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Can't seem to steal from Crater Dragon, must have tried 100+ times, three or four dragons now

You'll need a sneak glove I think.

-Random Battle On/Off Feature-
Hey Team, just downloaded the mod yesterday morning, returning after about a year or so -

I only applied the first link to my Steam version of FF7 (Windows 10) no other mods or hotfixes or patches or anything other than the first link, front page March 10 2018. Everything seems to be in order for me except for the Random Battle On/Off feature. I'm not sure if it defaults to 'On' after certain points but since I like to zip through the first parts of the game and I have had 'Off' selected quite a bit but have encountered enemies in these spots:
-After the plate falls and the cutscene in Midgar as solo Cloud, when Barret and Tifa rejoin him, heading back to check on Marlene
-After the chocobo race scene when first gaining the buggy
-Gi Cave had no encounters until I ran over the oil then battles started triggering (Edit: double checked this, went back from last save point in cave to oil spot and soon as I walked over the oil a battle triggered, did not hit spikes)
-And yeah after Gi Cave events back in the buggy happened again, so I think the game is defaulting to battles 'On' after certain sequences

Can confirm that when I got to a save crystal and hit the Random Battle toggle after each of these, it switched to 'On' despite me having been fighting random encounters. Flipping it back to 'Off' has worked as intended though after each instance so this hasn't been a big deal but always want to give my feedback, love this mod. Thanks as always Chief -


Sometimes the game can switch random encounters back on as part of a cutscene's script handling; for the small segment where Cloud has left the playpark and is heading south through the scrapyard alone, encounters could be fought in the original game which I disabled and then re-enabled once Barret/Tifa catch up to you. However, this then overrides the player's choice of encounters on/off until they've went to a new field screen. There are also some default scripts that can interfere with it, like the oil slide (the devs likely didn't want players to land an encounter while slipping, so they toggle it on and off there). I'm not sure how it goes for World Map encounters, I think you run into them regardless of setting because that's a separate module to fields.

The switch variable, however, should remain in place so once you've loaded a new field screen it should have encounters disabled properly again. I'll take a note of the locations you've mentioned and add handling to avoid the issue from happening at all.

It'll be the executable change, the older build did not modify the .exe like the new one does. Try toggling run-time permissions for the patched .exe or move the game directory out of the protected system folders, patch them, then move them back. Can also try manually patching the .exe using the Hext-Edit document via DLPB's Hext-Tools.

Hey y'all newbie here to this mod and forums, was looking for some info on something I encountered during the game that I'm confused about was hoping you could shed some light on it.

Was playing through and got up to where I've collected 3 of the mega materia and heading towards rocket town for the next segment, and all of the sudden in every battle it now randomly says Cloud Limit Stack+ constantly at the top in every battle.  It never did this before.

Is this a known bug?  Did Cloud develop some sort of new ability that I am not aware of?   Thought my game may have bugged out so I re-applied the mod but it's still happening.

If anyone can tell me what's up with this?  I assume that it's either a- some older passive ability that he had in a previous build of the mod or b- telling me when he builds towards second wind now for some reason.

Love this mod btw thank you for breathing life into a beloved classic.

In the new build, Cloud's innate ability was moved to Cid (2nd Wind) and Cloud was given a new one; when someone uses a Limit Break he gets a STR/MAG boost. The 2nd Wind that Cid has also behaves a little differently, you use the Defend command to trigger it when its charged.

Hello there,

Sorry if this was alreaady discussed, but I think there is some kind of bug/glitch with the Jörmungad boss (the Water Serpent in Junon).

The game is WAY harder, I get it, but this Boss is hitting me by 1300+ damage with Tail Slap. Even with Barrier, my group can't deal with it.

I'm level 21. I need to grind to defeat it?

Arrange Mode was intended for people who had previously beat the mod on its normal setting so it has a few bosses that are a lot tougher than their normal mode counterparts. Jorm in particular causes problems whereas Illuyankas/Bottomswell on normal mode is a lot more manageable.

