Author Topic: Need Help Please With Party Vs Party Mod  (Read 645 times)


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Need Help Please With Party Vs Party Mod
« on: 2017-07-23 19:35:10 »
Hello, so for a while now I have wondered about Party Vs. Party. I think, both sides should get to choose their party out of all characters but, like the game, only one of each. And no Young Cloud nor Sephiroth; etc.

You could have, Cloud, Aeris, Tifa Vs. Cloud, Tifa, Cid; etc.

IDK if you would ''need'' to have Cloud or not (what do you think ?)

Anyway, for the moment, this would be a basic Javascript project, just to make it easy and possible; as I think it will be really fun

Unfortunately, graphics would suck. It would require goofy hand-drawn sprites and maybe animations. But could maybe be made on a 3d game maker just to represent

I could map out, all combos of all moves, and try them out with all combos of materia and equipment

However, while this would take a long time; it could be done with lvl 99 characters with max stats in-game, by trying out and recording different damage amounts
(Of course, they may vary, but, if at least one amount was recorded, as long as not too much variation was there, it would be pretty spot-on)

So we then have the idea (really cool, could mess around with KOTR; Final Attack + Revive; HP <-> MP; Magic Hammer (or the move, if one, that takes enemy's MP); etc.)
Mechanics (i.e., just mirror amounts shown in actual game)
Platform (bad, but, do-able -- Javascript)

But that leaves some areas that I need help with or/&/ calculating; things we can't do onto our own party in-game
What comes to mind is/are/ Summons

I then have the issue of e.g. Haste and Slow
Possibly, these could be done in the long list of combos to try out
But I am unsure about this too

So, if people could help with this, then -
The long list can be made of combos
Maybe we can then have others try out and put readings of combos if they have not yet been tried and recorded
Then I can put it together -- and it will be playable and available to all
And added on could just be improvements to graphics; etc.

Thank you