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Hello guys, i did update a Dyne video a few days after the latest post. It's available at this link:

Also, i've released a new article over at about all my work regarding this project, as i did in-fact release an official demo of the Shinra Overhaul Mod (Play as the Shinra project) where you get to play as Scarlet, Rufus, Dark nation, Elena and Dyne while the NPC's are now Aerith, Cloud, Tifa and Barret.

- I did try to turn Dark Nation in battle into RED XIII but the proportions were off. I gave up the attempt.

It's 0.5 due to still lacking Yuffie/Reno, Cid/Palmer, Vincent/Sephiroth/Tseng and Caith Sith/Rude - with them it will be a 0.9.

1.0 will be when Avalanche and the Shinra has also been swaped, making Heidegger etc Avalanche, and Jessie, Biggs and Wedge main Shinra characters. I would probably use Wedge as President Shinra, Biggs as Reeve and for Jessie maybe Lucretia.

Link to the article:

Link to the download:


"I've just finished my new FF7 character Dyne, replacing Barret Wallace in the field and in the battle - all models are swaped, nine in total.

Credits to Grimmy for making the NPC battle model compatible with the playable character commands last summer of 2017, and to Kaldarasha for the wonderful Barret model used for NPC Dyne in both the field and the battle - he created the base-model.

I've re-riged the Barret-model created by Kaldarasha for Young-Dyne, Boss-Dyne and Field-Dyne.

Then i've riged the Dyne original FF7 model for Young-Barret, Sailor-Barret, Field-Barret, Parachute-Barret andone of the two included battle models of Barret (one is based on the Barret model and i did rig it). Grimmy hex-edited the original NPC-model which is teh other one.

Then i've finished the Dyne-Avatar and added the limit-breaks and Kernels by Grimmy that he did also finish last summer."

Dyne is Barret's childhood bestfriend, who turned mad after he lost his wife and daughter due thanks to the evil Shinra organisation, not knowing that his daughter Marlene actually survived and were adopted by Barret as his daughter - in the original game he just wants to "destroy everything, including himself" - and he can do this due to his arm which carries a gun just like Barret's.

I always loved his story even before i got into strawberries myself, and always wanted to play as Dyne - i've replayed the Corel Prison many times both for the story and for the wonderful music playing. In any case, Dyne isn't really a Shinra character - as he hates "The Shinra" - but he is a boss-character with a great story and as such i thought he fit in the mod. Also, he is a better fit storywise than Hojo as he does have a gun-arm just like Barret.

I started with Dyne's battle model (the one based on Barret and not the NPC model) in march of 2016 - but i decided to finish the character during last saturday. I finished three models that evening, but then on sunday instead of finishing the character i were busy on other real-life matters such as being on a dinner with the AfS (Alternative for Sweden, election time in Sweden - i needed to get my own opinion on the party as i dislike a lot of things in my country) leadership. And as such, i got almost nothing done that day - instead i continued work on the character during the tuesday night and finished the character tuesday morning.

Last updated tuesday the 21 2018.


Video will probably be recorded at a later date. I really like Dyne's story - and Barret is Dyne now and Dyne will be Barret in the story.

Youtube video:

Final Fantasy VII PC: Elena the Turk Mod V 1.1

Final Fantasy VII: The Shinra CHARACTER overhaul MOD - updated two weeks ago!

The original Scarlet of the Shinra models have been updated.

Last updated on aug 2 2018 - includes the other two Scarlet alternate versions as well.


Then i did update the Rufus Shinra models slightly.

Last updated on July 29 2018.


I've also added the new character Dark Nation (replacing RED XIII/Nanaki).

Last updated on july 30 2018.


Then i did add a new alternate version of my Scarlet character being a mix between the original PRB-version and Kaldarasha's Scarlet.

Evil Aerith is now Kaldarasha's Aerith battle model also in the field.

Last updated on july 31 2018:


Then i did the complete Kaldarasha Scarlet as a playable character as well.

Last updated on july 31 2018:


Then finally i finished the new character of Elena the Turk - replacing Tifa Lockhearth and vice versa in both the field and battle. 12 models changed!