This is one of the few fights where there's no advantage to having anyone in the front row as Jorm can't be reached with short-range attacks and there's no Long Range Materia that early in the game so move everyone to the back for this one. Barrier+All and Cover on someone like Barret with high defence (Protect Vest) should be more than enough to deal with the physical attacks early on (apply Sadness to the characters as well if not for another 30% damage reduction though this'll cost you Limit Breaks and make the fight last longer).

Antidotes are useful for dealing with Venomstrike as they heal Poison and Dual-Drain (reverse-regen). You can also combine Elemental with Heal Materia for some early Water element protection which'll reduce damage from Cyclone and Wave by 50% (or you can combine it with Fire to reduce damage from Tropic Breath instead).

Attack-wise, Choco-Mog can be useful for 'pushing' a phase so if there's a particular phase where he's too dangerous then save it for then to knock his HP down and progress him to the next phase sooner. For regular attacks, bolt spells and Bolt + Elemental in a character's weapon is a good shout if you're not using Elemental for defence.

As for party, I'd take Barret and give him the support materia like Barrier, Cure, etc. with Cover and Counter-Attack on him. Try and lift his defence with a Protect Vest if you have one, and any good physical defence armour you might have. Aeris can also be useful here for slinging Bolt/Choco-Mog and Healing Wind can help you out of a tight spot; having her in Fury status could also help as it means you'll get a lot of Heaing Winds to keep your party alive, but it might make her spells miss. She can also Defend to absorb elemental damage in a pinch.

Hello Sega.

I'm actually trying this mod for the 2 time, on arrange, and the experience so far is very satisfactory, while challenging bosses and even normal battles, but not feeling likeI'm stucking (except for the Illuyankas, that boss destroyed the crap out of me).
While I reached Midgar on 2 Disc, the monsters stopped being an almost challenge to become an odyssey. Before Midgar, monsters hits Cloud for 500-1000 dmg (he has 5k HP). I entered Midgar and BAM, 3-4k per hit, while oders just simply 1 hit him if I don´t put barrier on him.
The Valiant Clod boss is... weird. The first 2 tries he hits like a truck, the cannon hits for 6k, 1hko the whole party if not protected. The third time, he stopped, and started to hit like a child (compared to the other 2 tries), still being a challenge.

Well, I'm now on northern crater, I can't use mages, the materia lowers their HP so much, and having 3k HP (even on the back row) is suicide.
Cloud if not protected, is useless.

I don't know, it's feels like they're bugged or something (thinking that because of the Valiant Clod I've already tell).

HP: 5438  /  PM: 673
Strength: 139
Dexterity: 88
Vitality: 124
Magic: 76
Spirit: 113
Luck: 89

This happened before with the HP when materia equip bonuses/penalties were introduced, I might need to stick with default HP modifiers for the time being to avoid this problem.

Real questions:

It seems like some of the items you need for the ultimate weapons are located at the bottom of the northern crater (Heaven's Cloud, Synthesis Cell). Is there an option before the final battle to return to the world map or something?

Also, are all the HP modifiers for Safer Sephiroth still intact? Or have then been modified too?

Iron Giant can now be found on the Left-Down path of the crater, so they aren't locked behind the point of no return. Synthesis Cell though can only be obtained after that point.

Safer has no HP modifiers now, same with Bizarro.

Loaded the file, looked through the team, and ran the fight. Here's what I've got:

Spoiler: show

Cloud has 202 Attack, 220 Defence, 68 Magic, and 145 Magic Defence - Front Row
Aerith has 84 Attack, 198 Defence, 179 Magic, and 174 Magic Defence - Back Row
Cid has 242 Attack, 146 Defence, 49 Magic, and 116 Magic Defence - Front Row

I kept the materia, equipment, etc. the same and went into the battle to check damage. I took some screens to show damage difference between the three characters from various physical attacks. First we have W-Machine Gun against the party with barrier up:

Cid took the most damage at 919, which would double to 1800 or so if Barrier wasn't up. Cloud's defence seems much tankier by comparison, taking 300 (600 without barrier). If Crits land then I think this damage would multiply up by 2x; so 3600 max for Cid (not counting variance so maybe as high as 4000 max with no mitigation if a crit lands on him). Next is the single-target Punch:

This seems roughly as strong as Machine Gun, dealing 550 damage to Aeris compared to 500. I think its base power is 40 vs. Machine Gun's 32. Next is the HEAT Missile:

Cloud took the least damage against Machine Gun but he takes a lot more damage from this attack. It's likely this would deal exponentially more damage against Cid who has about 80 less defence (this is equal to 160 less defence compared to vanilla stats).

