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Not much time to respond as I wish to have, but, well, time will be soon different.

I did resize most models for every field, the problem is that this is stored in the flevel.lgp itself. Though, thanks to 7H, I was able to extract only the necessary part - the model loader. While this is widely compatible with all languages it isn't compatible with mods, which do actually alter the model loader of the flevel.lgp. I assume that NT and the Reunion mod will have some problems with this. If you want to alter the size for that scene by yourself, you need Makoureactor. With it you can alter the size for every model and somewhere (walkmesh -> miscellaneous -> field scale) is also a setting, which defines what the normal size of a model in that scene is and gives the model the correct movement speed.

I would say the only people who can do it, are now with Nintendo. Kitase and Nomura do plan a reboot rather a remake (I really could live with that if they would be honest to themself and to the fans who demand a remake). They should have given the charge of the project to their younger stuff members or even the team behind Bravely Default and has given Kitase and Nomura an adviser role.

I don't think it is the model. Texture-wise we can go as high as we want. 4k is pretty possible, even 8k might work. I guess Melenia's Cloud has a 2k texture. Though, it's hard to tell where the problem is, without seeing it in motion. It could be that the orientation is wrong and the model does clip with the ground or it clips with the cam. It's a pretty close view after all. From what I can see I would say the model isn't plain and not near enough to the camera and does clip with the ground as well as with Cloud.

It looks like a turnip with with legs or arms.

This is a bug with the rerelease, which I didn't really understand, since it I haven't this problem with the OpenGL driver.
You can try to use my test folder for the new battle models.!2QtFVTbQ!j4aQqSp0W04wCK9UKr1q1AbntPlEUoUactOXzLeLVWg

7thHeaven / Re: the game is stuck 7 fps
« on: 2017-09-26 19:02:06 »
You have to install the Reunion mod from DLPB. The 7H version is based on R03 and hasn't the new limiter. Though, this isn't your problem, there is something else what is causing the slow downs. Did you update your graphic driver, since the last time you hadn't that issue?

7thHeaven / Re: the game is stuck 7 fps
« on: 2017-09-26 07:14:34 »
Long time ago I had the problem that my old PC (Win7) started two instances of FF7 or was it that I need to start it two times to run the game. Anyway I had to open the task manager and had to kill a process (I guess it was run32.dll). Nowadays, I get slowdowns when my operating system was too long active, which easily happens because I play on a notebook. So a reboot can sometimes solve fps drops for me. I should also note that DLPB's Reunion mod comes with a new frame limiter (don't mix that with the 60FPS option), which also helps to stabilize frames.

BTW. the game performs differently in the different modules:
Field - 30 (FMV drop them to 15)
Battle - 15
Menu - 60
World - 30
The Rest - 30 or 60

Troubleshooting / Re: Makou Reactor text limit
« on: 2017-09-24 07:50:53 »
You can in theory expand the size with 7H or to be more precisely you can work around it. Make a conditional folder and replace the scene with a duplicated one of it through a check of the game moment. In the duplicated one you can then use again 255 text blocks. Though, the drawback is that you have to handle two files for one scene.

I think that FF7 has the same issue. It's probably because of the way how they solved it to display transparency on psx which isn't easy to takeover to PC. It pretty much looks like as if they used the brightness of the pixels to calculate the opacity of them, instead to use the texture/pallet with transparency information.

Phew, I looked at Red XIII and his animation. This will be a really huge project. Around 80 animations needs to be edited, because the current skeleton isn't correct regarding a real animal. The biggest problem are the legs. The front legs have an additional bone which probably is there to give the illusion of muscle movement and the hind legs have a totally wrong shape which ends up with strange animations.  My biggest problem here are the siting animation. My plan is to make the new model, then do a few animations and document how I have done it and then open a new project where I need help with reanimating him. Though, I could work with the original chibi skeleton but I want to have it done correctly.

Aali's driver is only for the original release. For the Steam version it doesn't work and is actually incorporated already.

I agree with Dan. However, I never did a good job with that minigame (I guess my best score was 34 or whatever on PSX). But honestly who actually cares for a prize which you won't really need? I also did never like this minigame, since it has no extra hint or help to find the right spot. Something like a constant march sound rhythm for example. Adding this could make even Dan's higher difficult much easier.

