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FF7 Tools / Re: FFVII Enemy Database & Calculator V1.0.0
« on: Yesterday at 20:53:42 »
An immense amount of work!  I commend you.

Actually they aren't 480p either those Toshiba ones.  They are 640*448 when you remove the black bars.

I recently bought NeatVideo, which is prob the best denoiser around.  I think any solution needs something that clears up frames by using preceding ones.

And using Toshiba where possible, as I did here (remember to set to 720p) for my project Goblins Bar:

General discussion / Re: Is a FF8 PC rumble mod possible?
« on: Yesterday at 15:00:49 »
It is - but like all things, it would take effort.  The rumble opcodes for field are still there at least and in the script (prob use the same func as battle)... so it would be a matter of adding rumble code back to the function that's been emptied.

As to your question about encounters, I have added the bridge battles back some time ago (for example) for R06.

It does work on IDs as you have spotted, but the ID also has a "can battle occur here" flag attached to it.  See my own code here as to how I added wutai bridge battles back:

Code: [Select]
Procedure WorldMapTerrainBattleFlag7621C0; stdcall; // Only if result equals 0, allow world map battles.
  mov ecx,[$E3A7D0]
  cmp ecx,00
  je @Label1 // unknown check

    movsx ecx,word ptr [ecx+$4A] // Terrain ID
    cmp ecx, $122E
    je @Label1 // if terrain is Wutai Bridge, allow battles

      sar ecx,05
      and ecx,07
      mov eax,ecx  // eax now contains terrain battle flag
  jmp @End

    xor eax,eax // This will also allow battles

The game also determines if you are able to use menu by the same principle.

OK, coords set from field to world map are stupid. Really stupid and probably a remnant of porting from psx badly (I think it's just a calc to make use of 24 bit data).

The coords are not stored as a 3 or 4 byte integer... instead, they are stored in two separate two byte values and then operations are done to make the final 3 byte integer

Let's take Kalm, for example.  When exiting Kalm, Cloud will appear at X coord value decimal 201868

This is arrived at by the two byte value 0x18 and 0x13D6

0x18 is multiplied by 0x2000 to create 0x30000

And then the two byte value 0x13D6 is added to this to create 0x313D6 (decimal 201868).

See the following data at 00DF5C28 [You can find this from 0x764D24].  X is in red.  Y is in blue.
18 00 10 01 0D 00 08 03 00 01 10 01 D6 13 10 01 20 19

Z and character direction must close by (Z may be being calculated based on X and Y).  Z is signed, so watch out for that.

This data is written to from elsewhere (and my debugger won't tell me where).  Likely this data is raw in one of the world_us files.

Search for the above byte order in a file and you should find it.  IN the meantime, I am going to continue looking into this.


wm0.ev (event file in world_us).  0x7e0.  This is where the data is stored. Of course... being that you'll need to use my tool Ochu to get the coords (by leaving each town) and then do the math on each coord and look it up in the event file, it's going to be annoying.

The only reason Delphi died (although it hasn't) is because of poor decision making by Borland in their hay-day, coupled with the fact they were competing with the might of Microsoft (who also ship the libraries and even freeware compilers) meaning many gravitated towards C over Delphi.  Also, I hear, MS bought out loads of Borland's team.

As a language, Pascal is superior imho.  It was, after all, made to create good programming practices:

And came after C.

I think C is a terrible language and this becomes more apparent when you see mediocre code that will then not compile properly on another compiler. 

If you want to create a portable, self sustained program that will work almost universally when you ship the source to another person, then Delphi - or any other high level language - is the way to go.  I don't need to mess about with memory management, crazy syntax, and other annoyances.

Of course, no-one is going to agree on this - but I'll dance the day that C dies.  ;D ;D ;D

The trouble we've been having with Aali's source would never ever have happened with Delphi - the language simply doesn't allow for it.

Nah - it's using my own - the original OST with improvements to loops and so on.  But you can put any in it.

The graphics look much better with Nvidia which is why I want to figure out how to fix the 12 FPS in battle.

<  May be related to broken fps frame limiter.  Fixed in Reunion R06. Not sure about R05.

I am sure I saw the original coords in a table in the exe....  I'll find them later.

Ah - yes....  Sorry about that.  I spotted the table file some time ago!

Nice work, btw.

What I don't know is how the game knows which coordinates on the world map to drop the character when entering the WM from a particular town

It will likely be hard coded it not in that table file. Best bet try searching for the X Y Z value from world map.  You may have to divide by 4096.


Can you please take this issue to the 7th Heaven section as this is not related to my installer or project?

Thanks :)

Graphical Modding / Re: Question about AI
« on: 2019-02-03 21:56:45 »
I don't know why they're calling it AI tbh... It's not an intelligence.  Nor is Alpha Go etc.  I dunno what you'd call it but not AI.  Perhaps adaptive program.

