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So, usually we love seeing a good enemy. Not just a scary monster, or some d**b lump of muscle etc.. A good enemy seems to be something to view, almost idolize. I think it can be comforting to an audience. I.e., look at this great person, most likely who and what you would want to be (but aren't), and then, the perhaps fictional twist, it turns out, being us, is us because of our differences, while less powerful, more to do with love and etc., thus making us feel good about how we already are (how sweet...)

However !! After being in the world of work -- guys and girls seem to care about the evil !! Money, power, etc. !! As such, the idea of Shinra becomes more and more pleasing. And so, following the style of games, I think when playing, you should have more success than real life, as well as exploring the special, magical, interesting, etc. -- than the mundane blah we usually get.

And so, while we usually ''encounter'' the Shinra. Get a nice tour guide, get introduced to them, shown around their nice building, etc. -- I think, it would be cool to ''GO EVIL''! I.e. -- you ARE the Shinra.

By this, you would work for them, like an employee. But it would be cool, not mundane. Stemming away from real life, boring, serious, etc. -- you would mess around with the same cool stuff, like materia, and have it like the battle system, where you can succeed and also lose!

So, take a bath yourselves now in the idea of == millions of Gil! Pretty much off the bat!

Ignore the common as much Cloud and co, living in dirty, poor Inns and ''tents'' (scoff -- ha!)!

You don't even need cars!

You can fly in via chopper!

You can suddenly afford anything you want. And not just get fat, like Palmer, but the very best, and very elite, of things!

But why? What gives you so much? Because, you will be good, at what you do! Like a battle, you will have to make the ''right'' moves, investing millions of Gil. You will have to juggle things.

You can invest in made-up development departments. So you are more on the side of Shinra. They will develop things, like Scorpion Guard. And, against potential enemies. Freedom groups, such as AVALANCHE, and perhaps, like Wutai -- you will weild major moves, like chasing HUGE materia!

And while this stuff is very important, and goes on, you will have a nice interface to manage this stuff on!

It can also be very RPG. For doing such a immense job, you could then have a fun RPG environent, i.e., what kinds of lives do the rich people have in FF7? What kinds of lives do the rich people have in Real Life?

When you take away restrictions, and budgetting. And sometimes, by actually spending more, you can get stuff, that will bring you more money in than if you chose to save.

The above could even be something you can work up to. You could perhaps start at the bottom. Getting the train, like the guy that Barret yells at. And work your way up. You could work as a SOLDIER member, in the army. You could work for Hojo, messing around with cool science/etc./.

The actual ''work'' wouldn't be boring, as there is no point in that as we are playing a game. It would be looking at materia and stuff but, instead of having to be in-battle and stuff, you would be RICH :P. And dealing with large amounts of stuff at once.

This, is the shell. As long as it's kept good, it could go tons of ways. Perhaps their level of intel could be vast. They could more than know about AVALANCHE, with all of their resources, and live out tons of conspiracies. It could add twists onto already existing things and areas that it hints to, as well as FF7 theories and fan fictions.

It could be kept the same style, professional with Shinra, sparkly and interesting, with materia, magic, science and machines. And have the same styled windows and font etc.

I guess to simplify, you would skate over the mundane of Real Life, and instead the fantasy would be getting to live as a stinking rich guy, so rich that it is like another world. Being so high-up, you are living in highly functioning groups, that have abundance to work with, and deal with cool stuff, like creating machines, doing science with magic, etc. -- but, the dark side. To be rich in the first place, you must be evil. You must stay on top of things, keeping people down, introducing stuff like drugs, manipulating the common man, pitching people against one another. Maybe you help to develop monsters, that then keep people down, who have to fight them, as they are secretly introduced. Gasses that get released into the slums, having chemical effects.

Basically, whether you have to ''work your way up'' or not -- you could have a nice flat somewhere, huge tv, go to chocobo races and bet loads. Make connections. Use the mob, etc.. Take part in so-called illegal stuff, like moogle knife-fight betting. Etc.. Then, have your own investments, groups of SOLDIERs and machines, like Guard Scorpions, like a private small army to make use of if needed.
The president and co would keep his eye on you, as would different people, like Hojo, as you work your way through the company, progressing.
You could even encounter people like Cloud and co, in a funny, coming-close ''feel'' (for lack of better/right/ word).

It could be very vast, and what you do matters. New areas, in the same style/styles/.

In short, if you stop being Cloud and co. Realize that, instead of desperate Scarlet and stuff making Proud Clod. They probably have thousands, if not more, of machines. Millions of Gil. Live a totally informed, on top of things, rich life. When you consider the path of the president (Rufus). How bad-*** being a Turk could be (kidnapping, battling, etc.) (Support from Shinra, and their guards, if needed).

If you then had access to this, and, in doing so, kept the same sort of stuff, feel, style, etc. -- it could give you such a giant play-ground. But, like how the whole of FF7 is huge, but done in such a way that it's simple and we can digest it -- this could be done the same.

I am sure there are techniques for this, IDK them off-hand. E.g. summing up a lot in just one scene. Let you work with big stuff and concepts. Just how the usual FFs manage it -- we have played a lot -- it can be done well.

And lastly -- the idea being, not really something new. Not something stale. Almost a new twist of... yeah, you are evil... (boo! hiss!) But! -- It is a different world, all of the materia you would want, but you are so rich, you don't even care to play around with it. You are connected to so much, so much power, glory, riches, soaring over the common man to incredible heights.
Instead of struggling, you could get to ride the roads, on a bike or etc. -- get to ride chocobos perhaps on the streets (would be fun but, wasn't seen in the original so, IDK about that).

And, as a possibility, you have so-called threats. Cloud and co, Sephiroth, Jenova, etc. -- and have to deal with them.
These could be there from the start, but you only get hints when low down. And as you rise up, and get more responsibility, have to deal with them more and more directly yourself, as things get more and more serious (although, there may be a risk of merging into the same, already known story, making it stale and etc.)

So that is the vomit of ideas. Hopefully you can see some cool stuff. More than likely would need to be made on a different platform. But using the same styles and character models and stuff.
It could keep it very RPG but in a ''free'' way. So you could make a custom avatar. IDK.

Please, post thoughts !!
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