As for inflicting damage, I was dealing about 10-20 against Clod's main body while the Jamar Armour was intact. The Armour took the expected amount of damage, about 500-1000 from physicals, 3700 or so from Aeris' Hydro spell. Once it died, the boss' defence fell and took similar amounts of damage from that point onward.

I'll need to know how much damage each of your party members takes individually from a non-critical Machine Gun to determine if the numbers match up. I've posted some strategy stuff below as well for prepping the fight.

For optimisation, it'd be a good shout to give Cid and Cloud some Elemental Materia into their weapon combo'd with Lightning or Water for 2x damage on their physicals. If you don't mind burning an Elixir or Turbo Ether during the fight then Hydro can be buffed up using MP Turbo over MP Absorb. Cid should prob drop Comet and just focus on physicals, you've a spare Added Cut in there that could go onto his Steal/Mug for a makeshift 2x-Cut instead of Command Counter.

Fury seemed to work OK, but it caused Hydro to miss a few times and I only got one set of Limit Breaks during the fight for it.

For opening the fight, I had Aeris start with Regen, Cid use Wall on himself, and Cloud used Barrier on himself; we went after the Jamar Armour first (more or less have to due to the defence on the main body). You could maybe swap the two Barrier Materia that Cloud and Cid have so that you can make use of Wall + All instead of Barrier + All as Clod has some powerful magical attacks to watch out for later in the fight like Beam Cannon.

If status ailments are causing trouble then bring in your Added Effect Materia and attach them to the status magic that is proving most problematic in the fight. Paralysis unfortunately can't be covered with Added Effect due to a limitation with Materia flags but you could sacrifice the accessory slot for Jem Ring to block that status on someone with access to Heal Materia so they can always be available to use Esuna; that or Remedy/Soft will heal Paralysis as well.

Hello! i recently started playing FF7 again and downloaded this mod... I LOVE IT SO MUCH. i think i have been having a bug but im not sure, im on disc 3 and sometimes when im fighting clouds damage starts off normal in a fight but then suddenly dips down to 1-5 dmg per hit for the rest of the fight. i noticed this happening during the ultima weapon fight, id be hitting for 500 then suddenly 3, 3, 5, 1.  i even downloaded black chocobo and maxed his STR and went and did his dide quest. during that fight things were normal for the first minute or so then started hitting for 2-5. even limit breaks werent hitting hard and i checked to see if there were buffs like barrier etc... it doesn't affect magic attacks just clouds melee and also while fighting ultima weapon redxii and vincents attacks were still doing normal damage. i apologize for the scatteredness of this post

It's probably the Limit stacks, thinking about it I've no handler for stat capping so what's happening is the game is attempting to add Strength/Magic even if this would take it past 255 at which point it'll wrap back down to 0. Stats can go past 255 to 510 but this can only be done under certain circumstances using certain methods.

I'll add a handler to his character AI to prevent this from happening.

Was recommended this Mod and been having a blast playing it, but I've now hit a brick wall. Most of the Bosses have been tricky, especially because of their status changes and 2-3 moves in a row that they sometimes do, but they have been manageable ... that was until the Valiant Clod. Even in the back row, he is dealing 2000+ damage to my team and that is WITH Wall active. I'm level 65 and the HP is at the 4000 range. Two hits and that's it - game over. If I don't react quick enough to cast it the moment it runs out, that battle is over in an instant. And that's on top of the status changes, his counters, and the dual / triple moves in a row ... it's just far too much. I'm forced to have Aerith doing nothing but healing and reviving, Cid as a backup reviver or Ether giver to Aerith, and Cloud is the only attacker - but he is doing next to no damage.

