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I got a bit distracted because Okami is on Steam now. ;) Anyway, the field model is now finished which means I will now try to port the new pieces over to the battle model. Speaking of Okami I would like to add this mirror weapon to Red one day. It should suit him. Once the battle model is done I have to sort the current done models and make versions of them for the minigame for the next release. I know that there is something wrong with Tifa and her cowgirl model.
After that, I'm not sure which character I do next. Personally Vincent would be my choice, but Cait Sith is the next logical character. (Though, as most of us I don't like him. I would like to replace him with an entire new character which has the slot machine limits but also can use some limits from Aerith. A true Ex-Soldier would be good because there aren't many Soldiers in the game anyway.) Sure there is also Yuffie but she isn't that urgent for a revisit.

General discussion / Re: Unofficial Qhimm Discord
« on: 2017-12-14 00:47:46 »
Well I made one for my mod. However, I came in touch with it recently and are not very good with it. But I like the tool a lot and it is absolutely a good thing to use.

Doesn't get the next update the 60fps animations anyway?
For the movement fix, I'll will definitely helping you out with that. Though, know where I think about it I guess you would be faster alone. Actually every field get the same orientation. If you leave the window open and jump from field to field, this would take roughly an hour.

Depends on the mod you want to use. Graphical mods do work. Changes to the gameplay won't.

I'm nearly done with Red XIII.

There is a bit kind of fur added which I didn't plan to do but I needed it to make the transitions on the legs a bit smother. It's also a bit more in line with the fur of his face this way. I also added some fake reflection to his bangles and have them also as separated mesh for further modifications. Oh, and the tail is now merged with his tip tail so it has more movement and looks a bit smother.  Well, I need to test it in game but I think it will be fine.

Yeah, even something like 16 directions would be satisfactory.  The hope is to eliminate the locked controls in certain fields where pressing up on the D-Pad actually moves you northwest.  If up always moved you North, and you had more then 8 directions available to you, the fields would feel much more natural

In fact, I think it gets worse with this. I'm pretty sure a lot of fields needs to be edited to let it feel intuitive with an analog stick. But that it is not a big deal, since Makoureactor allows for the fields such kind of control directions edit.

I hope with the release off R06 I can maintain the character more directly without to rely on Dan too much. However, this will be mean that I have to split the releases into two one for the Reunion (which has Dan's approval) and one for testing purpose. And then a 7th Heaven addon (like the dynamic weapons for Cloud [and soon Tifa]  ;) ).

Regarding Red XIII I came to the point, where I think that I have to reanimate him entirely. But I do work with the old skeleton for the time being and make with it the battle model. The new skeleton will have an extra neck bone and I change the tail to use 4 bones instead of 2. One bone isn't used and I merge the tail top with a part of the current tail to get a better movement for it. But that something for the next year. Maybe someone will help me with that. Reanimation isn't that hard, but Kimera can be sometimes frustrating.  ;D

Hmm, I think we need for that a xinput plugin first to have the analog sticks correctly recognized. A huge improvement would be to have the movement system from the WM in the field. When you change the direction on the world map the character does turn to that direction instead directly looking in this direction.

A dirty trick to enable 16 direction movement would be a controller mapper tool and a modification of the direction mutator buttons L1 and R1. If they only alter the direction by 22.5° instead of 45° the mapper could tell the game for example that up + R1 is pressed when the stick is at 67.5°, when you move the stick to 45° then up + right is used and at 22.5° right + L1 is used. With the WM movement this would give the illusion of true analog control.

Graphical Mods / Re: materia model
« on: 2017-12-05 09:36:56 »
Normally there is no texture attached to the materia. But you can download some from Team Avalanche.

Oh, they changed their minds in regard to moding. They have even allowed an official mod for Deues EX.
But we won't see such a support for FF7 since the moding scene for the old game would be in direct competition with the remake. If a mod does maximize the profit, then I think they haven't a problem with it.

You see this wrong. If we would use ripped content and make the game look like as if it would be created in 2015 then it would be a competition to the Remake and the SE has a reason to take this side down. Don't forget that they had refused to remake this game because if it fails the expectation of the audience, it will harm the whole franchise. (Now where I think about it. Maybe that's why the franchise does degenerate from one FF release to another, to lower the expectation for the FF7 remake  ???). Anyway, if SE would fear it then and had faith that they can do it better than they wouldn't treat the original game that bad as they currently do.

The rifle can be easily deleted from the model. When Dan's new mod manager is out I do more frequent updates. I may have now an idea how to deal with the back legs. This will result in changing a good bunch of animations. I hope that it won't be too many.

Gameplay Mods / Re: Idea for FF7 mod - low stats lvl1
« on: 2017-12-03 06:07:54 »
Hmm, this sounds to me like another kind of hard mod with the current system. A problem I see is that that regen status will make you nearly invincible, because the enemies doesn't do so much damage and 240 is a piece of cake to cure for regen. DLPB has planned a system with stats with 100 at max and low HP and MP, too.

