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I took it down temporarily as it's all but done and release is imminent.

General Discussion / Re: A mod
« on: 2021-04-06 07:42:09 »
I'm pretty sure New Threat has an effect on the experience points characters receive... But I'm not sure whether or not those experience points are improved, necessarily.

Are you looking for characters to receive more experience?

In all seriousness, can you elaborate? From my point of view, pretty much every mod improves the experience in one way or another. That's their purpose.

Sorry if my post isn't strictly inherent to the topic.

Is there a chance you could possibly upload a vanilla sfx pack for those of us who prefer the original sfx?
You see, the stock sfx playback engine of the game is bugged, and while FFNx has a sfx playback engine with those bugs fixed, it still requires a sfx pack to begin with.
I tried extracting the sfx myself with the old FF7SND (I couldn't get the new version of FF7SND working despite having installed .NET 5 x64 and x86, and having my antivirus off) and with cosmo095c, but after a few battles the game always crashes (if I only play in a field without entering battle mode the game runs fine).
Since you've so much experience with sfx modding, and your modded sfx pack works good, you surely know how to extract the sfx in a way that doesn't make FFNx crash.
That's why I'm asking you.

Thanks anyway  :)

You shouldn't NEED a sound mod... make sure your sfx option is set to "Original audio.dat" in the 7H driver settings (I'm assuming you're on 7H 2.3 to be having this problem)... If you need further help, hit me up on the qhimm discord. It'd be a lot easier to walk you through it.

This is a cool project, Bonez. Congrats!

Are there videos showing the new sound effects in action? I'd love to see your mod in action.
My Youtube channel has a few videos of tests as well as previews for the original mods, which while outdated are still largely included in this one.
I also post a lot more updates on the discord than I do here.

Sorry for the question, but how did you actually replace the sound effects?
Tediously. Very tediously.

He said he downloaded ED from within 7H and can configure the mod... Importing the mod again manually is going to change anything.

Cooley, did you by chance download 7th Heaven 2.3 or update FFnx?

Edit: Jesus, I could have sworn the date on this thread was new lol. I must have been looking at the date of the thread above it.

Completely Unrelated / Re: Why I don't like either of you
« on: 2021-02-24 05:07:51 »

Are you talking about the drama from last June??? I'm not saying it's directly as a result of what happened there, but It's been totally drama/controversy free for going on a year now... Even if you needed to ask for help on SYW5, you wouldn't be wading into any community drama to do it, as there isn't any happening... So, what are you talking about? lol

You're effectively starting drama by bringing things up.

I'm sorry about your high cholesterol, by the way. But it's better to eat healthy.

Releases / Re: [FF7PC] [7H] Enhanced Stock UI (2.0)
« on: 2021-02-03 01:41:58 »
This is what I'm thinking right now.

All fonts used by Square in FFXII and especially the HUD in FFXIV

But there's no way to tell if it will look good until you actually do it.

I'm currently having problems getting the music to play after installing the updated FFNx driver  I've set the settings correctly on the FFNx.toml file and removed the "#" as mentioned.  The sound effects suite all work but only the default music plays.  The music mods I use are the the Tsuna Arranged and the EDMusic, and I used to use the Symphonic Redux mod before this, now they don't load at all even by themselves.  I also get the black screen blinking throughout the game.  Is there something I'm missing or doing wrong?

This isn't related to this mod, but to get music mods to work with the new FFNx, you need to enable external music and set the path for external music to "music/vgmstream", similar to how you did for the sfx. The next 7H release will not require all this, btw...

The black blinking thing is apparently an AMD issue. I don't know anything about it as I use intel... I do experience blinking if I use the program Borderless Gaming to make the game borderless, however. But that seems to be a Borderless Gaming issue.