Is something wrong with my version or is it meant to be this difficult?

There's been a lot of changes recently, I'll need a copy of your save file so I can run it and compare damage on the current files/check character stats and the like. Are you running the latest build with the executable changes?

Hi !! Sorry to disturb you again ((i don't knwo where to post this) But my game crashed at the scene with Bugenhagen CD2 (when they talk about ancients at Cosmo Canyon). Barret and Tifa flyed away through the door and...Crash...I tried many times times but nothing changes the issue :/
I suppose you already anwer to this problem but...Please D:
Anyway your mod is just...GREAT thanks you a lot ! :D

First off, make sure it's the latest version (March); there are no hotfixes for this version yet so don't apply any. The problem will probably have something to do with Aeris as that's caused problems in the past but they were resolved. If updating to the latest files didn't work or you already have them in, then you can try using the debug NPC on the highwind to toggle Aeris temporarily and see if the alternate version of the scene proceeds as intended; the NPC is a technician in grey/orange and can be found wandering around close to the entrance of the Highwind's Chocobo Pen, next to the black-cloaked merchant. Talk to him and he should ask if you want to add/remove Aeris.

If the issue persists with either scene, then I'll need to check it but I'm very short on time right now because of project deadlines. Let me know if any of the above suggestions work, and whether you still have Aeris or not (that'll let me know which of the two scenes are broken) or if you're using NT with any other mods.

Thank god none of that was intended, I feel like several materia might be off due to that. So you're right I did apply both of the previously listed hotfixes and I was trying to figure out why I did that, and unless im crazy, the current build of the mod lists september 12 2017. I hope what I did was saw that and saw the patches which I think were from a week after that and so I downloaded them without looking at the dates again until I noticed a problem in the game. Either I'm crazy or just unobservant but either way I appreciate the help. Are the item related anomalies because of this as well? I saved pretty intensely so I can go back a select distance to be before the huge stat gains as well as redo anything I may have missed out on. For example, I think the first time I was confused was with Thousand, Airhawk, and Thunder gunner, Thunder being the one with a morph of bolt ring, which I did kill with morph to no avail. Light Nation as well has a peace ring morph though he seemed to be impervious to all damage making that null, and Barbariccia GT (granted the documents listed Rubicante GT which is why I assumed it was an arrange related issue) that has a fire ring morph that also didn't happen. Illuyankas gave no morph item or drop despite them listed as typhoon ring and howl comb, and lastly jenova vector who didn't morph into a diamond bangle, didn't summon minions that it says are morphable, but did drop the listed white cape. Sorry for listing so many different fights, I just hate missing things. Thanks again for the help and any more you can give.

Edit: I went back to the gunners fight and thunder did in fact morph into a bolt ring, not sure if I should start there or start over completely.

Edit 2: Light Nation still seems immune to all damage, so I'm not sure what to take away from that.

Edit 3: Just noticed clouds innate was changed from what I saw before which was still second wind, something I was confused about seeing as it was in the documentation but I was still seeing second wind, so I assume second wind is now Cids as listed? Also I have been looking for ultimate weapon damage formulas that I thought used to be in the documentation but I can no longer find, could you list any that aren't the same as the base game?

2nd Wind was passed to Cid as his Barrier stuff was interfering with status effects. Cloud's innate was changed to a stacking damage up buff whenever Limit Breaks are used.