IMO Reunion Installer > 7th Heaven, at least in terms of simplicity. The only unrelated mod I am secretly hoping might be considered for adding into the Reunion installer is the hypothetical new version of New Threat that Sega Chief mentioned might use BC as a base for translation with his scripts added over in places as needed. It would be awesome to have a "remix" version of FF7 that still includes all the incredible translation work DLPB, Luksy, and the gang have worked on for so many years.

This is definitely something I'm looking into with Sega Chief when both mods are at a stage where we call them complete.  It may happen sooner than you think ;)

@Opengrip.  It ain't happening.  Move on. I've given my reasons and my position is unlikely to change.  I'm also pursuing my own modding solution for modders and I find it to be much better than what we currently have (for standalone mods, at least).  So time will tell.

FF7 Tools / Re: [PC] Trainer and Debug Tool - Ochu (3.4)
« on: 2019-02-03 20:16:05 »
That shouldn't occur but I guess it's again the DPI setting.  Make sure your DPI setting is 100%.

My mod came long before 7th Heaven.  You aren't hearing me:

My mod has an installer. It works. It isn't my job to make my mod compatible with another mod - or to work around issues with a now totally unsupported older mod that 7th Heaven devs decided to add.  I don't like 7th Heaven either, which is why I am making my own modding solution.

To create a working translation, the menu needs to be edited, as certain text won't fit etc - that's why it currently comes as one mod.

You are also vastly underestimating the work that is needed.  I have my own mod to complete without spending 100s of hours fixing up another install package.

Because 7th Heaven is an overly complicated modding solution - and it isn't for me to fix bugs with their installation.  My installation works fine.
Not to mention, I am working on my own modding solution.

Imagine you create a novel and someone else edits it and then it's all a mess.  Would you take your complaint to the editor or the original author?  There's nothing more to say on it.

I don't even have the time to start loading 7th Heaven fixing all the incompatibilites.

Also, the reason Menu and Beacause come together is because of menu changes needed to accommodate it.  This may be something I can make optional in R07.

Finally, I'm not happy that the old Menu Overhaul is part of 7th Heaven, because I don't support that version anymore - and it looks crap.  I am not sure the next version will even be compatible with it at all.  As I say, I am working on my own modding solution. 

FF7 Tools / Re: [PC] Text editor - touphScript (v1.3.0)
« on: 2019-02-03 13:23:03 »
sorry sorry sorry i have turbobit premium i will fix immediately

just wait 5 seconds and click "Dosyay─▒ indir"

< Also this site tried to make me buy something.  Opened a ton of tabs and Paypal.  Make sure you don't use it again - use Google Drive  :)

FF7 Tools / Re: [PC] Text editor - touphScript (v1.3.0)
« on: 2019-02-03 12:59:16 »
ithos: Error in entry n 39: 13: Unknown sequence ─░

Ithos has an unsupported character in it.  The above log is incorrect, but you can search for it and it's on line 196. You can't use this char.

I am not sure why your game doesn't load - mine works when I use your encoded kernel2

FF7 Tools / Re: [PC] Text editor - touphScript (v1.3.0)
« on: 2019-02-03 12:41:39 »
Checking now, Adol.  Been very busy with work and what not.

The box sizes there are caused by incompatibility of mods you have installed.  When using R05 (or 6) the installation autosizes.  If any other mod is installed that affects font spacing, you'll get that issue.  It doesn't exist as far as I'm aware with a normal install (7th Heaven is not a normal install).

Additionally, a lot more work is needed on grammar - which will be finalized with R07.

Great stuff ! but how about the modified font ?

This needs to be taken to The Reunion thread really... but font changes can be either png or tex - manual edits.  Most languages already have font chars that are on the default map.  Come to Reunion thread and advise if this is not the case.

Reunion R06 will allow for all versions to be used with the English 1.02 ;)  I've even added in the ability for all exe text to be pulled from external text file. No exe editing is needed - all external.  In other words, we won't have issues like incompatibility between versions anymore.

There are a few people working on updating Aali's dll - and I am also going to be using my own version for Reunion R06.  I can always add some of their fixes to my own project and I'll ask that jpeg be supported. Do you think it would be useful to have high quality jpegs given the difference in file size?

Myst6re may have an idea but odds are no one does - because testing on that has never been thoroughly done as far as I am aware.

But with lines and models... if you see map jumps on the predefined scripts above, you will have no idea if they are ever called. As those will usually be user initiated.  So perhaps use different colour spider diagram line for those.

That's only of the type is set.  In cases where a "line" instruction has been added, S2-S6 are predefined - as above.  I am not sure of the full process there.  But normal groups are simply 32 general purpose scripts. Model groups have the talk and contact scripts.

As it says above - location and model have a few predefined actions.  For location, if you cross a line or move away from a line, for example. These are actioned by hard code.

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