Releases / Re: [FF7PC] Bonez' Avatars 1.2
« on: 2021-01-16 08:08:54 »
Updated to 1.2

Lowering/raising the SFX volume in the game's Config menu seems to disable the SFX sounds altogether (menu cursors, engine sounds etc.). I'm using FFNx-v1.8.1.140 and I've set the correct settings in the FFNx.toml file during installation.

You're right. Thank you. I've never had a reason to lower the SFX, only the music; as the SFX are already a much lower volume than any of the music. I likely would never have found this. The next FFNx canary will likely have a fix.


Formerly known as "Bonez' Sound Effect Suite". Cosmo Memory uses the new FFNx SFX engine and therefore is technically an entirely new mod rebuilt from the ground up with a ton of new features. This project started out in 2018 as a little mod to just replace the FF7 menu sounds with the menu sounds from FFXIII. Since that time, it has evolved into something far more... After following the community and modding the game for several years, I noticed the graphical and musical mods were growing and advancing but the sound effects department was totally stalled. I mean, it's an entire 1/3 of what your senses are taking in, besides the visuals and music! I wanted something to match the beautiful/advanced graphical and musical mods provided by the very talented authors/creators of this community... So, I present to you Cosmo Memory: A Complete Sound Overhaul.

  • Replaces/updates all 724 original sound effects including battle, magic, enemy skills, limit breaks, summons, world. including looping and existing ambient sound effects.
  • NEW Ambient sounds for every field in the game
  • Replaces all sound effects in FMV's (pre-rendered cut scenes)
  • Voiced attacks or "grunts" for all party members
  • Shuffled battle impact sounds as well as other select sounds randomly so you never hear the same exact sound twice in a row.
  • 8 selectable menu sound sets; including FFVII Remake, Dissidia NT, FFXV,  FFXIII-A, FFXIII-B, FFXII, FFX, FFVII(Vanilla)
  • Complete compatibility with New Threat 2.0, Echo-S and any other difficulty mod.
  • Reunion compatibility is planned after the full release is out. Although it will be bare-bones in comparison to it's 7th Heaven counterpart and will really just include the base replaced 724 original sounds.

-This new version of the mod REQUIRES 7th Heaven 2.3+
You can download the latest 7th Heaven here :

-You MUST ensure the SFX option in 7th Heaven's game driver settings is set to VGMStream.

-Delete old versions of Bonez' Sound Effect Suite and Bonez' Sound Shuffler Add-on

-Adjust your music volume accordingly depending on your music mod selection. I recommend 50% music-volume and 100% SFX-volume with Tsuna Arranged and EDMusic.

Download Bonez' Complete Sound Suite 4.0-Beta5 HERE Size: 61MB Beta taken down temporarily for the next week or so as I'm getting geared up for the final release. One final play-through to squash any bugs and then it's out.

If you enjoy the mod, consider a little something for the many many hours it took to put this together: Donate Here

Releases / Re: [FF7PC] Bonez' Avatars 1.0
« on: 2020-12-01 19:02:54 »
I snuck in a DDS option (without updating the version number so I don't already have to change any links) so if you've already downloaded and want DDS, download again.

Releases / [FF7PC] Bonez' Avatars 1.2 (1/16/2021)
« on: 2020-12-01 10:11:54 »
I thought it was crazy that no one had taken the Testuya Nomura character sketches and turned them into transparent, portrait-style avatars (with the exception of the Zendar avatars, but they're set in opaque white circles), so I took a shot at them and I think they turned out pretty well.

1.1: Cleaned up some transparency issues, adjusted the saturation on the less-saturated avatars, automatic DDS selection.
1.2: Moved Cloud over a tad. The sliver of his hand showing was driving me nuts!

This is an IRO file which will require 7th Heaven Mod Manager (see:
Be sure this mod is above any other User Interface mods in your load order.

