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Title: [FF7/1998] Slow menus and general gameplay
Post by: Kesendaran on 2018-01-07 00:37:13
Hello everyone! :)

After a few days playing the New Threat mod via 7H, I haven´t managed to get rid of a minor annoying situation.

Whenever I enter a menu or the game goes to post-battle screen (Exp and Loot), the speed of the game slows down to about half of what it uses to be. It´s still playable, but rather annoying. Sometimes, if I access the menu a lot of times or have several battles in the same area, the gameplay as a whole (exploration and battle) all slow down a bit.
Has anyone had the same issue before? The game runs perfectly normal in exploration and Battle modes, at least until I access menus.

I was wondering:
1 - this might be some definition set by my pc (see Specs, further down);
2 - This might be some 7H definition that is conflicting. If so, can someone detect it and explain it to me?

Running FF7 1998 version modded with 7H by the tutorial in this forum, with New Threat mod and Music Mod.
Asus T100 Transformer, Intel Atom z3740 1.33GHZ, 2GB RAM, Windows 8.1 32bit, Intel HD Graphics (can´t find info on the GPU, if it has one that is not in-built)

Profile Details
FF7 NT IRO - 24th November 2017
   ID: 4c8495d7-3090-41af-aeca-f6d138325c70
   Version: 1.5
   gameplay = 1
FF7 NT IRO - 24th November 2017
   ID: 06e2af1e-621c-4be4-8ac4-1f37d4652718
   Version: 1.5
   gameplay = 1
Media - Music and Sound
   ID: 2bdd4a94-4b06-46ca-af0a-37b9dfef25aa
   Version: 2.1
   music = 1
   sound = 0

PS: I got both instances of the new threat mod in 7H. Am I suppose to only have 1 activated? Maybe that´s causing the slow down?

Thank you in advance! :D
Title: Re: [FF7/1998] Slow menus and general gameplay
Post by: Kaldarasha on 2018-01-07 06:08:55
You should think about installing NT directly. The game itself doesn't demand so much but since 7H does run additionally and alter files in the ram it may impact the performance. Though, at first you can try to lower the texture memory in the OpenGL config to 256 and disable any post processing if used. If nothing helps then you need to lower the games resolution, reminds me that you also should check if the internal resolution is set to zero so it use the same as the output resolution. I think that the 2GB ram are the bottleneck. Windows alone use a lot of it, then the gpu unit will also reserve some of it (256 is my guess). Looks like there isn't much left for the game. At last you can try to install the gamebooster by Razer to reduce the ram usage of the system. I hope that something might help.

One hint, the menu runs at 60 fps so if your system is stressed to much it's the first area where you experience negative effects.
Title: Re: [FF7/1998] Slow menus and general gameplay
Post by: Kesendaran on 2018-01-08 21:59:26
Hello again!

Thank you so much for your reply! I actually spent a whole afternoon trying to find all the stuff I needed to install NT directly, but all the links I found to the patch 1.02 were broken, so I had to go 7H way instead.

However, the tips you gave actually worked (lowering texture memory and disable post processing)! I think it still slows a little bit but it´s like going from 100% speed to 90%.

Thank you so much for the help! :D