The game will run with the onboard Intel GPU by default. You must force the Nvidia driver to use the other GPU instead.

Sorry, there are no official mods for that. Though, there do floating some mods around which do that, but not here on Qhimm.

I'm not really finished with Cid, the mini game model is missing, but I will go on and revisit the next main character which is Red XIII. The new design will be a mix of the both play toy models of him. See here
The AC model has the better proportions and looks more agile and aggressive while the other has a better color scheme and the body hair isn't that long. More or less you can say, I want to achieve the wolf like body shape of the AC model but give it the lion like look of the other one. Possible that I have to touch the animations as well.

Oh my.  Steam or original version?

Even with Maki's UV fix, there's still a 1px (actually I guess it's 1/2 px) issue with UV's in FF8... I believe it has to do with the way directX9 draws it's texels.  There exists a fix to input into the 'shaders' of games, as it's a known issue between Dx9 and Dx10, etc., but I don't know the first thing about modifying the .hlsl files.  This shouldn't be something that needs to be done in the actual game memory... but I don't know?

Anyway... awesome progress on all of your mods!  Thanks for your hard work :)

Maybe this guy could lend us a hand on this:

The community Flevel project is, well, dead or I should better say that the Reunion has now similar aims and fixes a lot. Regarding the model heights they are already separated and can be turned on and off in the ChaOS  base mod. Though, since R04 (or was it R05?) does add new models to the model loader for specific scenes, there are scenes, which will crash.

7thHeaven / Re: Mod Errors
« on: 2017-08-26 11:18:25 »
The crash may happen because of 7th Heaven. If it runs with no problems without 7H, then you should rerun the Gamesconverter.

7thHeaven / Re: Mod Errors
« on: 2017-08-26 06:22:08 »
Can you start the game without 7H by using FF7.exe?

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / Re: Flevel Stuff
« on: 2017-08-21 06:37:47 »
This shouldn't be handled by a script in the flevel. For this we need a global script which works scene independent (though it does need to know if it should be executed on the field or not). After all a day, night and weather cycle effect needs to be also present on the world map and battles.

7thHeaven / Re: FF7 Crashes as I get to opening menu
« on: 2017-08-19 15:16:20 »
I find it more strange that the midi music is used. Do you have a Yamaha XG? Though, I think that the rerelease doesn't even come with the midi files, so a crash should be expected.

General discussion / Re: FFX modding scene dead ?
« on: 2017-08-16 10:59:34 »
Not for pirates...

While we are at it, does anyone have any problems with field script?  What I mean is... what else could I add to the engine?

There is indeed a few things I would like to have, but that's probably an engine enhancement. So see these ideas as suggestions when you need to clean your mind from another project. ;)
Is it possible to add an additional animation to the eye blink? It would look much better with half closed eyes. I have also a problem that the game use for most models Clouds closed eyes. If the NPC would use another texture as source I could make a big sheet with a lot of eyes for the NPC and another with closed ones.

Another thing I would like to see someday are mouth animation - somehow I like how it looked in ff7 machinabridged. If the mouth will move for every three letters, makes short breaks for spaces and long breaks for dots and commas it may give a good illusion of real speaking.

Dropshadows would still be nice thing to have, I guess to get the shadow to follow a model isn't the big challenge, but disabling it when its not needed and how to disable it seems to be tricky in my eyes. A fade opacity of a model would be perfect, but it doesn't exist, does it? Or maybe a dynamic scale would work better. Anyway there are functions needed to handle the shadows (if they ever will be implemented) to disable them when they are not needed or a character needs a special shadow.

Sound for foot steps. Not a big thing, I guess, but we need a way to tell the game when which place should play which sound file.

I know that I overstate the case, but if I don't ask the chance even lower see something like that.

Have we ever addressed the issue with mtcrl_3?

I had encountered once myself but it is very rare, so I mostly forget about that. Maybe a side effect of the faster loading time?

I second this. Such a plugin for Blender would be much more useful for us who can't afford Maya or can't get it for free (nor want to use a pirate version of it).

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