Ultimate Weapon damage formulas are the same currently as the base game, but I shuffled them about a bit:

-) Ultima Weapon: Same, uses Current HP as a modifier
-) Missing Score: Same, but available Materia slots were reduced
-) Premium Heart: Uses Current MP as a modifier
-) Princess Guard: Restores HP and can inflict Shield on hit ('damage' dealt is increased if any allies are currently KO'd)
-) Limited Moon: Uses Limit Break gauge & Limit Level as a modifier
-) Conformer: Same, uses enemy Level as a modifier
-) Cait Sith: Damage dealt is equal to difference between MaxHP and Current HP
-) Death Penalty: No special formula, but ignores Defence
-) Venus Gospel: No special formula, but absorbs damage dealt as HP
-) Masamune: No special formula, but always lands critical hits and can be equipped by any character (uses same model as character's starting weapon)

Hey Sega, it's been a long time since I've played this wonderful mod, but just as I was reaching Costa Del Sol I realized that my stats were ridiculous. Cloud is rank 2 at this point and it was only after I chose the second ranks sources that I realized they were giving 5 stats per source leading to cloud, with no stat boosting armor or materia, having a massive 193 strength 128 vitality, and 114 luck. I'm playing the March 10th 2018 version of the mod with all the current fixes and everything, on arrange mode. It was a big surprise as well that summon materia seems to give +50 strength, vitality, magic and magic defense, but I assumed that was normal. What about the sources? These stats seem super broken, against Jenova Vector cloud was attacking for almost 2000 damage at level 24. Apart from the seemingly super stats, some of the documentation is throwing me for a loop. Several bosses seem to have morph items in the enemy items document, all of which I have reluctantly tried to no avail, some bosses haven't even dropped an item when they have one in the list. Jenova vector didn't even summon any minions at the start of the fight like I had seen in MoCheese's 1.5 arrange video on it. I assumed most of the items being off in the list were due to playing arrange and the documentation was made with normal in mind, but the vector fight was what really confused me. Any help you can provide is much apprieciated.

So here's a run-down of how the latest build is supposed to work.

Executable adjustments were added that change materia equip effects, source point allocation (1 source = 5 points to the stat), and some other general adjustments. The other files were also adjusted to account for this, with rank-up intended to only give 1 or 2 sources per stat (+5 and +10 respectively) and Materia assigned to their new equip effect indexes.

However, it seems that you're getting the old source allocations where it was 1 source = 1 point, but you're getting +5 from each source due to the executable hack so your stats are x5 higher than what they should be. The materia equip indexes are also wrong, meaning you're getting the wrong bonuses/penalties on the materia (the +50 to stats was intended for HP<>MP Swap Materia only, Summon Materia is supposed to have penalties on it).

I'll check the files just now to make sure that the kernel/flevel provided with it are correct.

Edit: The files in the patch templates appear to be correct, but I noticed you said 'I'm playing the March 10th 2018 version of the mod with all the current fixes'; there are no fixes yet for the March 10th version, but there are old hotfixes that I haven't removed yet from the front page (November 2017); did you apply these to your game? That would explain why the core files are using pre-EXE values if so.

I'll remove the hotfix patches in any case, they're out of date.

Yup, was able to successfully escape. Although I think I've now hit a new snag; the Dark Cave removed the Key to Sector 5 from my inventory and now I can't reenter Midgar. I tried to get another key from the Bone Village but haven't found it again.

I always forget about that key; I can temporarily put a script in that adds it to your inventory though.

ok, I tried the new IRO, two things:
1- the summon materia didn't give bonus and malus any longer, dunno if it's a bug or not.
2- on the other hand, when I went to a save point to level up Cloud, Mr. smile gave me 1/2/3 batches of sources rather than the previous 5/10/15, and the sources give only 1 point to a stat when used rather than the intended 5 (if this is an intended change).

If you're using the IRO then you need to use the .EXE that was packaged with the download folder.

I 've checked the last main installer version and the problem with the materia its only in spanish version, i think ,dont worry ;)

Its strange.... i dont think the problem is in the .exe,even if i use the same that the main installer, without modify ,in english version the values seem to be correct but in spanish version not ,maybe other file affect this value or the form that the .exe is readed? ...... i will do more tests  :/
EDIT: The equip effect values in the kernel are diferent ,im gonna update it and i will see what happen xD
EDIT2: Fixed xD

Ah so it was the kernel, I guess that makes sense.

Thanks for the speedy update.

Forgot to mention that I'm playing Arranged Mode if that had anything to do with the bug, but I guess not.

