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Audio Modding / FF7 - A faithful soundtrack remake
« on: 2017-02-24 03:11:31 »
I got sent here by a friend. I've been poring over uematsu's interviews, composition notes, etc for over a year now, figuring out exactly what he intended with every song. From what I can tell, the FFVII soundtrack isn't symphonic, it's orchestral rock. Even though it only rarely uses standard rock instruments, that doesn't make it a symphonic soundtrack. Orchestral rock is mixed and paced differently, and I intend to mix it like orchestral rock. That means chamber ochestra, solo instruments, SMALL section sizes, relatively dry.

Is there any interest in a complete FFVII soundtrack remake that's compatible with the PC version of the game? I've started working on one. Just trying to sit all the instruments in Prelude in one mix right now. The strings like to fight with the woodwinds a lot.

And this proof-of-concept fanfare:

Some instruments will be real, some synthesized. Whatever I can swing! But I'm dedicated to getting a real choir for One-Winged Angel and I've already poked around about it (my aunt is a professor at a music school so it shouldn't be difficult to russle up a latin choir). I intend to do the whole soundtrack and have it be loop compatible.

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