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I've definitely had Tifa go twice before a lot of the bosses had one turn, in normal battles not so much though.

Not every ultimate weapon is 100% crit chance. They all give 50 to your attack (i think) and then their special features boost your strength a lot, but they don't give you 100% Crit. Masamune is the the only one that gives both 50 attack and 255 hit chance along with Auto Crits.

While Haste is super good at making your characters faster, it also makes your Barrier and Mbarrier drain faster. It also effects other status effects like slow-numb and death sentence. I think it also effects dual-drain which is why Mustard Bomb does Haste + Dual-Drain but I might be wrong. Haste is a double edged sword in this mod cause especially for late game bosses you NEED to have Wall up constantly or you WILL get destroyed. It got to the point where I would cast slow on my team sometimes just to make sure I'll survive when I get hit with certain attacks.

So thats why my Barrier\MBarriers were going down so fast... I was wondering why I had to keep reapplying them so fast on bosses.. Good to know. Good to know!

I just performed further  testing by placing tifa alone in the party (No cloud or other characters.)

Your right that there are often times where tifa will go twice  in between the enemys attacks ... but in larger groups of enemies (or smaller sized ones.. the bonus will become less noticeable.)

as for dodge% ... same thing... smaller monsters tend to hit pretty often even when she has 113% Defense Rating (talking physical attacks.)

but medium size and larger enemies will definitely miss ALOT ...

and yes your right about luck... the ultimate weapons do not have 100% Crit rate.. only masamune which is a super end game crafted weapon.

so yes luck is still useful.. though there are some items that can up luck by quite a bit (compared to vitality\spirit )..

Dex\Luck Definitely works much better than I initially thought..

Dexterity wont make you attack 5 times in between 1 enemy turn but it does speed your character up and combined with the dodge% it provides its definitely very useful if that is your playing style.

I think the conclusion i have come to... is you can build your whichever way .. and you dont have to worry about being hampered too much....

Crit Chance = Luck\4   <--- Is this correct?

255 Luck = 63% Crit Chance?

Start with "Sleep" + "Slow" (and/or + "Stop"). Either items or magic that have those effects work best against them from what I've found. Then use magic and items to take down its HP to around the point where you can safely Morph it and it won't have enough time to knock away the entire party.

Anyways, odd details time. I'm on disk two, just got the Highwind, Tifa is party leader. Went into the Junon Mines just because. Anyways, when I got to the 'unique' save point there, I clicked on it, and Cloud's name and "What is this anyways?" line showed up.

Ahhh , yes I should have realized.. status effects are going to start becoming part of the strategies in later fights.. cant just mindlessly attack everything anymore.. I will be sure to put my materia thinking cap on for the rest of the game... :) Thanks for lighting the bulb with the tip :)

So  I have made a couple of observations.

Strength <---- Best Offensive Stat for Physical Based Builds
Magic <--- Best Offensive Stat  for Magic Based Builds.
Vitality <----  Great For Physical Tanks (Not Sure how many enemies use magic later in the game but trying to find a balance between Vitality and Spirit Seems like a Safe Bet.)
Spirit <--- Great for Magical Tanks (Seems more useful late game when enemies use stronger magic more often. Balance Between Vitality for Best Results.)
Dexterity <---- While it makes your ATB bar fill up much quicker... What I have noticed is that well.... no matter what your characters almost always onlly get 1 turn before the enemy gets to go... so really not as useful as I thought. Someone feel free to prvoe me wrong but from what I have gathered, I have never seen a character stacked with dexterity go twice before the enemy goes once.)
Luck <--- While useful early game, I find it also somewhat useless because end-game weapons all have 100% Crit (Plus you can craft the masamune which has amazing damage + Auto Crit)

So it seems like dexterity/luck builds are not as cool as I once thought.... (I could definitely be wrong though but for my current playthrough I have decided to avoid building dexterity\luck.