Option 3: Change MP (Magic Points) system to a FP (Focus Points) system. You start every battle with 0 FP which fill up slowly to the max FP of the character, if you don't use them before. This way two things happen:
People have to create jobs for there characters because FP points are valuable. The mod developer has also more control about the battle because strong magic isn't available on the start of the battle and can't be spammed so fast anymore on the enemy.
Item became useful. Ether should of course drastically be nerved and shouldn't be available in shops. The currently useless magic attacks items are very attractive now and healing relies outside of the battles entirely on items or sleeping in an Inn now.

Problems: The main question is if functions could be implemented into the game to apply a regen effect on the MP to create the FP system.

Advanced features: If possible the materias status effects should serve the new system. As example some materia increase the rate of the FP regen while other give you are start bonus on the FP so the player can cast some vital or destructive spells at the very start of the battle. Other materia does rise up the max FP limit. There should also be materia which focus more on worrier skills Higher HP, giving stats but decreasing the FP regen and so on.

I fixed today the walk animation of Red XIII and have shrunken down some weird bones in the front legs which shouldn't be there.

The rifle guy was added by the PRP team and was meant for the scenes in the slums. It can be easily and for any mod solved with 7H or DLPB ad a new model for the particular scene in the weapons shop. The problem is that there is no equip object function in the script logic that's why when a model should wield an object we have to add the object to the model and replace the existing one or save it as a new model and adding it to the model loader and the scripts.

Red is currently my nemesis. It's not only his animations but his whole anatomic is freaking wrong. There are two bones in the front legs (one on each side), which are not correct. I really could need them to give him a better flexibility, but I can't change the order without screwing up the animations. Also, his sit position is unnatural. Normally the lower hind legs would touch the bottom but only his paws are touching it. If I had a tool to convert animations to other skeletons, this wouldn't be much of a problem. In other words I try to avoid changing the animations of him - for now. But it's on my to do list.

Cid has a model for that scene. Maybe something screwed up, but I hope my new model will fix it.

Yes this can be fixed, though, I'm not sure if I change the position of the hand or if I change the animation(s).

Kaldarasha's thread.

I created a channel on discord. Might help to keep in contact.

Team Avalanche / Re: Jusete´s field scenes
« on: 2017-11-10 18:43:26 »
It would be a huge help if anyone could search for already done BGs and gather them in that table:

You ask for too many things at once and all of them need time to explain. I understand that all tools are hard to get into (moreover we have no proper tutorials for them), but that's what you have to do now. See what the tools can do and focus on one project at once. Take your Mideel patch, look how the devs have created a scene change by the script (jump to scene) after that you can pay around with Wallmarket and look what funny Materia you could create or manipulate the weapon stats, then you can go on with Proud Clod. At the end you might come to a point where your questions are more specific and people with the knowledge you seek are more confident to help you.

The music can be changed with Makoureactor it is called by the script. You can skip the destruction but you need to rewrite a lot of the script to by pass it. Also, the WM model of Mideel will be destroyed no matter what you do and it will always load the destructed Mideel when you enter it. So you have to jump from it immediately to the undestroyed map.

If I had the necessary coding skills, I would probably replace the WM engine with a custom-made one which mimics the behavior of the original. This solves many problems at ones. No stressful reverse engineering (though it good to have as much information as possible about the original engine), you are not bound at the limits of the current engine and you can make much easier a pretty robust editor for it. And at last the WM is probably one of the easier modules to recreate.

Still, it needs people who are ready to do that and have the necessary skills and know how and that's something which lacks here so much. People are more interested in moding modern games and SE had in the past a very unpleasant position to moding their games. And we should not forget that there is still a remake which actually should replace the original (at last that's why you make a remake). This makes moding the game further for some people pointless.

The world map can't be edited at the moment. If we had a tool to edit the WM files we could create dungeons and other locations. I personally would make the world map bigger and make it like a real planet. But that won't happen without the proper tools and understanding what every bit in these files are doing.

Troubleshooting / Re: Yuffie's theme in Yuffie's scene
« on: 2017-11-08 16:45:35 »
On the northern continent you get both poor (often) and wonderful (rare).

Take a look here:

There is a working link for White Chocobo.

This might be not entirely correct, but as I said I think that the Gears engine does use an extra texture to define where the model is transparent and were not. Take a look at this:
Of course this is from FFX a PS2 game, but it shows exactly what I mean.

Because the real transparency texture isn't used and only a transparency by brightness is used instead, we see these strange box like effects. So far I can tell that even the remastered FFX version has this issue, but I can only see that is an issue for the hair so far.

Graphical Mods / Re: Final Fantasy VI Sprite Mod
« on: 2017-10-25 19:29:47 »
I guess I see what looks strange. The shoulders are too low which results in having the arms also too low. From the frontal it's actually correct but the perspective is more from above which makes the neck mostly invisible. Here is an example of what I have in mind:


Depends on what you want to do with the FMV files. There are a lot of replacements already. DLPB has done some work and probably the most knowledge about format and editing them, but has probably his hands full with his Reunion mod. Grimmy has also done very nice replacements:

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