Last updated on aug 2 2018:


And i did update the Elena character overhaul mod today, as the battle model for Elena were glitched and would cause a game-lock whenever using Tifa's Limit Breaks - i re-added Grimmy's Elena from his Shinra mod, which is glitched when doing the limit breaks - but now it doesn't lock itself up.

The Elena he sent me with good looking moveset for limits would cause the game-lock after the move had been done. So the Elena mod is now updated to 1.1 - replacing the Elena he sent me last year with the Elena from his mod that doesn't lock the game during limit breaks.

"The models are mostly from Kaldarasha's unshaded updates. The battle models are largely the same, owing to the fact that they already fit in stylistically with the original game."

Unfortunately the unshaded models have lesser quality than that of the battlemodels. I've made Aerith/Aeris exactly like the battlemodel by using the same model in the field - it looks soo much better. Not sure why Kaldarasha didn't use the battlemodels in both places..

They really look HD in an oldschool way.

A shame i can't post pics or anything here.

It has taken me longer than expected to make this Shinra Party swap function properly. Mainly due to the fact that the Kernel is loaded into memory once at startup, so I was unable to make custom limits or item names like in the psx version. But I can no longer keep spinning my wheels trying to trick this mod out and so I am releasing it as is. As stated above it is still based on Jeets mod for the psx found here. and a modded version of Scarlet from mr_nygren's play as shinra project here.

It is a small play through of what events may have occurred at the Temple of the Ancients before Cloud and Company arrived. I included the PHS anywhere mod to allow more playability with the Shinra characters since the event is so short. If you want to play with the battle models as a stand alone mod(outside of the story point swap) just use the Black Chocobo save editor and give your party the "Letter to Daughter" key item. That will swap the battle models, world map models and the avatars, but not the Field models or names. That's just if you want to do it as a stand alone mod, everything is fully swapped in the story point playthrough. Here are the Screenshots and demo video again as a refresher.

One side note. Dyne is shown above, but i pulled that character and added in Tseng. Just made more sense story wise.

The known issue with this mod is the same as the jessie mod. For the avatars to be swapped they have to be .tex files loading from a menu(direct) folder. For some reason a .png file loading from a menu(mod path) folder has a persistence like the 1st avatar to load is held in memory and never reloaded. The solution is still the same as with jessie, run your menu avatars as .tex files and then any avatar swap mods will work without any issues. THis is a 7H exclusive mod like the jessie mod because of the file swapping based on in game variable feature. I also built this using 7H 1.55, so i don't know if it will work properly under older versions. If anyone would like to use the contents of this story addition mod to create a full Shinra mod just unpack the iro using 7H and have at it.!6dJ3HQIa!nnsmIu9vOKX9EGpte0gnoFz24fb6GWyE4WHUWOqg5DU

I'll help with any questions other than "Avatars aren't changing/Shinra Avatars remain after main party returns", because I already spelled out the fix above. Also if you aren't using 7H 1.55 then you will probably have issues.

I am working on the FF7 Shinra mod right now.

I just wanna say that both Dark nation battlemodels have an issue where they stand still when using their basic attack. They do attack the enemy, but they just stand still and move without moving their legs - this goes for both the one you sent in your Shinra Mod package and the one i extracted from your IRC-archive.

All the others work fine i think. So would probably be interesting to find out if it has it's own attack animation when using it's basic attack. The one where it is using the tail. The other ones seem to work fine.

Well, this is crazy, I actually just made a Qhimm account, I didn't even notice that you'd replied here!

I completely understand, thank you for getting back to me! I did want to ask you something, though.

I'm trying to learn more about modding this game, and I've been trying to replace Cloud with Rufus just like you did (your mod is great, I just want to get some practice with model-swapping).

I think I've done most things right, but whenever I get into a battle, Rufus' model starts glitching all over the place as if the game doesn't know where to put him. Do you know what I've done wrong, or how to fix it at all?

Thanks again, for replying and for reading this!!

The battle-model of Rufus was already made compatible with the NPC-animations by Grimmy. So it's the NPC battlemodel but in use as a playable character - Grimmy knows more about how he did manage that, and it has more to do with coding than the actual model i believe.