The best way to build characters seems to be to focus on strength or magic no matter what...  and raising vitality\spirit when possible.) (thats not to say you cant raise dex and luck using equipment but I would not focus on them.. they are truly secondary stats... wheras Strength\Magic are Primary Offensive and Vitality\Spirit are Primary Defensive

EDIT : Also for most random battles the extra atb charge speed is not really needed (or you can use sprint shoes once you get them unless they are not in this mod.)
 and for boss battles you can just all + Time and cast haste on all your party members .. as haste pretty much caps the atb charging speed.. well close enough that i  think difference between a hasted character with 255 DEX will not be much faster than a hasted character with 100 Dex Or less.

EDIT 2 : However Dexterity may actually be useful for dodge% .. i completely forgot that it affects your dodge rate.. although it only affects physical dodge.. not magical dodge.  Still alot more useful than I thought.. since most attacks  are physical (though like i said, Possibly Towards the end of disc 1 and or disc 2.. enemies may start using magic alot more often in the mod. im not sure.

The Junon Leagues are available once you get the Bronco. The Villa becomes purchasable once you have enough Gil. The Villa items, last time that I checked at any rate (so this 'may' have been changed, but I'm doubtful about it having been changed), remain as they are throughout the game. That said, once you buy the Villa, there is a chance NPC's will show up to hand off new items and all that, but it's been a long while since last I thought of that, so I've kind of forgotten what exactly they handed off to you when they show up. :shrugs:

Thank you for answering!

By the way SegaChief , I just reached gongaga and have my first complaint.>

i do not like the boxers with their chain bomb attacks... morphing them seems impossible.

got any tips? :P

Yes, I did nothing but buff Tifa's Dex and and strength and she was extremely fast. Her ATB bar filled much faster than everyone else's.

It has a great deal of an effect on crits, it also has an effect on hit rate kind of. The crit hit rate equations factor before the normal hit rate so if you are going to hit with a crit it's going to hit before their evasion is factored into it. (there's more to it I just know the basics) I think it also adds to your evasion as well.

A strength dexterity build works fantastically. I had it for Tifa and she absolutely demolished everything, but she was also quite squishy so I had to have a tank with Cover to protect her from attacks.

From what I understand 4 works really well if you focus using her healing staves. The higher strength she has the more she will heal when she bonks a party member. The extra vit and magic will also make her be able to survive and still pull out some really damaging spells if need be. Course you can also just physically bonk people with her staves, that works too.

Dex and luck are very noticeable in this. Especially the further on you get, and if you specify equipment that boost their already high stats. I planned on doing a Luck Dex build on Yuffie because she's already so fast and the extra dodge chance would compliment her passive quite well potentially making her into a Dodge Tank.


Thank you for the clarificatiom.... I am glad they have a noticeable impact...  If only there was a way to respec later on (or reset the ranks and begin fresh, even if you had to  start from rank 0 and work your way back up.. it would be cool to try out different builds on the same file.

either way I am glad that i have so much more different build choices (it will make  things a lot more interesting.)

Up nunti this point... My characters felt so weak doing only 100 - 200 damage from the beginning of the game until now.

The impact of these stats and build choices kind of makes me feel like I'm playing an action rpg ( where you could go for attack speed / Crit Builds and/or have dodge tanks instead of defense tanks

EDIT: I just completed the first condor battle..

2 quickies.

1 materia shop is still selling basic materia (your read me says hes supposed to sell more advanced materia.)
2 do you have a shop list  i can compare to make sure my shops are correct?

it has made me nervous to think that other shops are not stocking revised inventories.... :S

also .. are the junon leagues available on your first arrival or do you have to come back at a later time to access them.. they say im too grean at the beginners hall so I am guessing its because I have to come back later on (buggy\tiny bronco?)

2 more questions about costa del sol... (firstly wow I love the new scenes here... (and the restored content had an  awesome punch line.)

so yeah can you buy the villa  if you already spoke to the guy and didnt have enough money? (he only says is this some kind of joke now with no  choice to allow me to buy it...) (and do the items in the villa basement change if you buy it before opening them?

A question about what stats do .. I just reached fort condor and I plan on power leveling a bit to gain some ranks (yes I love to grind  to reduce challenge .. sorry but its just one of my strategies.) so I am curious about which ways I should build my characters...

