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Troubleshooting / PS3 pad problem
« on: 2017-07-13 00:15:53 »
Hi to everyone guys!
I always played FFVIII with my ps3 pad.
Some times ago I got a lot of problems and I've reinstalled Windows7 64bit with everything I need.
I've also installed SCPtoolkit and it's awesome...I play with the cable or with the bluethooth everything.
Today I've installed FFVIII (old version as always, not the steam one), get the latest version of Aali's driver & change the music with the pack of Samuel Slight's (for having the classic soundtrack not midi of PSX). Nothing less, nothing more.
If I play the game everything it's fine. But my pad doesn't work.
If I run FF8Config, and try to setting the buttons.......well the 4 arrow buttons AND L2 - R2 dosn't work anywhere, meanwhile X,O,Triangle,Square,L1,R1,Start,Select,L3,R3 works, or change the name BX with the correspondent button, but after confirm everything, if I play the game the pad doesn't work at all.
SCPToolkit it's the last version, with other games (Tales of Berseria, RE7, Guilty Gear and so on), pad working 120%.
If I open the monitor status of SCPt, every buttons I press, are working fine.
So I really don't understand what the f**k it's going on...I've tried to uninstall EVERYTHING (even the drivers) of SCPtoolkit and try motion joy (I used that months ago, before formatting) it doesn't work or at least, If i setting ps1 controller, L2&R2 are working on FF8Config, but in the end same problem, when i run FF8 it's like there is no controller.

I'm going crazy....any solution? (Don't tell me Xpadder)

And another little thing, when I start the game (no fullscreen)... even if I click inside the windows, I have always the mouse over the screen...It's seems I'm not inside the application >_> (but keyboard it's ok), and Alt+tab doesn't work...even if I press esc first.

Thanks in advance for the answers.

Hi to all guys, as the title said.

Is there any script or any other tool for extract or rip these model/texture?
1)Worldmap texture&model, like cars, trains, city, charachters (low poly)
2)Some peculiar 3d models like the Siren's rock, or the Ifrit's meteor and any other stuff like that.

(and precisly, where they which file)

We've already extracted all other models with animation, bones etc. but it remains just those few things.....Please help us, we really need it.
Thanks in advances for the help!

General discussion / Bones Renzokuken
« on: 2014-05-23 12:32:22 »
There is no way to extract and read correctly the animation/movements of Renzokuken?
Anyone have any good idea? There is any way?
I think the animation are inside that strange manikin model xD

Troubleshooting / FFVIII Wmsetus-Wmset.obj
« on: 2014-04-05 11:43:05 »
Guys another time.....
We're working to extract all the models from FFVIII, and the lastes models we're missing are just that on the worldmap (and the worldmap itself in theory xD
Anyway...i've searched inside these file and i've found something like the beginning (or the "Ending) of some files.....Everyones have these kind of Key ( 10 00 00 00 08 00 00 00 2C 00 )
So searching through these 2 files i've found these position:



Some stack are very short so i don't know if is really "Something" (like a texture or a model) there is anyone that can help me to understand or better EXTRACT these models?
Thanks again in advance for the answers.

Troubleshooting / FF VIII World.fs
« on: 2014-03-14 09:58:07 »
Always me ^^"
There is any way to extract the model from the world.fs?
We are interested to take IF possible:
All models about the world map...
So city, car, ragnarock, mini squall etc

I have the plugin for the noesis that extract the normal in field.fs, but when i try to extract "That" in world.fs i got an error.
I've see the structure in hex edit and it's different from the normal i'm asking you if anyone have a new script or something that can be usefull for extract all.
(i think there is also something inside the other forlder "dat" where there are some obj file....there is any way to extract something from there? Inside the file wmsetit.obj there are some textures about garden car etc....)
Thanks again, waiting for you answers.

Gameplay Modding / Is there any FFVIII Savestate for pc?
« on: 2014-03-12 14:45:41 »
As the title said
There is any savestate for ff8 pc version?
For example like that one on epsxe.
Saving whenever you want and without entering inside the menĂ¹ ^^"
Thanks in advance for the aswers.

Hi to everyone guys. (i'm italian so sorry 4 my bad english)
I'm trying to find and extract the 3d model of GF.
I've made some research...and various model are in battle.fs, inside some Mag*.dat files.

Now...before explain the situation....
I'm a newbie in this sort of i'm trying to find some details/information for anyone who can work on it.

