win7 cause i don't have a machine with vista / win 7 on it .. 

info on ff7 and tools on wine..

Completely unrelated / Re: So i got a new processor....
« on: 2010-02-17 20:13:30 »
funny i've got a phenom II 940 BE and boy does it overclock nicely (~3.5ghz w/ stock cooler)

Completely unrelated / Re: Vista or Windows 7?
« on: 2010-02-17 20:11:55 »
just so everyone knows... if you have windows 7 or vista and issues w/ FF7 try using wine
to play the games , it works great for me on linux .. and there is wine for windows also.. just something to consider if you have problems running ff7 on vista or win7

FF7 Tools / Re: FF7 File Reconstruction Project!!
« on: 2010-02-14 15:31:22 »
i have just finished updating the links for most of the pictures, still need to get photos of most of the items in the game. but progress is being made. if anyone would like to help w/ the pictures. pm me and i will provide the nessessary info on what is needed. also if you want access to the sheet you will have to ask halkun so any new people who would like to help will have to talk to him about access.

i like the idea... of a char class for ff7 would make the game quite new...

Cloud: i would lean toward a palley. knight w/ some White magic later on (after aerith is gone or soon before)
                             Big Guard and white wind are a must for abilitys if you go palley w/ cloud.

Aerith: this is the easiest char.. white mage all the way (some summons might work too.) holy type spells would really tie in to the story good too...

Tifa: monk is perfect but don't forget at higher levels monks can heal themselves, and maybe a cure 1 or 2 w/ all would be good to help healing later in the game (its not much but its something)

Barret: this is a hard call beserker, is a good suggestion. but a generic tank type would suit him well also w/ some mixed abilities.

yuffiee, very easy theif..mug should be her standard attack at higher levels,

cid, is also pretty easy dragoon, its just him.. w/ limits like jump and a spear for a weapon its just to easy...

the rest are hard cause they don't really fit a mold to well.. (ok vincent leans toward some kind of black mage)

vincent, is for sure a type of black mage...idk exactly what kind but some black magic is perfered..(dark knight...?)

caih sith, give him a job as useless as he is, or make is this where he could be useful, i support the blue mage idea, bard is a good choice cause of the megaphone.

Red XII, is prolly one of the harder ones to call (a hairclip is his weapon....) could be the other half of vincent. as in if you lean vincent toward archine mage , then make red XIII black mage , i find him to be the hardest one to place in a "class"

I know that this isn't really a solution so much as a workaround, but: if you have your own copy of FF7 PSX and have the equipment to dump your own PSOne BIOS, you can play the game using ePSXe legally. ePSXe-Linux isn't perfect, but I suspect it will be less problematic than trying to run ff7.exe on WINE.

There are plenty of tutorials for BIOS dumping out there. Contact me if you want further instructions.

first off thanks for the suggestion,i have a psx copy of ff7 and a working psx and ps2 so playing on a real one is not a problem,also my psx emulator works decently using pcsx(i use a real ps2 controller(s) with it.).i mainly want to play on my computer because of the vast improvements that have been made to the pc version by members of this forum and others.ff7 looks so good with aali's driver, T.A's 2d overhall,along with other model mods that it just leaves the psx version even in any emulator scaled w/ any filter to 1680*1050 looking a much poorer quality then the pc, and that not even counting the awesomeness that is the remastered ost that FinalFan Tim problems are not really running ff7 in wine at all,infact it works really good...the only issue that i have is that ff7music keeps crashing after it does a song change. so it just runs the game w/o background music, i suspose i could try getting the normal midi to work or use the psf soundfont files...

The wine version of the FF7Music plugin will only work with one specific version of FF7Music; file version, mtime October 16, 2005. Any other version will just crash.

i'm assuming that i do have version since this set up was working 100% no issues, but that is another thing i will check... also i have install the 32 and 64 bit versions of vc++ 2008, but no further developments.

Ok just installed "Ubuntu 9.10 AMD64 Desktop"
thats close enuff to my os,i just use kde instead of gnome... and ati video...

Did you check your CFG had the wine plugin for FF7music and not just the normal FF7music plugin ?
yes this config has been working correctly for quite some time (but i have double checked "music_plugin=ff7music_wine.fgp")
and oddly enuff the sfx work perfectly the whole time.. (the "crash" won't crash ff7 but it will kill bkround music)
did you install both 32 and 64 bit versions of VC++ since the error seems to be VC++ related ?
now that i have not done i have used winetricks to install , vc2005/vc2008 runtime (and sp1 for 2008), but i don't know if it installed the 32-bit or 64-bit version of them...

do either of you guys have FF7music working correctly w/ wine 1.1.36 (64bit) i seam to get errors when it need to change the songs... (first one works correctly, then it goes silent...

the following errors are what i get...

this is w/ a fresh install (after purge) of wine 1.1.36 aali's driver 0.73b , ff7 music 1.5 (mad input and fast-wave out, was working fine)...

my school used all mac's .... we only had a few windows machines..
i think if a school is going to paying for computers. then they should consider using something like edubuntu as a OS.

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