Firstly, ever since I started playing action rpg games.. i  changed the way I play all RPGs.... when I am given a choice.> i usually try to stack power on everyone and turn them into either power tanks or glass cannons....

dexterity ---> affects hit % and dodge % ... does it affect the frequency that characters get turns?
luck ---> how big of an effect does it have on critical strikes?

I am just trying to figure out whether I should Stack certain characters with strength +dexterity or luck) (if the character has that option.)

\\Cloud Rank Up Options//

Set #1: +10 STR/MAG, +5 VIT
Set #2: +10 VIT/SPR, +5 MAG
Set #3: +10 DEX/LCK, +5 STR
Set #4: +5 All Stats

Set # 1 seems to suit my playstyle.... however if dexterity affects how often you get to attack and luck has a big enough impact on critical strikes.. than Set # 3 may a good alternative.

\\Barret Rank Up Options//

Set #1: +10 STR/VIT, +5 SPR
Set #2: +10 STR/SPR, +5 MAG
Set #3: +10 STR/LCK, +5 DEX
Set #4: +10 MAG/DEX, +5 VIT

Set # 1 seems pretty good to develop Barret as  a Power Tank but again , Set # 3 may work as well if Luck + Dex have large enough impacts on Turn Speed and Critical Hits.
\\Tifa Rank Up Options//

Set #1: +10 STR/DEX, +5 SPR
Set #2: +10 STR/SPR, +5 VIT
Set #3: +10 MAG/DEX, +5 STR
Set #4: +10 DEX/LCK, +5 STR
Set # 1  looks right,  but Set # 2 may work if dex/ luck dont impact alot. and Set # 4 may be the better option if they do have a big enough impact.

\\Aeris Rank Up Options//

Set #1: +10 MAG/SPR, +5 DEX
Set #2: +10 MAG/DEX, +5 LCK
Set #3: +10 MAG/VIT, +5 SPR
Set #4: +10 STR/VIT, +5 MAG

Set # 4  is the only Style that suits me.

\\Red Rank Up Options//

Set #1: +10 STR/MAG, +5 DEX
Set #2: +10 STR/DEX, +5 SPR
Set #3: +10 MAG/DEX, +5 VIT
Set #4: +5 All Stats

Set # 2 Seems to be the only Style that suits my Method.

\\Yuffie Rank Up Options//

Set #1: +10 MAG/DEX, +5 STR
Set #2: +10 STR/LCK, +5 DEX
Set #3: +10 MAG/SPR, +5 DEX
Set #4: +10 STR/VIT, +5 LCK

Set # 2 seems to be the way to go unless Dex/Luck do not make a big impact.. in which case, Set # 4 seems like it would be a better option to provide yuffie with some defense.

\\Cait Sith Rank Up Options//

Set #1: +10 STR/SPR, +5 LCK
Set #2: +10 STR/LCK, +5 VIT
Set #3: +10 MAG/SPR, +5 LCK
Set #4: +10 MAG/LCK, +5 STR

Either Set # 1 or Set # 2 depending on the answers to my questions.

\\Vincent Rank Up Options//

Set #1: +10 MAG/VIT, +5 STR
Set #2: +10 STR/VIT, +5 DEX
Set #3: +10 MAG/SPR, +5 LCK
Set #4: +10 STR/MAG, +5 SPR

Set # 2 seems like the only Viable option for Vincent (for my playing style)

\\Cid Rank Up Options//

Set #1: +10 STR/VIT, +5 LCK
Set #2: +10 STR/LCK, +5 SPR
Set #3: +10 MAG/LCK, +5 VIT
Set #4: +10 STR/SPR, +5 DEX

Set # 1 / # 2 or Set # 4 all seem viable for El Cid.

In the end it really boils down to how big of an impact Dexterity has on Turn Order/Dodge% and Luck on Critical Strikes... so please get back to me about this as soon as possible.. I await your answers before I continue playing. :)

As I've never dealt with IRO and don't know if it came with the text documents, I'll give you instructions for how to grab those text documents from the main installer instead. In the download link for zip file for the main installer on the first page, included in the zip file are the sort of documents you asked for, along with other various details. So download that (it's on average around 150MB~), unzip it, and then open up the folders for those text files.