It wasn't related to the difficulty setting, when I checked the script there was a bit of script sitting above the intended one. I removed it, you should now be able to examine the dead body, get the Mystile, and then the exit should be accessible after that (the SW one, the other in the NW remains blocked off).

It should update with no clashes, yeah.

Sorry for lack of responses recently, was tied up with end-of-block assessments at college. Going through previous posts, it seems I've missed responding to a couple as well.

I'm adding new fixes to the files at the moment, currently I've got:

-) Save Point in Costa had the infinite loop removed from it's script
-) Gongaga, scene will not trigger if Tifa/Cid are party leader (prevents scene breaking)
-) Typos/errors with Rank Up options
-) Changed shop inventory on Cargo Ship (Sailor) to include Ethers and other status items
-) Sorted out the Kalm Traveller Materia
-) HP restore added if quitting the Zack Flashback after KO
-) Fixed bad script at end of Dark Cave (final cave scene with body wasn't reaching intended script and unlocking the exits)
-) Implemented a solution to the walkmesh field exit problem of Main Installer vs 7H for end of Dark Cave that won't require that field chunk to be included

Some older changes are in there too, like enemy adjustments.

-) Investigate the Materia Equip Effects issue (EXE prototype version only) that Markul reported having. I've checked and tested them but they seem to be correct. We'll probably need to discuss that more to figure out the cause.

-) I'll go through and find posts from users that I missed tonight and respond to them; probably be too late in most cases, but just in case.

If there's any issues not mentioned here, let me know so I can check if I implemented it or not.

Here's the latest version of the files (.EXE version):

Standard Installer


Im playing since the start of the game,so i havent see that other summons have other stats .
I checked the stats of all the summons:

choco-mog,shiva ,ifrit,ramuh,titan,odin,leviathan,bahamut
(+50 str, vit,mag,def mag) (With 4 summons im God xD)
kjata,Alexander,Phoenix,Neo-Bahamut,Hades, Typhon
(-30 str, vit,mag,def mag)
(-15 str,mag
-25% HP,PM)

Looks like they're off, the +50 was intended for HP<>MP Swap only, the -30 stuff was for Mime I think. I'll check the files tomorrow.

Dark Cave issues:

Spoiler: show
So I beat Mirage and got dumped to a room with a body and two exits that don't work. I don't know what to do. I really don't want to fight Mirage again.

Was that the 7H version or the regular installer?

Been playing the exe edit version and liking it. Great work as always, segachief! :D
If i might make one suggestion, I feel that Barret's growth sets are more geared towards attacking than tanking I think he should benefit of having one of the str+10/etc ones replaced by vit/spr+10 str+5. That's a choice I would pick for him at least :P
Again, thanks for the amazing mod!

Could do, I'll take a look at it.

1 Suggestion O_o Maybe the summon stats parameters(+50) are too high and makes too easy the game now i think (In normal mode , at least xD)

I can't recall giving the Summons a bonus stat that high (unless it was KOTR?); HP<>MP Swap had bonuses like that though. Could you tell me what the stat bonuses/penalties you have for Choco/Mog, Leviathan, Bahamut-ZERO, and KOTR?

PM'd but I'll post it here as well.

Windows 10 can be incompatible with the installer for some users and report a 'not enough disk space' error (even when there's more than enough disk space). The cause of this isn't known to me, and I don't have a Windows 10 machine to run tests on. Possible solutions are:

1) Right-click the installer .exe and go to Properties
2) On the Compatibility tab, set the installer to run in compatibility mode for Windows 7.
3) Set the installer to run as an admin just in case

The other option is that emergency patch I sent across.

Any mods in particular that you recommend me using via 7 Heaven with New Threat Sega?

Depends on your preference, Kalderasha's models are a good shout though.

Not to be ungrateful about you producing the hands down greatest FFVII mod ever, but I cannot help but wonder if FFVIII New Threat will still be happening?

Even if it is I don't expect it any time soon but I just wonder if I should look forward to you fixing a game that so badly needed it.

