Author Topic: [FF7PC] Grimmy's Models and Textures etc.  (Read 46455 times)


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Re: [FF7PC] Grimmy's Models and Textures etc.
« Reply #75 on: 2018-07-22 23:15:29 »
I hope the creator will give you permission grimmy ^^ I love it's 2 scene :)


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Re: [FF7PC] Grimmy's Models and Textures etc.
« Reply #76 on: 2018-07-29 22:27:12 »
It has taken me longer than expected to make this Shinra Party swap function properly. Mainly due to the fact that the Kernel is loaded into memory once at startup, so I was unable to make custom limits or item names like in the psx version. But I can no longer keep spinning my wheels trying to trick this mod out and so I am releasing it as is. As stated above it is still based on Jeets mod for the psx found here. and a modded version of Scarlet from mr_nygren's play as shinra project here.

It is a small play through of what events may have occurred at the Temple of the Ancients before Cloud and Company arrived. I included the PHS anywhere mod to allow more playability with the Shinra characters since the event is so short. If you want to play with the battle models as a stand alone mod(outside of the story point swap) just use the Black Chocobo save editor and give your party the "Letter to Daughter" key item. That will swap the battle models, world map models and the avatars, but not the Field models or names. That's just if you want to do it as a stand alone mod, everything is fully swapped in the story point playthrough. Here are the Screenshots and demo video again as a refresher.

One side note. Dyne is shown above, but i pulled that character and added in Tseng. Just made more sense story wise.

The known issue with this mod is the same as the jessie mod. For the avatars to be swapped they have to be .tex files loading from a menu(direct) folder. For some reason a .png file loading from a menu(mod path) folder has a persistence like the 1st avatar to load is held in memory and never reloaded. The solution is still the same as with jessie, run your menu avatars as .tex files and then any avatar swap mods will work without any issues. THis is a 7H exclusive mod like the jessie mod because of the file swapping based on in game variable feature. I also built this using 7H 1.55, so i don't know if it will work properly under older versions. If anyone would like to use the contents of this story addition mod to create a full Shinra mod just unpack the iro using 7H and have at it.!6dJ3HQIa!nnsmIu9vOKX9EGpte0gnoFz24fb6GWyE4WHUWOqg5DU

I'll help with any questions other than "Avatars aren't changing/Shinra Avatars remain after main party returns", because I already spelled out the fix above. Also if you aren't using 7H 1.55 then you will probably have issues.

I am working on the FF7 Shinra mod right now.

I just wanna say that both Dark nation battlemodels have an issue where they stand still when using their basic attack. They do attack the enemy, but they just stand still and move without moving their legs - this goes for both the one you sent in your Shinra Mod package and the one i extracted from your IRC-archive.

All the others work fine i think. So would probably be interesting to find out if it has it's own attack animation when using it's basic attack. The one where it is using the tail. The other ones seem to work fine.


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Re: [FF7PC] Grimmy's Models and Textures etc.
« Reply #77 on: 2018-07-31 00:28:11 »
Cool. I didn't actually adjust Dark Nation's animations at all when porting it over from Jeet's psx mod found here. But you can assign any animation to any action by hex editing the **ab file of the model. A full break down of the file structure can be found on the wiki. Unfortunately I am busy with other work so I cannot do that for you. Good luck.