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Unrelated, does anyone know what the Wonder Square "game balance tweaks" by DLPB are? There's no readme and the thread link just points to the main 7H tutorial thread.

I recently bought the Steam version of FF7 and have run into this issue while trying to set up 7th Heaven. The converter ran fine, the game runs fine, the mods are all downloaded and activated, but there's no changes to the game. App.log is empty. Steam originally installed it into my normal Program Files (x86) directory, but even after moving the files out and symlinking, the mods don't change anything in game. I've tried mixing and matching mods, and I've tried only individual mods as well. My test case only includes the Game Tweaks (auto run and save anywhere are quick to check) and the Menu - Avatars and Backdrops (again, quick to check).

I will note that I am still on the intro - I just made it to the first save point in the first reactor, and have been more focused on getting the mods to work than replaying my childhood.

Edit: Nevermind, I got it. I reran the conversion tool, made sure the 7H was pointing to the actual ff7.exe, and not the launcher, and things seem to be okay. I'm mildly concerned about registry key issues, but that's something unique to my setup.

Thanks for the fantastic tool!

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