DOWNLOAD HERE Version 1.2 Size: 7.4MB

If you enjoy the mod, consider a little something for the many many hours it took to put this together: Donate Here

I've started replacing remaining sounds including ambient sound effects,  88 more sounds in total and I'm not stopping until every single sound in the game is replaced. I've added a FFXII UI sound set and a FFXIII-B UI sound set (since XIII has different UI sounds for the battle menu and pause menu). I've also expanded all the UI sets to include ALL sounds that happen inside a window box rather than just cursor, back, error and ATB load (so exp gain, gil gain, menu heal, buy, save sphere, item get, char lvl up, equip, materia lvl up, and materia get are also all themed depending on which set you choose)

hi! I'm not sure if this is were I report a bug but your mod causes CTD when talking to barret insided choco billy's farm on disc 1 in the latest New Threat mod. Though you should know.
I'm aware. Nothing I can really do about it, unfortunately. I can't find a reason as to why it would happen in that specific situation, but it does... That should be the only crash as far as I'm aware, though. You can turn the mod back on as soon as that conversation is over safely.

This is far, very far from the right place to ask this... FF7 audio mod releases section? Did you just pick a section at random?

Can we get this moved, please?

Anyway, once it's modded, there's not a huge difference between 2013 and Remaster. I still use 2013 as all of the mods have yet to be ported. Once Lunatic Pandora Remastered is completed, I'll switch. That will be your overhaul for the entire game. Remako is just updated backgrounds (SYW is currently superior) and 7th Heaven is just a mod manager.


This mod has been deprecated and replaced by Cosmo Memory.

An optional add-on for Bonez' Sound Effect Suite that plays physical attack sounds randomly from pools of slightly different sounds so repeating actions don't sound the exact same and never plays the same sound twice in a row, as is done in modern games. So when Cloud hits someone with 4xCut or certain Limit Breaks for example, each slashing sound will sound slightly different leading to more realism! Every physical attack and impact in the game is randomized with pools of at least 4 sounds each, as well as a few other appropriate world sounds like doors, buttons, foot steps, etc...

FF7 also has a few missing sound effects (they're technically not missing. They're in the game. The game engine just refuses to play them for some reason) that you may have noticed before like Leviathan's wave. This mod has the ability to play those missing sounds, so I put them back in - the ones I'm aware of off the top of my head, anyway. If I discover more or if anyone knows of anymore, let me know and I'll add them back in as well.

If shuffled sounds are too loud or too soft, change the volume of 7th Heaven in your Windows Volume Mixer accordingly. Changing the volume of SFX in-game will nave no effect on shuffled sounds.

Randomized sounds:
Cloud Melee
Receive Melee Damage
Cloud Critical Melee
Receive Melee Damage 2
Field Kick
Aerith Melee
Field Button 1
Field Button 2
Land From Jump 1
Red 13 Melee
Honey Bee Smack
Field Door
Red 13 Critical Melee
Footsteps (President's entrance sounds awesome!")
Honey Bee Boop
Receive Melee Damage Small
Receive Cut Damage/Sword Impact
Receive Stab Damage
Bite/Lay Flat
Land From Jump 2
Cait Sith Melee
Tifa Punch
Cait Sith Melee 2
Yuffie Critical Melee
Cid Mop Melee
Yuffie Melee
Cid Stab Melee
Tifa Beat Rush Melee
Tifa Kick Melee
Receive X-Small Cut Damage
Sephiroth Melee
Sword on Metal

Missing sounds added back in:
Leviathan's Wave
Part of Neo Bahamut/Part of Omnislash

Preview Video:

After the game is closed, 7th Heaven must be restarted before the sound shuffler will work again. There is a reminder window that pops up when the game closes.

