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Gameplay Mods / Re: [FF7] Battle difficulty options mod
« on: 2018-01-14 18:19:27 »
I would like to see a kind of regen effect to the mp and starting every battle with zero mp. That means the longer the battle becomes, more stronger magic will be available, if they are unlocked. This would greatly buffs the summons.


Vincent, Yuffie and Cait Sith aren't revisited yet, but will be. Next is Vincent on my list.

I found a draw back. The battle fields can't be increased in size without getting rendering issues, though there is some room. A 50% increase looks good but when you cast a summon like Ramuh you'll see for short moment unredered background (when the cam moves away). I would say without further testing that an increase of 25% should be fine.

You should think about installing NT directly. The game itself doesn't demand so much but since 7H does run additionally and alter files in the ram it may impact the performance. Though, at first you can try to lower the texture memory in the OpenGL config to 256 and disable any post processing if used. If nothing helps then you need to lower the games resolution, reminds me that you also should check if the internal resolution is set to zero so it use the same as the output resolution. I think that the 2GB ram are the bottleneck. Windows alone use a lot of it, then the gpu unit will also reserve some of it (256 is my guess). Looks like there isn't much left for the game. At last you can try to install the gamebooster by Razer to reduce the ram usage of the system. I hope that something might help.

One hint, the menu runs at 60 fps so if your system is stressed to much it's the first area where you experience negative effects.

Look on the Steam guide section. There you can download a version of ChaOS for steam.

The animation needs to be on top regardless of what mods you are using. I have currently released ChaOS-SR on steam which use my latest but not polished work. Because it use lgp tools with Dan's lgp edit, it also works with the 98' version.

Happy new year to everyone!

I'm nearly done with the battle model only the back legs need to be reworked/recolored. If l find enough time I should have it be ready to day. After that I make some weapon for him. Though, I need to see what the original names of them are.

Graphical Mods / Re: The Search for THE Aerith Model's
« on: 2017-12-27 00:39:49 »
I have a better looking Aerith for the next ChaOS release, though, the model isn't fully wrapped in a texture like the one from whiteraven or Mike. But still it's much better in qualitiy.

Merry Christmas to you, too. Jesus, why do looking the Rocky Horror Picture Show now? Ah, the end predicts so well how the community has become.

NT will very likely not work with the 60 FPS mod without a patch, because NT has new enemies with their own animations. Though, these animations are copies of existing ones which make it actually easy to replace them with the animations on which they base on.

I personally prefer not to use an iro for these kind of mods. Texture mods are usually huge, but thanks to the modpath of Aali's driver, they are easy to replace or to remove. There is no need for 7H to deal with huge amounts of textures when they are simple replacer. I have the feeling that texture mods do have a bad timing effect on the execution of a command in the battles (a short stuck when casting a spell fo example). Maybe with a fusion of Dan's new mod manager and 7H we can have a way to really install mods for static replacer and have the power to use the dynamics of 7H of the conditional folder to expand the boundaries of the game.

Great stuff! Are you interested in removing the square shadow look of the ground? I actually planed to do it myself when I finished all human characters for the battles but maybe you're faster then me. The thing is that every battle map has some light backed on it. However this can be removed with Kimera, so you have the option to bake now light on the texture or use kimera's lighting tool to shade the vertecies again. Though the problem is that Kimera doesn't load all objects of the battle map, but if you plan to only fix the ground, this will be enough.

The model is now fully replaced. What's now left to do is to recolor the transition zones of the pieces and make the shadow areas less dark. It's the most time consuming step but this way I give the model a look as if it would be one piece like the original models. Sadly I'm not at home else I would have tested it already in game.  :cry:

The new pieces seem to become pretty well for the battle model. Red looks really cool even though not all parts are fully replaced.

  • Texture cache is limited in size (configurable) and the game will no longer crash due to it loading too many textures at once

I had no crashes with this since I used Aali's driver 8.0 and up. The crash probably triggers when big textured objects are created and vanish in a short time. Full Heal as a spell for the whole party does also crash the game. Some people on Steam did report that it has something to do with immunity to death, but I got the crash pretty often on normal enemies, too. So, I always felt it was a problem with the effect itself.