Thank You! I had the IRO file so i was wondering why a readme wasnt included including those documents..

is there a list of morph\steal items for this mod somewhere I can find.. I know it may be kind of cheating but I prefer to know this kind of thing so as to not waste time testing morph/steal a thousand times ( especially for the rares) .. it's too tedious for me and I would rather know beforehand, it's something I've always researched in games to know where the good steals/morphs are... 

I tried using proud clod but it only shows the vanilla morphs and steals , not the New Threat Ones.

Chapter 1 - Assault on Reactor # 1


Cloud - Level 6 ---> Level 13

Buster Sword
Bronze Bangle

N\A Materia

Barret - Level 7 --> Level 13

Assault Gun
Bronze Bangle

N\A Materia

Early Levels Gained Easier
Timer Starts Before Fighting Scorpion Boss.
Scorpion Boss Difficulty about the same as Vanilla.
Rescuing Jessie caused a fight with a damaged Scorpion Boss (Jessie Joins Fight as NPC)
Made it to the end with around 1 minute left on the timer. No running away in escape.
Scorpion Boss drops Mythril Armlet this time around.

My Thoughts

So far the difficulty is slightly increased from Vanilla. I really enjoyed the surprise boss fight against the damaged Scorpion after rescuing Jessie with her stuck foot.  I don't really have much else to say except I grinded to level 13 to prepare myself for the Scorpion boss fight and make as much extra Gil as I possibly could with the stock of potions I had available. (To purchase extra stuff during first visit to Sector 7.)

Chapter 2 - Sector 7 Recuperation & Payment


Cloud - Level 13 
Buster Sword
Iron Bangle

Fire | Ice
Restore | Lightning

Barret - Level 13            

Assault Gun
Iron Bangle

Ice | Lightning
Restore | Fire

Tifa - Level 13               

Metal Knuckle
Iron Bangle

Lightning | Fire
Restore | Ice

Beginners Hall Revamped
Iron Bangles Provide a Whopping 32 Defense.

My Thoughts

It was interesting to see an in-game explanation of some of the new features. It got me excited about a few things. For example, the super special save point, I don't remember if this was in the original game , so maybe it's actually nothing. However the extended save point is nice as well. I am interested in the Camera Option and the other ???. I know it has to do with Rank Ups or something but I can't wait to see it in action along with all the other new content this mod has to offer. Hype Meter Rising! Slightly Dissapointed about the plus materia\long range materia being removed from the game but atleast I won't have to worry about stacking my characters with a bunch of plus materia instead of trying to come up with proper selections.

I had fun taking down Scorpion Boss again with 3 characters all equipped with bolt magic , although this version of the scorpion boss felt somewhat stronger than the one at the end of Reactor # 1. I also experienced the Scorpion Tail Attack (Repulsion Ray) for the first time here. (Did not let it happen during the Reactor # 1 fight. If it uses that attack there as well, ouch to anyone who recieves this attack.) I was hoping for a special reward from the battle hound version but there was none, except for a nice feeling of satisfaction of owning it with 3 characters + 3 Lightning Materia Equipped.

I equipped everyone with 4 magic materia , this is just a habit of mine , once i acquire more materia , I start being more picky/choosy. For now I will keep them all equipped though to gain some extra AP . (I usually like to master 3 of every materia (1 for each character) by the end of the game so it helps ever so slightly to get a slight start on this.)

I am guessing the increase of defense from the iron bangles will be offset by the increased difficulty of monsters in this mod.

Chapter 3 - Reactor # 5 Raid (WIP)


Cloud - Level 13   ---> Level 17
Buster Sword

All = Restore
Lightning | Ice | Fire | Cover

Barret - Level 13   ---> Level 17       

Assault Gun
Iron Bangle

Ice | Lightning
Restore | Fire

Tifa - Level 13   ---> Level 17          

Metal Knuckle
Iron Bangle

Lightning | Fire
Restore | Ice

Exp Nerf on Shinra Soldiers in Subway Tunnel Dead-End.
Dead-End With Shinra Soldiers in Subway Tunnel contains new fight with ChocoShinra!
ChocoBracelet Reward for defeating Chocobo Captain.

My thoughts.