With Scarlet i had to create a battle-model of Scarlet using her fieldmodel-parts - and doing this i also had to swap the Aerith model with these Scarlet field-model parts. What i can say is that if you are taking a field model and turning it into a battlemodel then it's a lot of small work required in order to get it right. If you on the other hand are using the Rufus battle-model and turning Clouds battle model into Rufus by swaping the parts of the model then i think it's just a matter of copy-pasting the model parts.

Of course by swaping it will still use the Cloud animations and any limit breaks might cause the model to split up into many different parts, because it isn't compatible with those limit break animations.

- The battle-model in my Rufus-mod is the AI NPC model so it already is compatible with NPC Rufus and it's animations - but Grimmy altered some text-files in order to make the model respond to certain commands. Otherwise there would be issues like Rufus doing the wrong move at the wrong command.

Edit: It is also possible to manually change animations of field and battlemodels using Kimera94. But, this is done manually and took me a few days just to manage the victory pose, walking and running animations of Scarlet - i did this frame by frame for many many hours. I believe a six sec animation is many hours of work. So unless you want to do this i believe Grimmy's way of using the NPC battlemodels is the best way to get the correct animations.

A user named JSN2001 (Jalen) wrote to me on moddb, unfortunately i can't answer on moddb PM:s on the internet i am currently using as the "send message" never works and nothing happens when clicking to send the reply.

He wrote:

"Hello, world's biggest Rufus fan here. I was just wondering if you plan to finish the Shinra mod you mentioned on Qhimm. I love that you made Rufus and Dark Nation,

but do you plan to complete the other characters?

Thanks in advance!


I wrote:

"Hello, glad to hear that - i used to love Sephiroth, Rufus and Dyne!

I probably wanted to be Sephiroth as a teenager, Rufus was just so cool and stylish and Dyne had the best backstory. I always loved the good guy turned bad story that he had.

As for Scarlet she was sexy so i wanted her playable.

- To answer your question, well Dark Nation isn't available yet even though he is in the video - i still have to create the RED XIII battle model when fighting it and Rufus-Cloud.

I have finished Rufus and Scarlet only, and Scarlet's battlemodel i actually made from scratch using the field model parts - while Rufus didn't require as much work because he already had a battlemodel. Not to mention the walking and running animations and victory pose of Scarlet took alot of time to do.

I will probably finish the mod at some point, but i need to be at my older computer and i don't have access to it currently - plus there is the issue of Sephiroth and Dyne having the wrong animations when standing, walking and running in the field, and i want them to look good so that needs to be fixed as well. It will probably take alot of time to finish their animations unless i can find a simple way to just switch animations without doing it manually frame by frame. Like if i could just swap the names of the animations in question - that could be possible for the field models.

I guess because of their issues i will do others first, most likely i will do Tifa/Elena, Yuffie/Reno, Cid/Palmer and Caith Sith/Rude - plus additional Tseng/Hojo alternatives before attempting the two that require new animations.

Vincent will be Sephiroth and Barret will obviously be Dyne.
I am not sure exactly when i will be done, but the battlemodels are ready for the Shinra characters so it's just a matter of replacing their old NPC-models with heroes and adding all their field models for different versions of the characters."

Go ahead and check your PM. I just sent them to you.

Yep, did awhile ago - great job!  ;D

Gonna add everything soon and test them out in game.

Then of course i will need to do the field-models etc for each character after that.

Also, i will upload each character as a separate overhaul package first - but in the end i plan on releasing a Shinra Mod at moddb.

Is it hard to create an installer when i have the mod ready on my end? I am using the Bootleg-configuration and it's too big for uploading. So i am just wondering how that would be done. Like an installer installing everything so people won't have to download individual files. It would be a complete mod just like that Turks-mod but better.

That is incorrect all the limits can be reassigned and changed. It is all controlled by the ab files and kernel(and the exe on pc). You could have up to 6 party members that each have a transform(7 if you eliminate the vincent character slot). In my Shinra mod Hojo does transform into heletic, and if you watch Jeets vids you will see Seph transform into safer and bizarro.

I'll be waiting for you to finish those animation files before continuing with this mod. Just post here and i'll be sure to see it when  it's done and i'll take over from there.