It'll happen, but I've a lot on with college and work right now. I can make FF7 stuff very fast, but FF8 is a lot slower to work on.

hey, i really hate to ask, im very new to modding or anything of the sort...i got new threat working, but was wondering if it will work with any hd character mods?

It will, but you'll need to either use 7H mod loader for them or unpack the .lgp archive and insert the models manually.

I'll add a thing where it restores HP/MP.

I cannot seem to find the red crystal :(

It should be dropped by Abyss, and was renamed to Moon Crystal as Markul mentioned.

Just came across the mod in the past week (new to the FFVII mod scene), anyone have luck getting this installed and working on the FFVII android version? Heard it has the same folders as PC.

This reddit thread may be of interest, someone has got NT running on a phone but I think it was on iOS:

Sorry to pester you again, but there's one more thing. I JUST recently discovered a bug, regarding the save point near the entrance of Costa del Sol. Whenever I approach it and the options come up, the controls lock up for both my 360 controller AND the keyboard.

I must have messed something up, I transferred it over from the over flevel when I realised it was missing from the patch.

Edit: It was a missing label at the top with missing jump, means it never resolves. I'll update the prototype files.

Ah, so that's why. Just tried that and it installed perfectly, thank you. Also, regarding some of the information files included with the installer, some of them are a tad outdated. ^^;;; Aside from how the installation instructions were still telling me to install in the data folder, there were other things like how the enemy list has some outdated information; for example, it mentions the X-ATM Scorpion fight in Corel Desert, despite the fact that fight has since been moved to Mt Nibel, yet the file never told me that which left me quite confused. Also, where exactly is Vincent's Supershot ST, his triple AP weapon, located? The "where do I find it" file mentioned how it was in Ancient Forest, but that's only up to version 1.4. It's not there anymore in 1.5 (it was replaced by the Wizard Staff) and I never found the weapon ANYWHERE throughout my entire playthrough.

I thought they were all split between the Gelnika and the Ancient Forest, I'll double-check it.

hello and sorry for wasting anyones time for asking this but when i install this mod for the first time, am i supposed also install the hotfix patches too immediately after that?

It depends; the installer from the front page requires the hotfixes, but the prototype version that uses .EXE modifications doesn't need them.

Big fan of your mod here, played it like a year ago. Wanting to get back to it now.
I really liked the new stuff in arrange mode, but I think the battle with bottomswell (jorgumandr or whatever) is absolutely unbalanced. I've tried many, many times and I can never seem to manage to balance survival and damage (I read a post about someone who grinded to level 31 to be able to get through it). So I had to restart in normal mode. If it is not too much trouble, could you please take a look at it?
In any case thanks for reading and for the awesome mod.
BTW, will the exe edits ever come back? I liked materia equipping having notable effects on stats.

I'll look at the fight again.

Regarding exe edits, there's a prototype version currently up that will replace the main installer soon once some issues are ironed out. I'll relink it here (mind that it needs to be pointed to the Final Fantasy VII folder as opposed to the data folder):



Spoiler: show
Old man in Kalm gives me long range for desert rose, tells me I got him everything then pulls out them master materia, I fight them, they disappear and it says then I received another long range. The issue is I still have only 1 long range in my materia list.

We have a spoiler tag for spoilers, y'know. More effective than just putting "SPOILERS" at the top of your post. :) ~Covarr

I think you get W-Summon there instead, I'll need to look at the script again.

Awesome, thanks for the heads up.

Also, so I just got Cloud back in my party and went back to Nibelheim to view the Zach/Cloud flashback where they break out of the Shinra Mansion.
The scene did not trigger when I went into the basement room. Was this removed to be viewed later during one of the added side quests?

Might be that you have to wait until Disc 3.

I'm having trouble installing any of the 2018 updated installers for the New Threat 1.5 mod. Every time I select the data folder in the Final Fantasy VII file, and try to continue, I keep getting a message that says no files can be found to patch. And yet, the September 2017 installer still seems to work properly.

The new prototype installer needs to be pointed at the Final Fantasy VII folder instead of the data folder to catch the .EXE; I'll check the text in the installer in case it still asks for Data folder.

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