There was a big smile on my face after fighting shinra soldiers at the dead-end tunnel when I saw the chocobo captain. My slight dissapointment in the exp nerf here was immediately changed into Crazy Happiness. I actually did not even want to attack the chocobo because I love chocobos and I was glad it atleast ran away when it was badly wounded. I am guessing there is no alternative but to fight it right? I wonder what happens if you give it a green (don't have them at this point in the game so probably nothing. Thanks for the ChocoBracelet!

I am kind of glad you can only fight the chocobo captain once , I hate hurting chocobos. Not to mention that the chocobracelet, if my calculations are correct, provides a whopping 35% OverAll Damage Reduction, having one is great, but having 3 at this point of the game would probably be overpowered.

Once I dropped down the tube into reactor 5 I definitely noticed (already did a little in the tunnels) a slight spike in monster difficulty. I bought 70 potions in preperation for this reactor. Also having everyone equipped with 1 Restore allows me to grind a bit more on the monsters here...  Since tents are unbuyable right now and you cant freely go back to shops to acquire more recovery items , training is limited somewaht. (To be honest I have more than enough healing to grind for quite a while so I probably won't.) With 45 potions left in stock upon arriving at the save point before setting the bomb. I will probably try to grind to level 20 or see how close i can get.. I dont think I'll run out of healing before I call it quits and proceed with the story though.

That is correct. The game has sharp level requirements at certain levels. Mostly for ensuring that characters are the appropriate levels for the areas they are fighting in, as the amount of time it takes to pass those spiked level requirements are usually the same amount of time it takes to get through various areas.

Also, as a new player, I felt I should tell you that the game makes use of common, uncommon, and rare steals with some of the creatures in the game. If you want a list for that sort of thing, the main zip file includes various documents talking about what those things are and where you can find them.

Also, make sure you have also applied the two extra 'fixes' on the first page. The "Scene.bin HotFix" & "HotFix Flevel" downloads. They address various mistakes and bugs that can be found in the game that wasn't corrected in the main installer (most of us posting in this thread are doing the bug reports for Sega Chief so he can fix those things once he knows where the problems are).

I was under the impression the IRO version (April 2017) already came with these hotfixes applied or am I wrong?

I use 7th heaven mod loader (which doesnt have the greatest compatibility but I am not using any of because/reunion  changes nor am I using any gameplay tweaks except for PHS/SAVE anywhere because sometimes I  am in a rush and have to stop playing on a moments notice and while I can leave the game running .. I prefer not to take any chances if my computer restarts (updates or randomly for some reason, or if there is a power outage)

the only bug I have encountered so far is guard hounds being spriteless (Reactor # 1 before you enter the main area, basically before you reach the area where barret joins your party.)


If you want feedback on a Personal &  Detailed level.

I do not know how long I will keep this journal as I may eventually get bored of doing it when all I want to do is play the game but for now I'm having a good time and its pretty descriptive and detailed so you might enjoy taking a look at it.

I have joined the party!

I may create a thread to record as a personal blog in the general discussion forum but here are my preliminary thoughts ( I am only about to fight Guard Scorpion so I don't have much to say, except that  I am very excited to see what you have in store for me.

I have noticed that the early levels go by MUCH quicker in this game.... I remember it was a task to get to level 11 before fighting guard scorpion (most people were around Level 13 arriving at shinra entrance.) I am about to be level 11 and I only grinded <_--- that doesnt sound right.... for about 10 minutes... I am not sure what to expect from the mod yet so I am just preparing a little bit until I get a good feel of which direction this game is going in terms of difficulty.

last time i played Final Fantasy VII modded was nightmare but i barely touched that mod because I had some issues using it in conjunction with bootleg (and I didnt know about 7th heaven or perhaps it was before 7th heaven was introduced, i don't recall.) and before that was GJoraluvs hardcore mod which I ended up cheating at some point because there was a huge difficulty spike out of nowhere and I was not prepared for it (i was not looking for too much of a challenge back than.)

this time I'm good either way... a small difficulty rise, a medium one, or even an insane difficulty rise.... I am just going with the flow and enjoying the ride.