Funny enough for me. ;D

Because Aali's latest driver has fixed that issue by adding a limit to the texture memory. However, the rerelease hasn't that fix, so it's only a problem for the steam version. I guess if you use many texture mods the crash will happen more likely. Some do report that it has something to do with the immunity to death status effects of some enemies, but I got this crash (0.7 driver) on normal MP enemies in the elevator in Junon. I got also this crash when I had changed Full Cure to add regen and effect all party members. But I never tested it with Aali's latest driver.

I got a bit distracted because Okami is on Steam now. ;) Anyway, the field model is now finished which means I will now try to port the new pieces over to the battle model. Speaking of Okami I would like to add this mirror weapon to Red one day. It should suit him. Once the battle model is done I have to sort the current done models and make versions of them for the minigame for the next release. I know that there is something wrong with Tifa and her cowgirl model.
After that, I'm not sure which character I do next. Personally Vincent would be my choice, but Cait Sith is the next logical character. (Though, as most of us I don't like him. I would like to replace him with an entire new character which has the slot machine limits but also can use some limits from Aerith. A true Ex-Soldier would be good because there aren't many Soldiers in the game anyway.) Sure there is also Yuffie but she isn't that urgent for a revisit.

General discussion / Re: Unofficial Qhimm Discord
« on: 2017-12-14 00:47:46 »
Well I made one for my mod. However, I came in touch with it recently and are not very good with it. But I like the tool a lot and it is absolutely a good thing to use.

Doesn't get the next update the 60fps animations anyway?
For the movement fix, I'll will definitely helping you out with that. Though, know where I think about it I guess you would be faster alone. Actually every field get the same orientation. If you leave the window open and jump from field to field, this would take roughly an hour.

Depends on the mod you want to use. Graphical mods do work. Changes to the gameplay won't.

I'm nearly done with Red XIII.

There is a bit kind of fur added which I didn't plan to do but I needed it to make the transitions on the legs a bit smother. It's also a bit more in line with the fur of his face this way. I also added some fake reflection to his bangles and have them also as separated mesh for further modifications. Oh, and the tail is now merged with his tip tail so it has more movement and looks a bit smother.  Well, I need to test it in game but I think it will be fine.

Yeah, even something like 16 directions would be satisfactory.  The hope is to eliminate the locked controls in certain fields where pressing up on the D-Pad actually moves you northwest.  If up always moved you North, and you had more then 8 directions available to you, the fields would feel much more natural

In fact, I think it gets worse with this. I'm pretty sure a lot of fields needs to be edited to let it feel intuitive with an analog stick. But that it is not a big deal, since Makoureactor allows for the fields such kind of control directions edit.

I hope with the release off R06 I can maintain the character more directly without to rely on Dan too much. However, this will be mean that I have to split the releases into two one for the Reunion (which has Dan's approval) and one for testing purpose. And then a 7th Heaven addon (like the dynamic weapons for Cloud [and soon Tifa]  ;) ).

Regarding Red XIII I came to the point, where I think that I have to reanimate him entirely. But I do work with the old skeleton for the time being and make with it the battle model. The new skeleton will have an extra neck bone and I change the tail to use 4 bones instead of 2. One bone isn't used and I merge the tail top with a part of the current tail to get a better movement for it. But that something for the next year. Maybe someone will help me with that. Reanimation isn't that hard, but Kimera can be sometimes frustrating.  ;D

Hmm, I think we need for that a xinput plugin first to have the analog sticks correctly recognized. A huge improvement would be to have the movement system from the WM in the field. When you change the direction on the world map the character does turn to that direction instead directly looking in this direction.

A dirty trick to enable 16 direction movement would be a controller mapper tool and a modification of the direction mutator buttons L1 and R1. If they only alter the direction by 22.5° instead of 45° the mapper could tell the game for example that up + R1 is pressed when the stick is at 67.5°, when you move the stick to 45° then up + right is used and at 22.5° right + L1 is used. With the WM movement this would give the illusion of true analog control.

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