Well one day when you ot this all worked out i could very well help you advance this to make an actual new story. It's something i've wanted to do for some time now.

The 1 thing that i know of that cannot be changed are limits. So in that case if Hojo is going to be in the party then make him vincent. His limit to transform suits Hojo perfectly

Could be interesting but i don' think i will have the amount of free time.. :/

Just putting my 2 cents here but would Rude not make a better Tifa?

EDIT: Wait never mind, animations are changed too so it's fine.
         Dyne i don't think should be here though, he doesn't fit in.
         He hates Shinra, he wouldn't work with them.
         If animations don't matter because of switching Reno and Rude should be
         Barret and Tifa as they are your starting gang.
Just putting my 2 cents here but would Rude not make a better Tifa?

EDIT: Wait never mind, animations are changed too so it's fine.
         Dyne i don't think should be here though, he doesn't fit in.
         He hates Shinra, he wouldn't work with them.
         If animations don't matter because of switching Reno and Rude should be
         Barret and Tifa as they are your starting gang.

You are quite right if it was only about the Shinra/Turks - but i make some exceptions for bad-ass enemies like Sephiroth and Dyne.

Sephiroth shouldn't be a Shinra-character neither -  at least not in this timeline. Plus their stories are swaped with Clouds and team. I am not gonna create a new story and change all the text in the game. Therefore Dyne is basically Barret and Barret will be Dyne who hates the Shinra. The Shinra will basically be Avalance.

Truth be told i mostly want Dyne because i always wanted to play as Dyne. I think the Corel Prison part of the game is one of the best - and the music there always was good to my ears. Dyne's character was always sad but in a understandable way. Victim turned terrorist against the evil Shinra.

Yes, he won't fit in the company of the others based on his original story - but as Barret will be Dyne in the story i think it's fine. The mod is not about the story of these characters - it's about playing as them instead of Cloud etc.

I'm getting started on this, but want to make sure you are happy with these. I'm going to do

Dyne as Barret
Rufus as Cloud
Elena as Tifa
Dark Nation as Red XIII
Palmer as Cid
Reno as Yuffie
Rude as Cait Sith
Seph as Vincent

Including your Scarlet as Aeris that is a full set and cuts out Hojo, Tseng and Jenova. The only way to include more than the nine would be to do party swapping using 7H's variable swapping mechanic. In my personal mod I have 27 playable characters, 5 playable guest characters and 9 limit transformations, so having more characters is just a matter of flevel scripting and 7H modding. Regardless of that I'm going to move forward with the above list. If you have any changes just let me know. 

Hello, sorry for not being active for a day or so - i gladly switch out Rude for Hojo though. Palmer would probably work better as replacement for Cait Sith (fat and all that).

So basically Palmer - caith Sith.

Hojo - Cid

That i think would fit better as Hojo is a scientist and maybe a "rocket scientist". :P

I gladly have the animation files for the others though - especially that Jemnezmy unit.

But otherwise i think those will do =).

Sure. Give me some time and I'll get you a nice set of shinra battle models. After that I will look into the heroes as enemies with hero animations. I think Jeet did a hero Jemnezmy.

-To use the original enemy field models with animations you have to edit the flevel to replace the hrc files of the original party with the enemy hrc files and then edit the enemy animations list to have enough animations. Not enough animation will cause a soft lock, but since your mod is a full replacement you should just swap models. I only had to edit about 20 fields of the flevel and it takes along time to test every model and animation.

Sure. Just write here or PM me when it's done and i'll be sure to check in regularly. Gonna finish this mod whenever the battle-models are ready =). It will make the experience that much better with the real animations of the characters in battle.

Yes - but i think Jeet turned Aerith into Jemnezmy. I would prefer Tifa as otherwise Scarlet would be cut.

It seems very complex and time consuming making the field model compatible in that way in all the games fields. So yes you are right - i'll be doing the field models the same way i did with my Scarlet-character. Not sure about adding animations for all of them though as that is very time consuming adding them in frame by frame.

To correct the limit animations you need to make a kernel.bin like the one jeet had in his psx mod. Then all the limit animations will work properly. I couldn't include the kernel in my party swap mod because the kernel loads into memory only once when the game starts and then it cannot be swapped. Yes you have to hex edit the ab files(just copying and pasting won't work every ab file is unique), but that isn't how a new animation would be created. That is how you assign already existing animations to an action. So Jeet had to assign animations to actions that didn't always match because no animation existed.