EDIT: HEH, as soon as my characters reached level 11  I saw a huge spike in experience required for next level...... so my guess is these huge rises are saying you have grinded enough for this part of the game. please proceed to the next area/dungeon/boss

EDIT2: Okay so Level 11 to 12 required 1.1k experience , but level 12 to 13 requires  only 500 exp.. is this correct or is there a problem?

I picked and chose what I felt where the best of both worlds when it came to song selection, there were many songs I enjoyed from symphonic orchestra and in the end I refused to choose just one style or the other..

I Combined  what I felt were the best songs from each style. I am too lazy to write down which song I prefered for each Selection so heres a quick version. (Perhaps Later on Today I will describe in far more detail but right now I'm just having too much fun enjoying New  Threat for the first time.) 

Full Selection (Track #)





The Rest I used from Symphonic Orchestra...

 It came down to about half from each.
Many people will not agree.. but for those who want a little mix and match, this is in my opinion of course the best combination of both selections.

Can anyone make me an IRO file of just the limit break textures from/for 7th Heaven.

I am tight on bandwidth so I can not download all the spell textures (tsunamix was kind enough to make an iro of just satsuki spell textures to help me out)

Okay I read over your posts and I understand now

yeah ive had no luck getting this to work.

Menu overhaul from reunion will crash the game if used with New Threat.

Ive tried replacing the exe and the textures are all glitched up in game so i really dont know how to get it to work which is too bad.

Thanks for letting me know, I'll check it.
It's an .exe edit (?) so it should work with NT; I've never used it though.

I don't like that idea for several reasons:
1) It interrupts the scene for a menu to equip Aeris/chara select
2) Starting KO'd isn't really a mechanic, it's just something that slows you down at the start of the fight
3) The fight shouldn't be too hard, as there's a lengthy scene beforehand and I don't want to use a Retry script there.
4) The following scene then needs to be skipped which would make for an abrupt transition

There should be a Debug NPC on the Highwind outside the chocobo pen that can hand over Omnislash (he's the one moving around doing squats). If he doesn't give you it, or doesn't appear, then let me know. Black Chocobo does work with NT but take care not to adjust character Levels or Materia as the values used will be messed up.

How do you get your battles to full screen  than? Or you prefer to use the Command Boxes?( Menu Overhaul crashes when used with this mod and 7th heaven for me.)

Worst case scenario I dont mind the battle boxes too much... i m just so used to not having them since the last 10x ive played without them... it will be awkward going back for a bit. No worries though.

If thats what must be done to enjoy your mod, it will be done.

I've looked  everywhere with no luck to find a working mod.

This used to be one of the most popular mods out there... Anyone know where  I can get a working current version these days that will be compatible with 7th heaven mod loader mods + new threat.)

more screenshots of my issues along with the settings im using. (ive changed resolution to 1920x1080 and still no dice.)

hey sega chief, do you know how to make the battle scenes fill the entire screen , im not sure if its incompatibility with your mod.. but no matter what I do I cant seem to get it to happen..

I am confused... you stated that the opening is the ps3 tech demo but than you stated that you did not include the opening video because DLPB made a different version... so could you please clarify which videos are included in the TOSHIBA Enhanced Videos Download?

Cant send another pm for some reason, says it's too soon.

Heres a link


Last link was wrong
Sorry about that

Not sure if it's okay to do this but once he has it i'll take it down. It wont let me pm

finished downloading...

Thank you!

slight problem, the iro is not being displayed in my library when i load 7th heaven... i placed the iro in the iro folder.. do i have to manually import it somehow

EDIT: Okay i found an import button , thanks again

sweet.. cant wait! very excited to finally get to play FF7 again with New Threat and etc.

well just let me know when its ready for download... i appreciate this alot...   ill look through the movie thread to see if i can find more information about the movies.. but  im not worried... thanks again.

one more confusion question i could ask if you dont mind..

opening - A higher quality version of the PS3 tech demo was used and the audio was corrected to remove some small clicks near the end.
canon - ACC
canonh3f - ACC
earithdd - higher quality version of hybridmoon's video was used and new ACC footage used when able.
funeral - same as above
ending3 - ACC footage
jenova_e - AC, ACC, CC footage.
meteofix - AC
nivlsfs - ACC
ontrain - 1080p remake trailer footage.

this is the list in the first post of the topic over at the movies mod

so theres 2 different files

Remastered Replacement FMVs for FFVII!KFRgWTxI!sIx-VW8lpnSpAdMAqWRpZ9YnVb_h8xoN-GLrVxIoHLI

Enhanced Replacement FMVs from Toshiba DVD!2ZQShChR!H0FQIpBqJTjPTDU1wzbkGiBGeOaVUw94c4Ur0d6TDdA

are these the same videos just one enhanced more than the other?
or is the first one advent children FMVS and the 2nd one the original..