Thanks to ficedula and Martin Barker for the program Ultrasound for which this mod relies and thanks to unab0mb for helping to get Sound Shuffler working correctly with 7th Heaven. Without them, this mod would not be possible

This mod REQUIRES 7th Heaven or later. Available here:
Due to the nature of how this mod works, packing it in an IRO file is not possible, so:
Automatic installation (Recommended):
Download and install automatically from the Mods of the Round catalog in 7th Heaven the same as you would with an IRO.
Manual installation is a little different:
1. Create a new folder in your 7th Heaven mods directory called "Bonez' Sound Shuffler Add-on"
2. Download the 7zip file from
3. Extract the contents of the 7zip file into the "Bonez' Sound Shuffler Add-on" folder you created.
4. Open/Restart 7th Heaven. If the mod is not automatically imported, Turn on "Import Mods From Library Automatically" in 7th Heaven's General Settings and restart 7th Heaven again.

Have you tried switching dealers. Sounds like yours is too strong or maybe even laced
Oh, it wasn't like a one and done thing. It's been an ongoing thing since I was a teenager. Many different sources... I have come to the conclusion that I can handle indica a little better than sativa (just absolutely fuck sativa forever). But, most of the time when you ask a dealer/someone who's smoking/offering "is it sativa or indica?" the response is usually "No, it's just weed."  -.-   ... And requiring a chemist every time I want to smoke just isn't feasible lol.

everyone knows that when you wake up hungover, the first thing you do is slam 3 beers before breakfast

no more hangover - you're just drunk again

Hair of the dog and all that.

But I only experience legitimate existential dread on marijuana. Along with other unpleasant things... Can't smoke the stuff... Wish I could. It looks like fun for everyone else lol.

Completely Unrelated / Re: question
« on: 2020-06-28 22:40:11 »
What are you talking about?

If anyone starts to think your an idiot that means they're allowed to insult you.
True story, I heard it on the internet once.

Don't tempt me like that.

Support / Re: Roses and wine ff8 music mod
« on: 2020-06-24 00:36:09 »
oh come one isn't the answer obvious? whoever published that mod just suddenly decided to remove it out of some damn spoil without give any explanation or any other alternative source to download it, and how we are in this situation -.-

I don't know what your'e on about. Explanations have been made clear and DLPB's new source was made public in the Discord. I'm sure he has links there for all his stuff. If not, I'm sure you can just ask for one. His discord is Having said that, you may be banned from it for no reason before you ever type anything like I was. His rules section says he's a big proponent of freedom of speech and accepting of personal views-- unless you used your freedom of speech here to give your personal view that you agree with his ban, then "nah dawg."

Zara/Golf, I told you the options for getting it the other day. I actually sent you a copy. The other option was to wait for him to set up shop somewhere else. Since he has done that, go get it. But good luck. In the short time I was in there I saw that he said if you in particular ever came to his Discord, he'd immediately ban you. You might be able to click some links before he catches you though.  ;)

Announcements and site development / Re: An apology
« on: 2020-06-22 07:16:47 »
Was opening this thread back up an accident? Have we not gotten enough drama yet? Lol.

General Discussion / Re: what's up with the filter?
« on: 2020-06-19 06:39:31 »
frankly, i find the community's silence on the issue frighteningly complacent

I don't want to speak for everyone, but it's probably because we just don't care anymore. At least it is for me. It doesn't rustle my jimmys at all if I can or can't use the words "Reunion" or "DLPB". It's not going to effect my experience here. At this point, I'd really only need them if I wanted to keep bringing them up to try and start or engage in drama...

You seem to be the only one with this big of an issue with the whole situation. I just don't care anymorrrrrre.

Announcements and site development / Re: An apology
« on: 2020-06-15 23:33:57 »
Personally, I dislike DLBP and get into dramas and trash talking with him more than anyone but, I don't think he should be completely removed from the fórum.

I don't agree. From what I could tell, he didn't want his mod involved in anyone else's mods, and therefore also made it difficult for any other modders to support his framework. He wanted it shut off in his own little corner of the forum and wanted it to be the one-stop-end-all-be-all-solution. It's better and only fitting if it has it's own dedicated site somewhere where it can be by itself. If he isn't going to embrace the entire community, why should the community embrace back?

Edit: I thought Orichalcon was disagreeing with Ric, not the ban. Sorry.

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