After thinking about it if you will tell me which shinra characters you want to replace which hero characters I will make you a set in that order with a matching kernel.bin. I'll pretty much only have to rewrite elena's AB file and make the new kernel to fix the limit animations.

I see, i am a total noob when it comes to the kernel.bin and hex-editing though. But am quite good with the Kimera program as well as the game itself =).

Okay thanks, that would be great if you could help me out by doing that! :).

I think the following:

Barret - Dyne

Vincent - Sephiroth

Cloud - Rufus (Done - but not sure about limit breaks).

Aerith - Scarlet (Done - but i saw you managed to also use the NPC field model with all it's animations and bones intact? How did you manage that?)

Tifa - Elena

The rest of the characters you are using used by those you replaced them with - Palmer, Hojo, Reno and Rude.

Red XII - Dark Nation (Done).

Not sure about Tseng, i could possibly use both Dyne and Tseng in a submod and let people chose which ones to use.

Finally i wanted those Jemnezmy animations (sexy female villain) in order - possibly one could use that model for Jenova? In the PSX-mod it's already done in that way.

But how did you manage to make field models use all their bones etc? Is it a similar process? Thanks for your help as it will help me to finish a Shinra Mod. I may add Tseng and the Jemnezmy/Jenova as alternatives.

Tifa - Jemnezmy/Jenova.

By the way, would it be possible to also give Rufus-Cloud etc their animations? So that enemy NPC Cloud is using the sword and not a gun?

Look at the wiki if you want to change the battle animation. There are some information about them. If I remember right **ab contains the pointer where to find the animations and **da contains the 'normal' battle animations while the limt animations are stored in the magic.lgp
So far we have no tool to edit the **ab files. Though you can use a hex editor to modify them.

Yes, what Grimmy did was modify the **AB-file to make the game load the right enemy animations in the right order. If that file isn't modified they will be out of order.  The guy who created the PSX-mod had already done the groundwork - so one would just need to open up the file and add the same changes to it as made on the other characters. At least that is what i have understood.

I have no knowledge about hex-editing though but would it be easy to copy/paste the stuff already included in one ''AB-file to another?

All the enemy animations are the same i would guess. If i could like open up the Rufus **ab-file and copy/paste the coding from there to let's say Dyne's **AB-file? That may or may not give Dyne the proper commands when using his model with his animations also - or anyone else.

Okay so my easiest solution. So example Cloud Rufus switch
Not sure of the names so i'm just got random them.
Open the folders side by side

Folder 1                                     Folder 2

Cloud files                                  Rufus files

aaaa                                          faaa
aaab                                          faab
aaac                                          faac
aaad                                          faad
aaae                                          faae

These 2 models have the same number of bones so animations won't need to be altered whatsoever.
All you gotta do is rename the files so you have basically switched them.
Just leave any .a files as is for the char folder.
And for battle leave "aada" and "fada" as they are.
These are the anims for battle.

Any battle file ending in da is the animations.
No model editing is necessary at all. It's actually really simple

And this would give Cloud Rufus battle-animations? Without them being odd.. Like him doing attack when clicking items and potion?

I believe it's more complex as this is basically what i did to the char and battle-models. It's just Grimmy did something to the animation file of Rufus and the others - without that they would not use the right animation for various commands..

I think what you are suggesting me to do would just give me Rufus with Clouds battle-animations.

Fortunately Grimmy had made Rufus - but i would like to be able to add real animations myself for anyone.

Edit: Basically i just want to know how to open up the AB-file in order to edit it. The rest i have already done many times - but i want enemies with the enemy-animations. And it doesn't work to just swap them.. The order of animations is not correct and the animation-file needs to be edited.

But i don't know how Grimmy edited that file.

great job on this mod

i might try it out 1 day

Thank you.

Did you try out the first Scarlet release? I remember you wrote back in the summer of 2015.