I really liked the advent children FMV for some reason... for the opening... or was it the ps3 tech demo im thinking of...

I remember in the video you see cloud doing some crazy things and than he says... I am cloud or my name is cloud or something... that was my favorite opening video.

sorry for all the questions.. i just want to make sure to know which to download before wasting bandwidth heh.

It's also a fact that I fixed many of the fields - and any that conflict with NT will cause crashes or other problems.
New Threat adds a lot of new content, and that in turn creates the need for text for some of that, which is then listed somewhere in the textfile lists and data. So it's likely the two mods are having a bad reaction to eachother due to both using the same list in different ways, creating conflicts as a consequence.

okay thats too bad, i really liked the Re-Translation.. but  new threat is basically a game overhaul . ive played using the retranslation before, i never had a chance to play new threat so ill have to go with that...  new threat  because of all the changes and new content to gameplay...  perhaps sega chief can find a way to incorporate the re-translation into his mod if its allowed in a  further update ... having both of these together would have been awesome! :P

thank you for clarification

okay ill do that.. all i really want to do as I said is just add all characters to my party... I always loved using characters im not allowed at different points in the game... Cid/Cait Sith/Vincent at the beginning  , aeris after disk 1.  and depending on whether or not sephiroths equipment/level can be changed than him too

thank you very much... the dvd enhancement is only 700mb for all the videos? thats crazy small compared to the 4.5 gb on 7th heaven or is that just one part...  the link in the 1st post is a link.. the 2nd post haS a bunch of different links.

just let me know  about the minimized satsukis spell effects packs.... will it be in iro format.. or will i have to use it outside of 7th heaven... (as long as its compatible to use in conjunction with 7th heaven mod loader mods, either way is fine with me.)

i only need the spell textures from satsuki , the spell textures from 7th heaven is only 1.5gb (and i imagine that contains not just satsukis but other authors as well.. ) so if you or someone else could create an iro file with just the spell textures from satsuki it should be less than 1.5 gb in filesize.

do you happen to know the different available options for the movies folder.. because if its possible to create an iro file (or something compatible to be used in conjuction with  all my mods loaded from 7th heaven) containing just the movie files I need  (i dont know what the options are but im sure that the 4.5 gb movies file is not just one author .. its probably 3 or 4 ... ) than i could save bandwidth from the movie files category as well..

That would be really great.. i dont have internet.. so all my data is from my cell phone and i only have about 13gb a month to use unfortunately...) and right now ive used 6gb (9gb once i finish downloading satsuki field textures)  already so that leaves me iwth 7 gb for this month (4gb after I finish downloading satsukis field textures.) .... so yeah if i could find a way to download a minimal version of both the movies and spell textures (containing just the files from the author i choose and not all the different options...) i could probably end up with  just enough bandwidth to download  them... im not even sure if this is possible though.. otherwise i will have no choice but to wait until next month to finish downloading everthing without going over my bandwidth.

(Ill be getting internet again in a few months so worst case scenario i can always just wait and by than , 7th heaven + New threat will probably be updated to new versions .. so even though  iwont be able to play for a while atleast it will be nice to know that when i do get the oppurtunity , it will be with all new versions, positive thinking. heh.

another option  would be to find a location with Free WI FI and download there but i dont have a laptop and I dont think an android version of 7th heaven exists so the iro would have to be uploaded somewhere that i can access a download allowed at public wi fi hotspot (they block alot of connections  at public wi fi so im not sure what the possiblity is on this method... its alot of what ifs,  maybes and buts . (in otherwords public wi fi is probably the last resort that may or may not work if i really want to try.)

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