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Title: gDEBugger is FREE!
Post by: Yarow12 on 2010-12-12 04:35:45
Being a gamer and not a game designer, I'm not sure what this exactly means to anyone but what the heck. Why not? Surely, someone will find this program useful.

Also, (random question) do you think colleges such as Full Sail University use this program? If not, then what do you think they commonly use in its place? I'm thinking of going to FSU for Game Art and Graphic Design.


Quote from: gDEBugger
gDEBugger is not available for purchasing for the time being.

We plan to release a new and **FREE** gDEBugger version for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. This version will be available for download by the end of 2010.
Please make sure to check our website for this version in the near future.

Until the free version will be released, please find below a temporary license file that will enable you to use the current gDEBugger version for free immediately.

Free gDEBugger license file (http://www.gremedy.com/downloads/gDEBuggerFreeLicense.zip)

Quote from: gDEBugger
gDEBugger GL for Windows saves you debugging time and helps you boost application performance

gDEBugger GL is an advanced OpenGL Debugger, Profiler and Graphic Memory Analyzer, which traces application activity on top of the OpenGL API to provide the information you need to find bugs and to optimize OpenGL applications performance.
gDEBugger - Main application frame

gDEBugger helps you improve your application quality, optimize application performance, reduce debugging and profiling time, shorten "time to market", deploy on multiple platforms, conform with future OpenGL versions, optimize graphic memory consumption and much more.

There are multiple ways to use the analytic capabilities of gDEBugger - from locating bugs to removing redundant OpenGL calls and OpenGL errors to performing regression tests. Whether your goal is to shorten OpenGL debugging time, improve application quality or optimize application render performance, gDEBugger displays the information you're looking for.
Selected Features
gDEBugger GL Windows enables OpenGL developers to:

    * View Windows OS, NVIDIA, AMD (ATI) and S3 GPUs performance counters as bars as performance graphs
    * Locate graphic pipeline performance bottlenecks using a powerful performance toolbar
    * Edit and continue GLSL shaders "on the fly"
    * Break on OpenGL errors, gDEBugger's detected errors, memory leaks, redundant state changes and more
    * View the application's graphic memory consumption broken down into individual OpenGL objects
    * View OpenGL static buffers, framebuffers, pbuffers and textures as an image or "raw data"
    * View the OpenGL calls history
    * Use gDEBugger's Analyze mode to analyze and view OpenGL usage and performance warnings specific to your application
    * Perform regression tests to understand changes in visual display, performance and accuracy between different versions of your OpenGL based application
    * And much more...

Additional information

    * Screen shots
    * Features list
    * OpenGL extensions support
    * Version history
    * gDEBugger tutorial
    * gDEBugger user guide

Title: Re: gDEBugger is FREE!
Post by: Micky on 2010-12-12 08:45:55
From the description it sounds like PIX for OpenGL. And, yes, if you're doing any kind of graphics programming a tool like this is worth its weight in gold. There are so many things that can go wrong when writing rendering code, being able to analyse what actually happens is a major help.
It's probably less useful if you're focussing on design or art, because then you're most likely using off-the-shelf applications like Max and Maya, or Unity and Unreal.
(There is a tiny bit of controversy if game-specific colleges like Full Sail are worth their money, or if a traditional college is a better choice. I recommend speaking with a few graduates, and with game companies in your area what they think of a Full Sail degree.
And remember, working in the game industry is a bit like working in a candy factory: After a while you start to hate candy. Or, if you're a butcher and know how sausages are made you may stop liking hot dogs. AND if you hope that you'll work on "Your Favourite Game II (TM)", it is quite likely that you spend years on "Crappy Licensed Game On Tight Budget With Short Deadline (TM)". YMMV, of course.
My recommendation is to get a proper job and do a mod or independent game on your own time.)
Title: Re: gDEBugger is FREE!
Post by: Yarow12 on 2010-12-12 14:19:21
Thanks for the help. I guess I'll start a new topic on college later.
Title: Re: gDEBugger is FREE!
Post by: Cloudef on 2010-12-13 19:17:47
I've used gDebugger for my project. It's like any other trial version. Gives you limited functionality (You can do this only once plapla)
But yeah, I only used it to check out if I were doing anything weird with my OpenGL pipeline. For everything else there is Valgrind, gdb and callgrind.
Title: Re: gDEBugger is FREE!
Post by: syntax error on 2010-12-14 17:40:29
I know of a FOSS tool (boomerang decompiler) that takes an executable and decompiles to almost usable C sourcecode.
Four years ago a company bought the 2 australian devs and development
did make only a very small progress since.Its difficult to compile but usage can be easily learned.

Sadly it does not support the Xbox 360/PS3 CPUs.
I should have told the (one) Q-gears guy about it,perhaps we could have played  throught FFVII+IX on ARMs.