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flac won't work.  It has to be wav.  And im not sure roses and wine / bass will support using ogg container with wav.

Yeah, I think the meta would have to just be in the container.

Ultimately, though, it's a waste of time.  FF7 audio is not a piece of classical music.  The difference between an uncompressed version and ogg at 192kbit/s (especially with this kind of audio)  is absolutely negligible. It's doubtful you'd notice a difference, and a blind test would surely confirm that. It's not just about "space"  - it's about whether you can hear a difference.  To hear a difference you'd have to be a. one of the very few people who have the potential to b. have great audio set up, especially good speakers c. in a good biological age range.  The older you are, the worse audio is going to be - especially the higher frequencies. And even then, the difference is going to be small and subjective.

So, that said, is it really worth it? 

If you think it is, there's still a problem.  Looping audio requires a LOOPSTART tag in the metadata... and I only support it for oggs.  So you;re stuffed either way, unless you want to start creating ogg files with a higher bitrate.

I used "butt naked" somewhere in localization (on train).  Turns out it's meant to be "buck naked".

But now it seems that both are fine... probably because so many made the mistake I did.  What would you go for, Covarr?

First to fall over when the atmosphere is less than perfect
Your sensibilities are shaken by the slightest defect.

Now, if I tell you that you suffer from delusions
You pay your analyst to reach the same conclusions.

General discussion / Re: FF7 redraw font texture
« on: 2017-09-16 09:48:17 »
I am way too busy to help with that.  And I think the main game font is in Menu.lgp NOT window.bin (for PC)

Tools / Re: [FF7] Text editor - touphScript (v1.3.0)
« on: 2017-09-16 07:49:29 »
Usually means steam isnt installed right.  But instead, alter the actual paths in the ini file.  Use the paths.  Set them correctly without the " " .

General discussion / Re: FF7 redraw font texture
« on: 2017-09-16 07:40:53 »
window.bin requires manual hex editing to make it work after alterations

I've fixed up my new sound module to disable the original one entirely.  This meant fixing the "bug" that exists with original PC game, where crashes happen when the driver isn't selected in ff7config.  That's now completely redundant.  When Audio Enhancement is active, midi folder and sound folder and music folder can also be deleted from root\data with no ill effects. They aren't loaded. No initialization happens. It's always best to leave them in case, for some reason, there is an issue with my dll.

The bug exists because when sound isn't detected for whatever reason, the function still tries to initialize it and certain values are returned from a few functions that lead to something the engine can't deal with.

I've said all I have to say on it.  But I think you ignore a lot of things that are happening daily.

As for where someone gets their information from - I read both left and right wing sources.  The Daily Mail certainly wasn't lying and nor is Breibart above.  I don't care what the source is if it's true.  You can follow that story in numerous places.  In fact, it's left wing sources that I see making stuff up more.  The Guardian and the Huffington Post and Salon have gone full Marxist propaganda.

Tools / Re: [FF7] Text editor - touphScript (v1.3.0)
« on: 2017-09-14 01:27:45 »
Doesn't Deling let you do that?

There are decompilers online, but it would be much easier if the full list of hex changes were present. Is that all of them in the posts above?  I'll do the converting at some point.

Tools / Re: [FF7] Text editor - touphScript (v1.3.0)
« on: 2017-09-13 19:54:05 »
window.bin isn't where the main font is.  It's in menu.lgp - and I think that's the font for both menu and dialogue in there.  A member called Ilducci is good at changing the font.  Or you can convert Steam to 1998 and use png files. But due to what Luksy is saying, it would be a complete pain either way.

Tools / Re: [FF7] Text editor - touphScript (v1.3.0)
« on: 2017-09-13 15:07:23 »
That may be a problem.  The font likely doesn't have full vietnamese alphabet.  You will need to alter that, which is a bit of a pain.  But until then, you can use touphscript to alter the English steam version.  You just open ts, decode, alter text files it creates (usually touphscript places them in a folder called Text), open ts, encode.  See the help file.

You can also use Makou Reactor from tools to alter text, but it's harder for that purpose.

And soon Hext files will be loadable by RaW, meaning no HextLaunch program needed.


Code: [Select]

dec cl

is not easy for a novice.  And it doesn't use hex values... so if you were doing a comparison of exes to create a list of hex changes - they'd be worthless there?  In Hext, they can be pasted right in.

Cheat Engine is more difficult than HextLaunch - and it has the disadvantage of having to be loaded up every single time you start the game (unless you want to hard code change the exe).    Plus editing it is more messing.

Tools / Re: [N/A] Text and Hex Editors - Hext Tools 3.0
« on: 2017-09-12 00:35:39 »
im thinking of adding an option to hexttools soon anyway that checks for a value before writing.  So it would scan until it found the change and then add it.  Rather than hoping a delay is long enough.  I'll keep delay option too.

Still... this publish thing needs to be hext file instead.

Tools / Re: [N/A] Text and Hex Editors - Hext Tools 3.0
« on: 2017-09-11 23:40:40 »
ah yeah... if it's touching same values, the delay will be needed (plus delay may have been needed anyway)....  but it could be that punish.dll is actually updating the values continuously (which would be silly).. in which case hextlauch or any editor in mem will be worthless.  You can try testing this by editing memory with Cheat Engine.

Tools / Re: [N/A] Text and Hex Editors - Hext Tools 3.0
« on: 2017-09-11 23:26:42 »
And what happens with it?  Same thing?  Because that issue is caused by write issues or address not existing  (and I've checked and +400000 is correct and so are the addresses).

Tools / Re: [N/A] Text and Hex Editors - Hext Tools 3.0
« on: 2017-09-11 23:12:26 »
What's the error message.

Tools / Re: [N/A] Text and Hex Editors - Hext Tools 3.0
« on: 2017-09-11 22:49:51 »
Nah, it's because file addresses (hextedit) and memory addresses (hextlaunch) are different. How they differ depends on how the memory is mapped.  It differs based on game/app and on address.  For ff8, from what I have seen, the change is usually to add 400000 on to the file address to get to mem address.  In hextlaunch you can do this as follows (so you don't need to change all addresses):

Code: [Select]

153CC0 = 00
153CCA = 00
153CD8 = 00
153CE2 = 00
153CF2 = 00
153CFC = 00
153D0C = 00
153D16 = 00
153D26 = 00
153D30 = 00
153D38 = 00
153D42 = 00

But be warned that +400000 is not a universal fix for all ff8 addresses. And it may change from language to language (but I doubt it does). 

We're with Cid all the way up to that point (he's team leader), and the exposition comes just out of nowhere. It wouldn't be so bad if someone had mentioned it directly a few times, but I think the writers of the scene assumed this would be taken care of.  And it never was.  So then no one went back and amended.  Then you have Cait later on with his revelation that the last one is at the undersea reactor.  And then you think "yeah.. so? I know."


still you should tell him that information , is just scandalous that an hacker suggest someone to prefer ignorance

I did no such thing.
You want me to start teaching assembly here?  Are you for real?  :P Assuming this person wants to know the finer details, the entire Internet is there with information and tutorials.   And, btw, I DID tell him what those instructions meant. Not that it would do him ANY good.

Tools / Re: [FF7] Text editor - touphScript (v1.3.0)
« on: 2017-09-10 16:43:45 »
i run touphscript and it said: Cannot open registry
i use FF VII steam cracked, download on thepiratebay

Do you think that could be the problem?  Why are you posting a bug report here when your issue has nothing to do with this program.  It's to do with your cracked copy.  Now you've wasted everyone's time.

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