So in this moment there is the new PY plugins for noesis that can extract the "" in others files containing the npc/items models.
With noesis you can also see some texture of effects and G.F......where? -> Inside Battle.fs
After the enemy/main charachters files there are the Mag*.dat files.
A lot of the are basically just the animation and texture of the magics itself but some of this are the instruction/texture/models of G.F.

I've compared the type of file and here the result:

First 2 files are buel and red bait...
I'm not a genius in hex edit or in the structure of a file, but i've done some stupid work for dissidia and i've resolved some little problem in some gim file replacing a part of the beginning of the file with another one of another (working) file.
I've tried to do the same here but with no result.
As you can see the c0m*dat files are basically the same.
There is the beginning-header part (light blue) - some information inside the blue one, and the ending of the initial structure (green part) after that there are just all the informations about texture/model/bones etc
Looking these, i've tried to hex edit some mag*.dat files....
I've tried to open the mag186_a.dat, *b.dat.......*g.dat....they are splitted in more file (the G.F.)
Some have just a short string (0 to 3) other one have some complete different instrunction inside...except the "b" one....
In noesis if you try to open the Mag186_a.dat you can see the odin texture....if you try to pen the b can't.
If you see the picture it have a very similar structure of the c0m files...(so, i'm thinking, inside there there is the 3d model...) but is more short.
I've tried to replace or add some strings but without results....
In another one i've found the AKAO header (Mag186_g.dat):

And in the last one (the biggest Mag999_a.dat) you can found another header MNS with the name of Shun moriya inside:

Anyway, if you can do anything, or give some help, will be very appreciated.
Thanks in advance for your support ^^.

Gameplay Modding / FFVIII Sequential battles?
« on: 2013-05-28 15:59:38 »
Hi guys.....
as always i see a lot of tools and mods for ff7......and almost nothing for ff8 -.-
Anyway...i ask you just one thing.....there is any way for make a sequential battle?
For example....(on the debug room-> girl's room)....i'll try a battle stage...and i use the code..5970..
Game load the fight of Seifer (on the lunatic pandora)...there is no way to fight someone else after you beat him?...for example after you have beated seifer on the same battle, appear bahamut..and you can continue the fight..
(another classic example is the battle seifer&Edea) beat seifer and after that you can fight edea....

And please give me an answer......don't leave me here alone...
Thanks in advance.

...Finally i have a good pc for work on it...
However...i need to ask you something:
1)With FF8AC is possible to Extract the single model of a weapon and after that change it with someother? (result can be for example Revolver -> Renzokuken and then limit -> Lionheart) If yes.."Where&Which is the archive?"
2)With FF8AC i see is possible extract some file like c0mXXX.dat and with ifrit mod the Boss/monster's possible extract also the texture from this files?
For example....if i want to edit/redefine the texture of Artemisia or omega (or Quetzal/Shiva/Etc) can I do? and off course...."Where&Which is the archive?"
My goal is to get&extract the textures and modify them with photoshop and after that put all back and "Improve" the game..

Thanks in advance for the answers (and sorry 4 my bad english..hope you understand 'cause i'm italian but i love All FF (up to X) xD)

Troubleshooting / FF8: Older Sound Effect (SFX)
« on: 2012-08-06 00:47:07 »
Hi to everyones guys...
Just a little fast/easy/question, i won't wait 48290842 days for an answer xD

There is any way to replace the sound effects of FF8 with the old one?

For example if you summon Quetzal /quetzacolt there are a lot of sound effect missing >_< (I don't mean that there is no sound) can I explain it... "Clean" the pc version..
Meanwhile when you summon Quetzal in ff8 for ps1 you can hear the apocalypse xD...

Here the example: there was for music...there is any other pack to replace/fix "these" sound effects? (summoning/magic/Others)

thanks in advance for the answers ^^" i'll waiting you (cit.) xD

General discussion / A lot of Questions
« on: 2010-02-26 20:38:18 »
Hi Guys....I m Italian...(sorry 4 my bad English T_T)..and i love FFVIII...(i have a "real" gunblade (steel ~ 2kg) scale 1:1 *.*)

However...I need a little help with these requests:
1) I want to "mod" FFVIII ( I love it *.*) for pc or psx (no difference)...and i need a Extractor for the .IMG files (ff8extractor.exe)...But all your links have expired T_T...
2)If I want to change the character models .. is there any guidance or help on this? (for example using the program Blender...bla bla bla)
3)I would like to know if you know any program or even the GameShark codes to put the guardian force in the party...
4)This forum is so ***** fantastic i m love it >_<
5) Maximum size of the avatar? XD

Sorry 4 my bad english (i've used sometimes the google's translator -.-) ...however thx in advance for the answers..

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