Yeah cisne is a female turn in crisis core. I don't know where she went but if there's a lack of characters Shea a good stand in

I see - i never played Crisis Core or Dissidia/Dicidia duo 12 to the end. But i usually avoid all that extra stuff from Dirge of Cerberus (sucks), Crisis Core (a good game, but the story is not very exciting) and Advent Children (never liked the style change, as i kinda like the anime-style of the original).

I agree with Kaldarasha that Ifalna would be the better choice. However i think i have enough characters even though i may take different ones if i could understand how to edit and apply command-changes to the AB-file. As far as i understand the Shinra battlemodels Grimmy made out of the PSX-mod has different AB-files compared to how they were originally - as the guy who made the psx-mod had changed the order of how the ai will handle the animations for NPC-characters.

Basically this means one could use any NPC if one was able to open up the AB-file and add these changes to it - but it needs to be done to all the characters one wants to use i imagine. The problem is Notepad++ doesn't work as the file is too big. Any ideas as to how one could open and edit it would be great - then i will most likely replace Barret with Dyne.

If your download contains the source which it probably does I'll take a look when I have time. I have a lot of knowledge in models and stuff so I may be able to help

My download contains all the files with Rufus Shinra or his "mother" - who is basically Clouds mother with new color on her hair.

I did include all the battle-models including the one of Rufus in battle from Grimmys minimod. I guess one would have to modify the ab-file somehow - and the commands were already in order in the psx-mod. But what program do one use to get the files from the PSX-version? Are those files named in the same manner? I have no clue as to how the PSX-stuff works.

I like your imagination in model making. When it came to making a dress I'd have been completely stumped.

Why don't you try adding in Elena or maybe even Cisne to replace Tifa.

I'd try to keep cloud uain a sword and have Rufus use his gun still. Its just a case of renaming the animations so they are loaded in a swapped way.

Thanks man :).

Cisne? Elena is planned, but i don't know what is best? Use Grimmy's battleemodel with her own animations and victory pose - but the minus is the limit breaks get glitched.. Or i could do my own thing and the limit breaks will work - but she will move like Tifa. That would be like in the "Turks"-mod but better.

I would like the limits on one hand, but on the other it's cool with her own moves in other areas.

I will try to switch out animations etc but i have my suspicions it will cause the commands to go crazy.

The first release is ready of the Rufus Shinra update (i may try to improve on it later as the MC-model and possibly a few others may need work - as well as possibly swaping animations for weapons used by NPC:s as the guy above suggested.

But won't that screw up the commands?

I would very much want instructions on how Grimmy made the animations of the Shinra battle models work with the player commands. I already know of the PSX-mod and that he used command lines from there - but the details i have no clue about.

I would want that Jemnezmy villain as a teammember but the problem is those animations are not ready for the buttons. Which means when i click attack the character may do something else - that kind of problem i avoided by using the models from the minimod Grimmy made. The first one is now ready and it's Rufus of the Shinra.

Would also be cool if one could add enemy animations to let's say Tifa or something - like Jemnezmy attacks for Tifa.


Youtube-video of the scenes at the Shinra Headquarters with Rufus and the fight:

I did as you suggested and i think it's better now:

By the way i like your style on the battle models the best. You should use this fmv style for the field models too if you could.  :-D

Updates during the night:

Remade the Rufus in dress-model a little - added left hand that were missing in the Turks mod, the mod from which i got the material that i modified.

Remade the Rufus in wheelchair-model - as i didn't think the one from the Turks mod had the bones just right. - Remade it using another Cloud wheelchair model as base.

New Rufus in dress as seen in-game - the quality isn't bad as one would think based on the other picture.

Rufus Shinra NPC field-model turned into Cloud Strife!

I managed to fix it after some tips at Qhimm forums - now both Rufus and Cloud don't share model-part names.

The battle model of Rufus has been replaced with Cloud Strife.

It was more troublesome than i thought - as i have never modified FF7 using notepad before!

But as i am quite used to modding Medieval II i immediately recognized the format. I had to first change all the entries in the HRC-file to from AL to AA, then change the information in the individual RSD-files so that they could connect to the .P-files as well - and finally i had to change the name of all the .p-files from al to aa.

Then the texture were the same so i had to add a unique entry for Cloud there as well. But now it works!  :D

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